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2000 Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods

General Information

    The conference will be held in Copper Mountain, Colorado (USA) from Monday, April 3 to Friday, April 7, 2000. This is the sixth in an every other year conference series on iterative methods and related topics at this location.  The seventh conference will be in March, 2002. Contact for more information about future conferences.

    The conference themes this time will be applications, nonlinear systems, iterative eigensolvers, and preconditioning strategies.

    The schedule, attendees, and views of the town will be available.

Organizing Institutions

  • The University of Colorado
  • Front Range Scientific Computations, Inc.


  • Department of Energy
  • National Science Foundation
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • International Business Machines


  • V. Baryamureeba
    Solution of Robust Linear Regression Problems by Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Type Methods
        Abstract    Paper
  • R. Freund
    Krylov-Subspace Iterations for Reduced-Order Modeling in VLSI Circuit Simulation
        Abstract    Paper
  • E. W. Jenkins, C. T. Kelley, C. T. Miller, and C. E. Kees,
    An Aggregation-Based Domain Decomposition Preconditioning for Groundwater Flow
        Abstract    Paper
  • Y. Notay
    Flexible Conjugate Gradients
        Abstract    Paper
  • C. Vuik, A. Segal, J.A. Meijerink, and J. Frank
    Deflated ICCG Applied to Problems with Extreme Contrasts in the Coefficients
        Abstract    Paper


     Hyperlinks to abstracts, extended abstracts, and full length papers will be added shortly.

M. Adams
Evaluation of a Geometric and an Algebraic Multigrid Method on 3D Finite Element Problems in Solid Mechanics

P. Arbenz
On Computing Some of the Principal Eigenfrequencies of Cavity Resonators

C. Aro
Iterative Solver Performance on Algebraically Reduced Implicit Mechanical Linear Systems

D. Aruliah
Preconditioning Strategies for Low Frequency Electromagnetics Simulations

T. Austin
A Divergence-Free Relaxation Scheme in an H^1-Finite Element Space

A. Baker
Reducing Memory Access Costs: Variants of GMRES with Efficient Data Re-use

P. Barton
Sensitivity Analysis of Hybrid Systems: Theory and Numerical Implications

V. Baryamureeba
Solution of Robust Linear Regression Problems by Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Type Methods

M. Benzi
On Some New Developments in Approximate Inverse Preconditioning

M. Berndt
On a Multilevel Solver That Utilizes Singular Basis Functions for the Solution of the Diffusion Equation With Discontinous Coefficient

H. Branden
A Note on Prasitic Solutions

J. Brandts
Calculation of Invariant Subspaces of Large and Sparse Matrices.

M. Brezina
Algebraic Multigrid for Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients

Z. Cai
Multigrid Method for the Poisson Eauation with Corner Singularities

E. Chow
Performance Charateristics of Least Squares Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioners

A. Codd
First-order System Least Squares (FOSLS) for Elliptic Grid Generation (EGG)

T. Chartier
Element Based Algebraic Multigrid (AMGe)

J. Cullum
Algebraic Multigrid: Accelerating the Convergence

C. Dawson
Time-splitting Methods for Chemically Reactive Transport

H. DeGersem
A Multigrid Algorithm for Quasistatic Electromagnetic Simulation

E. de Sturler
Improving the Convergence of the Jacobi-Davidson Algorithm

B. Diskin
Efficient Highly Parallel Multigrid Methods for the Convection Equation

M. Dorobantu
CFD Code Convergence Diagnostics and Acceleration Using the Recursive Projection Methods

C. Douglas
Almost Fully Utilized Caches for Iterative Methods

Z. Drmac
Perturbation Theory and Iterative Summetric Eigensolvers

V. Druskin
Gaussian Spectral Rules for Second Order Finite-Difference Schemes

V. Eijkhout
The Weighted Distributed Modification ILU Factorisation

H. Elman
Performance and Analysis of Saddle Point Preconditioners for the Discrete Steady-State Navier-Stokes Equations

M. Embree
Invariant Subspace Convergence for Amoldi's Method Equation

O. Ernst
Acceleration Strategies for Restarted Minimal Residual Methods

R. Falgout
Sparse Multiple Semicoarsened Grids

R. Freund
Krylov-Subspace Iterations for Reduced-Order Modeling in VLSI Circuit Simulation

J. Fuhrmann
Finite Volume Methods for Systems of Viscous Conservation Laws: Numerical Analysis and Software

E. Gallopoulos
On the Computational Effectiveness of Transfer Function Approximations to the Matrix Pseudospectrum

S. Goossens
Mortar Projection in Overlapping Composite Mesh Difference Methods

C.-H. Guo
Iterative Solution of a Matrix Equation Arising in Stochastic Control

A. Grama
Error Controlled Multipole Methods for Arbitrary Particle Distributions

E. Haber
On the Solution of the Linear Systems Which Evolve From Large Scale Inverse Problems

M. Heinkenschloss
Inexact Sequential Quadratic Programming Methods for the Solution of Inverse Problems Governed by PDEs

L. Hemmingsson-Franden
Semi Circulant Approximations in Preconditioners for Incompressible Flow Problems

V.E. Henson
Element-free AMGe: General Algorithms for Computing Interpolation Weights

M. Heroux
Solving Complex-valued Linear Systems via Equivalent Real Formulations

A. C.-W. Ho
Iterative Method for Robin Problems

M. Hochstenbach
JDSUD: A Jacobi-Davidson Like SVD Method

S. Holgren
Convergence Acceleration for the Euler Equations

G. Horton
An AMG-Like Solution Method for Markov Chains

M. Huhtanen
Hermitian Lanczos Method for Normal Matrices

L. Jenkins
Aggregation-Based Domain Decomposition Methods for Unsaturated Flow II: Theory and Convergence

J. Jones
Preconditioners for Newton-Klylov Solvers of Richards' Equation

C. Keller
Constraint Preconditioning for Indefinite Linear Systems

T. Kelley
Aggregation-Based Domain Decomposition Methods for Unsaturated Flow 1: Motivation and Design

C. Kees
Multilevel Schwarz Preconditioners for Two- and Three-phase Flow in Porous

S. Kim
Finite Element Preconditioning Cubic Spline Collocation Method of Elliptic Equations

L. Knizhnennai
Lanezos Method and Pad~-Chebyshev Approximation of Markov Functions

D. Knoll
On Newton-Krylov Methods in Solidifying Flow Applications

A. Knyazev
Toward the Optimal Preconditioned Eigensolver

J. Korsawe
Nonlinear First Order Systems Least Squares Finite Element Multilevel
Computations: Extended Relaxation in H (div)

D. Lahaye
Solving Magnetics Field - Electric Circuit Coupled Systems

R. Larsen
Iterative Algorithms for Least Squares Problems with Multiple Right-hand Sides

E. Larsson
Parallelization of a Domain Decomposition Method for the Helmholtz Equation

R. Lehoucq
A Penalized Finite Element Method for Pure Neumann Problem

L. Little
Domain Decomposition of Solid-Liquid Flows

D. Loghin
A Fundamental Solution Preconditioner for the Navier-Stokes Equations

L. Machiels
Output Bounds for Partial Differential Equations: Application to Reduced Order Approximations

H. MacMillan
First-Order Systems Least Squares for Electrical Impedance Tomography

S. McCormick
Least-Squares Methods for Partial Differential Equations

G. Meurant
On the Perturbation of the Incomplete Cholesky Factorization

J. More
TAO: Toolkit for Advanced Optimization

R. Morgan
An Algorithm for Outlining the Spectrum of a Large Matrix and Determining Multiplicity of Eigenvalues

B. Morini
A Trust Region Method for Bound-Constrained Nonlinear Systems

V. Mousseau
Newton-Krylov Methods for Time Accurate Solution of Multi-Physics Hyperbolic Systems

O. Nevanlinna
Krylov Subspace and Low Rank Perturbations

K. Neymeyr
A Geometric Convergence Theory for Preconditioned Inverse Iteration

Y. Notay
Conjugate Gradient with Variable Preconditioning

V. Pan
Newton's Structured Matrix Iteration

S. Parter
Preconditioning Legendre Spectral Collocation Methods for Elliptic Problems: Finite Difference Operators and Finite Element Operators

J. Pasciak
Nonconforming Approximation Methods Based on Nonmatching Grids

M. Pernice
A Newton-Krylov-Multigrid Method for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations

L. Petzold
Sensitivity Analysis and Software for Large-Scale Differential-Algebraic

A. Pothen
A Parallel Algorithm for Incomplete Factorization Preconditioning

M. Putti
Iterative Methods for the Partial Symmetric Eigenproblems

D. Quinlan
Elliptic Solvers with Adaptive Mesh Refinement on Complex Geometries

A. Ramage
Iterative Convergence for Stabilised Finite Element Discretisations of
Advection-Diffusion Problems

R. Renaut
Iterative Determination of Kinetic Constants from PET Data Utilizing Total Least Squares Estimates

U. Ruede
Adaptive Multigrid in Space and Time

J. Ruge

Y. Saad
Parallel Solution of Eigenvalue Problems in Electronic Structure Calculations

E. W. Sachs
An Indefinite Preconditioner for Quadratic Control Problems

S.A. Salvini
Sparse Iterative Solvers for Shared Memory Parallelism

V. Sana
Preconditioning Techniques for the Genrealized Navier Problem

M. Shaskov
Mimetic Discretizations of Diffusion Equation and Constructions of

M. Sosonkina
Rational Approximation Preconditioners for General Sparse Linear Systems

G. Starke
A Levenberg-Marquardt Method for Nonlinear Least-Squares Finite Element Computations

A. Stathopoulos
A Case for a Biorthogonal Jacobi-Davidson Method: Restarting and Correction

S. Sundberg
Parallel Semi-Toeplitz Preconditioners for Combustor Flows

P. Sunqvist
Preconditioners based on fundamental solutions

D. Swesty
Parallelizable Preconditioners for Multigroup Flux-limited Diffusion Problems

D. Szyld
Algebraic Theory of Additive and Multiplicative Schwarz

T. Tefy
Preconditioned Newton GMRES Methods for Non-Linear Systems of PDE's of Unsteady Compressible Fluid Flow

M. Tocci
Sensitivity Analysis using Inexact Newton Methods

V. Tolstykh
New First-Order Algorithms for High-Dimensional Quadratic Optimization

A. Toselli
Neumann-Neumann and Feti Preconditioners for Edge Element Approximation of Maxwell's Equation

N. Trefethen
Generalizing Eigenvalue Theorems to Pseudospectia Theorems

M. Trummer
Preconditioning Spectral Methods for First Order Equations

H.M. Tufo
A Parallel Direct Solver Package for Coarse Grid Problems

H. van der Vorst
Ritz and Harmonic Ritz Approximates

P. Vassilevski
Graph based multilevel algorithms for Preconditioning Finite Element Problems

M. Verbeek
Smoother Dependent Interpolation for AMG

J. Vogel
FQMR: A Flexible Quasi-Minimal Residual Method with Inexact Preconditioning

K. Vuik
Deflated ICCG Applied to Problems with Extreme Contrasts in the Coefficients

A. Wathen
Preconditioning Constrained Systems

M. Wheeler
A Problem Solving Environment for Coupling Multiphysics and Multiple Domains in Porous Media

R. Wienands
On Three-grid Fourier Analysis of Multigrid

J. Wilson
Efficient Solver for Mixed and Control- Volume Mixed Finite Element Methods in Three Dimensions

C. Woodward
Implicit Solution of Radiation-Diffusion Problems Using Newton-Krylov
Multigrid Methods

T. Wright
Computation of Pseudospectra Using ARPACK and EIGS

C. Yang
Large-Scale Normal Coordinate Analysis for Molecular Structures

D. Yang
Accurate Numeric Methods for Interface Problems with Strongly Discontinous Coefficients

U. Yang
BoomerAMG: a Parallel Algebraic Multigrid Solver: Implementation and Enhancements

J. Zhang
Adaptive ILU Preconditioning Strategies in Semiconductor Process Modeling


Conference Chairs

  • Tom Manteuffel, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Steve McCormick, University of Colorado at Boulder

Program Committe

  • Loyce Adams, University of Washington
  • Steve Ashby, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Iain Duff, Rutherford Lab and CERFACS
  • Howard Elman, University of Maryland
  • Roland Freund, Lucent Bell Laboratories
  • Anne Greenbaum, Univeristy of Washington
  • Kirk Jordan, IBM
  • Tim Kelley, North Carolina State University
  • Seymour Parter, University of Wisconsin
  • Paul Saylor, University of Illinois
  • Gerhard Starke, Essen University
  • Panayot Vassilevski, LLNL
  • Homer Walker, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Olof Widlund, Courant Institute
  • Henk van der Vorst, University of Utrecht 

Craig C. Douglas

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