From 1991 until 2005 a newsletter was mailed to the MGNet mailing list approximately once a month. Articles of interest included conference announcements, abstracts of papers, code announcements, new books, and anything else that would be of interest to people working with multigrid or domain decomposition methods (the editor is fairly liberal). In particular, if you put something into MGNet's repository, an announcement about it was made.

Month Year
2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991
January V15N01 V14N01 V13N01 V12N01 V11N01 V10N01 V9N01 V8N01 V7N01 V6N01 V5N01 V4N01 V3N01 V2N01  
February V15N02 V14N02 V13N02 V12N02 V11N02 V10N02 V9N02 V8N02 V7N02 V6N02 V5N02 V4N02 V3N02 V2N02  
March V15N03 V14N03 V13N03 V12N03 V11N03 V10N03 V9N03 V8N03 V7N03 V6N03 V5N03 V4N03 V3N03 V2N03  
April V15N04 V14N04 V13N04 V12N04 V11N04 V10N04 V9N04 V8N04 V7N04 V6N04 V5N04 V4N04 V3N04 V2N04 V1N01
May V15N05 V14N05 V13N05 V12N05 V11N05 V10N05 V9N05 V8N05 V7N05 V6N05 V5N05 V4N05 V3N05 V2N05  
June V15N06 V14N06 V13N05 V12N06 V11N06 V10N06 V9N06 V8N06 V7N06 V6N06 V5N06 V4N06 V3N06 V2N06 V1N02
July   V14N07 V13N07 V12N07 V11N07 V10N07 V9N07 V8N07 V7N07 V6N07 V5N07 V4N07 V3N07 V2N07  
August   V14N08 V13N08 V12N08 V11N08 V10N08 V9N08 V8N08 V7N08 V6N08 V5N08 V4N08 V3N08 V2N08  
September   V14N09 V13N09 V12N09 V11N09 V10N09 V9N09 V8N09 V7N09 V6N09 V5N09 V4N09 V3N09 V2N09 V1N03
October V14N10 V14N10 V13N10 V12N10 V11N10 V10N10 V9N10 V8N10 V7N10 V6N10 V5N10 V4N10 V3N10 V2N10  
November V14N11 V14N11 V13N11 V12N11 V11N11 V10N11 V9N11 V8N11 V7N11 V6N11 V5N11 V4N11 V3N11 V2N11 V1N04
December   V14N12 V13N12 V12N12 V11N12 V10N12 V9N12 V8N12 V7N12 V6N12 V5N12 V4N12 V3N12 V2N12 V1N05
  15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Craig C. Douglas

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