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Algebraic Multigrid Methods Workshop
June 25-27, 2000, Strobl, Austria

General Information

    The workshop was held at the Bundesinstitut für Erwachsenenbildung (BIfEB) in Strobl, Austria from Sunday, June 25 to Tuesday, June 27, 2000 by the shores of Wolfsgangsee (near to Salzburg).  Although the institute belongs to St. Wolfgang, you reach it via the village Strobl, which is not near the central part of the lake, but is at the southeast end.

    A very informal setting was formed for the workshop early when Klaus Stüben suggested in the first presentation that people talk about failures as well as successes... and people did just that during their presentations and the discussions outside of the formal talks.

    Algorithms and applications were discussed at length.  In the evenings, many discussions took place in the institute or up the mountain at the nearby Mostbauer.

Organizing Institution

SFB F013: Numerical and Symbolic Scientific Computing



     There were 14 talks and 5 no speaks in attendance, who, nonetheless, spoke at length during the questioning periods and during the breaks.  This was an informal group with lots of interactions.  The following were the speakers.

Klaus Stüben (GMD)
Some Studies of the AMG Performance in Critical Situations
Abstract Slides: PDF (543K)
Johannes Kraus (Leoben)
An Optimal Order Algebraic Multilevel Method
Abstract Slides: PS.gz (134K)
Jim E. Jones (LLNL)
Algebraic Multigrid for Finite Element Problems (AMGe)
Abstract Slides: PPT (801K)
Andreas Bollhöfer (Chemnitz)
AMG Preconditioners for Sparse Approximate Inverse Matrices
Abstract Slides: ???
Craig C. Douglas (Kentucky/Yale)
Using a Multilayer Ocean Model on Clusters versus a Traditional Supercomputer
Abstract Slides: PPT (5451K)
Gundolf Haase (Linz)
A Principle for Constructing Parallel AMG and Its Realization:  Part I
Abstract Slides: PS.gz (151K)    PDF (349K)
Michael Kuhn (Linz)
A Principle for Constructing Parallel AMG and its Realization:  Part II
Abstract Slides: PS.gz (282K)
Claus Bayreuther (Stuttgart)
Construction of Homogenization Based Transfer Operators
Abstract Slides: PS.gz (159K)
Christian Wagner (Heidelberg)
On the Algebraic Construction of Multilevel Transfer Operators
Abstract Slides: PDF (7180K)
Van Emden Henson (LLNL)
AMGe and Element-free AMGe:  General algorithms for computing interpolation
Abstract Slides: PPT (1060K)    PDF (598K)
Ferdinand Kickinger (AVL Graz)
Algebraic Multigrid for Stokes Equation
Abstract Slides: ???
Rudolf Beck (Berlin)
Algebraic Multigrid for Edge Elements by Component Splitting
Abstract Slides: PS.gz (168K)    PDF (819K)
  Paper: PS.gz (212K)    PDF (1600K)
Stefan Reitzinger (Linz)
Algebraic Multigrid for 3D Magnetic Field Problems
Abstract Slides: PS.gz (216K)
Joseph E. Pasciak (Texas A&M)
Iterative Techniques for Mixed Discretizations of Maxwell's Equations
Abstract Slides: PS.gz (132K)
Paper: PS.gz (175K)
Coffee Machine (Melitta)
AMG in Porous Media, Poured into a Nonporous Medium

    The following did not give presentations, though they spoke when given the opportunity.

Ronald Hoppe (Augsburg)
Barbara Kaltenbacher (Linz)
Karl Kunisch (Graz)
Ulrich Langer (Linz)
Volker Schulz (WIAS Berlin)

Craig C. Douglas

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