This is a large (~3,600 entries) BibTeX database which was maintained by Craig and Marietta Douglas. You are free to use it in your works. You will do us a favor by citing it:

The citation naming scheme is the following:

For example, my Ph.D. dissertation's key from 1982 is The key for a book by Braess, Hackbusch, and Trottenberg from 1984 is If you want to use our blank templates and journal abbreviation scheme, you need to get the Empty.txt and files.

You can help keep this bibliography accurate and up to date by sending us your own publication list in these areas. Almost any format (BibTeX, ASCII, plain text, vitae style, etc.) is acceptable since your submissions will be converted to the standard one used here. Even a web address is fine. Please send e-mail to

with new entries or corrections. When sending corrections, please send the last modified date (on page 1 of the printable documents or at the beginning of the file mgnet.bib) of the edition you are using.

The bibliography is distributed as a printable paper and as a BibTeX file that can be used with LaTeX and BibTeX. You must use gunzip to decompress the gzipped files.

The file mgnet.bib contains all of the entries sorted in alphabetical order by authors and years. Some people have reported that their BibTeX programs cannot handle mgnet.bib without breaking it up into at least 4 pieces. This is due to mgnet.bib containing over 30,000 lines of text. Do not break it up unless you have to.

Craig C. Douglas

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