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This is a repository for information related to multigrid, multilevel, multiscale, aggregation, defect correction, and domain decomposition methods. These methods are used primarily by scientists and engineers to solve partial differential equations on serial or parallel computers. The repository was most active in the late 1980's to 2004. Since then it has been mostly dormant. In 2015, I revised the repository and made the links relevant again. Of course, many of the links have been eliminated due to hyperlink failures over time.

Multigrid has the property of using linear time and space to solve a collection of interesting problems, thus making it a very fast, robust solver. Domain decomposition methods are extremely useful for solving problems on oddly shaped domains or for parallelizing standard iterative methods.

MGNet is large. There are about 3,000 files in it. You may want to look at the index to get a true idea what is here. MGNet started out as an anonymous ftp site in 1991, but changed a few years later into a mirrored web site once the world wide web was invented.

While MGNet tries to be the first and last place anyone interested in multigrid or domain decomposition methods needs to look, this is obviously not always possible. I keep a page of hyperlinks to some other sources of interest for these communities. Please send suggestions for other links.

You may also add files to the archive through a submission process. MGNet always needs more. There is no professional staff producing this site. I rely solely on volunteers providing information on a very regular basis.


MGNet contains a large number of papers on many topics, not just multigrid. However, most papers have a partial differential equation or two in them and are aimed at an audience of scientists and engineers.

Out of Print Books

MGNet contains one out of print book (so far). It has Pieter Wesseling's An Introduction to Multigrid Methods (1992). Hopefully, more will be put here.


MGNet's bibliography grows whenever new entries come to the attention of its authors. (Please send yours.) This is a large BibTeX database which you are free to use. The bibliography is available as a citable document, too.


If you are new to the multigrid, adaptive grid refinement, or domain decomposition fields, or just wonder what MGNet is all about, look here. There are pointers to some rather nice tutorials on the subjects.

Free Software

A number of software packages are stored on MGNet. Some are public domain, some are copyrighted, and some may someday be copyrighted. If you have a multigrid, domain decomposition, or parallel code or package, you can place a copy in MGNet, too.

Virtual Proceedings

Several multigrid conferences had a habit of publishing pre-proceedings or electronic proceedings. The Copper Mountain multigrid conferences (held on odd numbered years in April when the snow is still good for skiing) and the GAMM workshops on parallel multigrid (held in Germany and Austria from time to time at rather nice places) were examples of this.

Find out why multigrid and domain decomposition are such nice fields to work in.

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In addition, many people have contributed suggestions and their own time to make MGNet a success while it was active. Some of the most notables include (in alphabetical order),


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