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A single processor public domain Fortran-77 program by Alfio Borzí to solve nonlinear integral equations using a multigrid method.

The INTEGRA code was originally implemented to solve the thermodynamic Bethe ansatz problem which provides a means to link a conjectured scattering theory with the underlying field theory. This application of the code is described in Alfio Borzí and Anni Koubek, Computer Physics Communications 75 (1993) 118-126.

However, INTEGRA is a general code for integral equations. It does not contain the most sophisticated MG techniques for this type of problems, but it can be useful to those who would like to use or learn multigrid to solve integral equations.

The INTEGRA code is an implementation of the nonlinear multigrid method for the solution of systems of nonlinear Fredholm integral equations of the second kind:

                     / bb
ui(y)=tni(y)+| sum_j( | fij(y,x,u(x))dx) , i=0,..,nsys, j=0,..,nsys,

where nsys is the number of equations, fij are the kernels, x one-dimensional. The bounds -b and b are determined by the code corresponding to the region where the kernel functions are zero to some tolerance. The initial approximation is taken to be ui=tni=ri*gni, where the ri's are given in the input file coeff.dat. The other input file, integra.dat, contains multigrid related data.

The convergence properties of INTEGRA are analyzed in [1]. The data structure of this code is as given in [2]. This code is an implementation of the Nonlinear Multi-Grid Method of the Second Kind (FAS scheme), which is described in [3].

This is a public domain code. The program is provided AS IS without warranty of any kind.

  1. Alfio Borzí and Anni Koubek, On a Multi-Grid Algorithm for the TBA Equations, in P.W. Hemker and P. Wesseling (Eds.), Multigrid Methods IV, International Series on Numerical Mathematics, Vol. 116, Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, 1994.
  2. A. Brandt, Multi-Level Adaptive Solutions to Boundary-Value Problems, Mathematics of Computation 31 (1977), pp. 333-390.
  3. W. Hackbusch, Multi-Grid Methods and Applications, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1985.
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