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Alfio Borzí has released two public domain, single processor Fortran 77 codes.

Optimal control (OPC) problems are receiving increasing attention in the scientific community. As an example of optimal control formulation consider the minimization of the following cost functional

J = |U - Z|2/2 + a*|F|2/2
where U satisfies
- U = F
in a given domain Omega.

A way to solve this OPC problem is to reformulate it as an unconstrained minimization problem by introducing the Lagrangian

L = J + < -DELTA U - F, P >
where P is a Lagrangian multiplier. Derive the necessary conditions for a minimum to obtain:
-DELTA P = - ( U - Z )
a*F - P = 0
This is called the optimality system. For a partial list of references concerning the use of multigrid for solving optimality systems see [1].

The code CONTROLLA.FOR solves the optimality system of the following OPC problem

min ( |U - Z|2/2 + B*|EXP(U)-EXP(Z)|2/2 + a*|F|2/2 )
This reaction-diffusion model describes explosive chemical reaction. Control is required to drive combustion in a desired way or to avoid explosion.

A detailed discussion of this problem and of its multigrid solution is given in [1]. In the linear case (B=0,D=0) CONTROLLA.FOR solves the optimality system given above. Convergence results in the framework of local mode analysis and in the framework of the theory given in [3] and are presented in [2]. This code has been developed based on techniques and software given in [4, 5].

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  2. A. Borzi, K. Kunisch, and Do Y. Kwak, Accuracy and Convergence Properties of the Finite Difference Multigrid Solution of an Optimal Control Optimality System, Univ. of Graz & Tech. Univ., SFB F003, Rep. No. 245, July 2002, Graz. To appear in SIAM J. Control Optim.
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