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1999 Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods

General Information

    The conference was held in Copper Mountain, Colorado (USA) from Sunday, April 11 to Friday, April 16, 1999. This was be the ninth in an every other year conference series on multigrid and related topics at this location. The tenth conference will be in April, 2001. Contact for more information about future conferences.

    The official proceedings appeared in Volume 10 (2000) of Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA).

    The schedule, attendees, and views of the town are available.

Organizing Institutions

  • The University of Colorado
  • Front Range Scientific Computations, Inc.
  • The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics


  • Department of Energy
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • IBM



  • Mark Adams
    Heuristics for the Automatic Construction of Coarse Grids in Multigrid Solvers for Finite Element Problems in Solid Mechanics
        Abstract    Paper
  • Achi Brandt
    General Highly Accurate Algebraic Coarsening Schemes
        Abstract    Paper
  • Shu-Hua Chen
    The Application of the Multigrid Method in a Nonhydrostatic Atmospheric Model
        Abstract    Paper
  • Craig C. Douglas, Jonathan Hu, Marcus Kowarschik, Ulrich Rude, and Christian Weiss
    Cache Optimization for Structured and Unstructured Grid Multigrid
        Abstract    Paper
  • Craig C. Douglas, Sachit Malhotra, and Martin H. Schultz
    Fast Alternating Direction Implicit Methods and Parallel Multigrid
        Abstract    Paper
  • Guo Qingping, Yakup Paker, Zhang Shesheng, Dennis Parkinson, and Wei Jialin
    Parallel Multi Grid Algorithm with Virtual Boundary Forecast Domain Decomposition Method for Solving Non-linear Heat Transfer Equation
        Abstract    Paper
  • Guo Qingping, Yakup Paker, Zhang Shesheng, Dennis Parkinson, and Wei Jialin
    Virtual Boundary Condition Forecast Algorithm in Multigrid Domain Decomposition Parallel Computing
        Abstract    Paper
  • Gundolf Haase
    A Parallel AMG for Overlapping and Non-overlapping Domain Decomposition
        Abstract    Paper
  • Jonathan Hu
    Cache Based Multigrid on Unstructured Grids
        Abstract    Paper
  • Thomas Huckle
    Multigrid Preconditioning and Toeplitz Matrices
        Abstract    Paper
  • Klaus Johannsen
    Robust Multigrid Methods for Convection Diffusion Problems with Closed Characteristics
        Abstract    Talk
  • Dimitri J. Mavriplis
    A Highly Scalable Unstructured Aggolomeration Multigrid Algorithm for Viscous Turbulent Flows
        Abstract    Talk
  • Jens-Dominik Müller
    Coarsening 3-D Hybrid Meshes for Multigrid Methods
        Abstract    Paper
  • Marius Paraschivoiu and Xiao-Chuan Cai
    A Unigrid Multi-Model Full Potential and Euler Formulation for Transonic Flows
        Abstract    Paper
  • Michael Pernice
    Hybrid Approaches for Solution of Steady-State Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
        Abstract    Talk
  • Stefan Reitzinger
    Algebraic Multigrid Methods Based on Element Stiffness Matrices
        Abstract    Talk
  • Jonathan Rochez
    A Multigrid Strategy for Accelerating Steady-State Computations of Waves Propagating with Curvature Dependent Speeds
        Abstract    Paper
  • Eitan Sharon, Achi Brandt, and Ronen Basri
    AMG-based Fast Multiscale Image Segmentation
        Abstract    Paper
  • R. Wienand
    Fourier Analysis of GMRES(m) Preconditioned by Multigrid
        Abstract    Paper
  • Jun Zhang
    On Preconditioning Schur Complement and Schur Complement Preconditioning
        Abstract    Paper

Conference Chairmen

Program Committee

Circus Chairman

Workshop Chairman


Craig C. Douglas

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