MGNet actively seeks out of print where the copyright has reverted back to the author. We will put your book here if it relates to multigrid somehow. If you just want a hyperlink to your book on your own server, that is fine, too.

In addition, we seek books that have not yet found a publisher or are not seeking one. A habilitation is a good example. Once a publisher is found, the copy here will go away. Also, if you have downloadable material for a book and want a permanent home, consider here.

A Tutorial on Elliptic PDE Solvers and their Parallelization

Craig C. Douglas, Gundolf Haase, and Ulrich Langer

This is a short book that SIAM is publishing as volume 16 of the SET series (software, environments, and tools) in May, 2003. The errata page has corrections.

BEMLAP: Boundary Element Methods for Laplace's Equation

Stephen Kirkup

This is the introduction to his book that he published with in 2000 with revisions in 2002 and 2004. It contains a BEM tutorial applied to the Laplace operator.

Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems

Numerical Methods for Large Eigenvalue Problems

Yousef Saad

Youcef maintains a web site for two out of print books from the early 1990's, both of which have been revised since then.

Introduction to Algebraic Multigrid

Christian Wagner

Christian's book is a course handout (100+ pages) that explains how algebraic multigrid works.

An Introduction to Multigrid Methods

Pieter Wesseling

This is the splendid book that he published with John Wiley & Sons in 1992. It went out of print and the copyright reverted to Piet and he graciously allowed the manuscript to be scanned and placed here until it went back into print. It appears to be out of print again.

Craig C. Douglas

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