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How to Retrieve Files

    The easiest way to retrieve files from MGNet is to use a web browser from Netscape or Microsoft.  I use a the highest browser version I can find that works.  I use version 4 browsers that are capable of correctly handling the Java JDK 1.1.5.  Currently, there are no Java applets running on MGNet, but that may change in the foreseeable future.

    The MGNet web pages assume that you are capable of seeing at least 256 colors though a number of the contributed files do not make this assumption and use many more colors.  Most of the older papers on MGNet are monochrome.

    Many of the files end in the extension .gz.  Any file with this extension has been compressed using the GNU utility gzip.  I use the -9 option to maximize the compression.  The files with an extension of .tgz are gzipped tar files.  There are free UNIX and Windows versions of gzip and tar on the Web, including already built binaries for many systems.  Follow this link for help on unpacking either .gz or .tgz files.

    Most of the papers are in PostScript format (.ps file extension).  Some are in Adobe Portable Document format (.pdf).  Only recently have Microsoft Word (.doc) or PowerPoint (.ppt) documents appeared.

    Follow the links to the file you want and click on it.  You may want to hold the shift key while clicking if you are serious about saving a file only to disk. Alternately, saving files on your own computer using your browser can be done using the Save as feature, which is usually found in the File menu.

    For many, many years anonymous ftp was supported.  Due to abuse by hackers and game players, this option is no longer normally available.

    If you have problems, send e-mail to with a message explaining what the problems are. I will send you a response as soon as possible.


Craig C. Douglas

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