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Submission of Files

    The only way to submit files to MGNet is e-mail, preferably using the following link:

This email address will ensure that I do not lose your files or message.  I have many email accounts, but prefer that you use this one for MGNet related information.  In particular, do not send e-mail to

    A description file in plain text is required. It should include the title, authors, abstract, and how to contact you electronically. You should do this even if you are contributing a software package.

    If you include a TeX file, please include a comment line that informs others how to make the output file (at the very least, please indicate which flavor of TeX is used: LaTeX, AMSTeX, Plain TeX, etc.). Over the years, the preferred format for distributing papers has been PostScript. If your paper includes PostScript figures in separate files, please upload these as well (or indicate that you did not do this).

    Software packages should be packaged in a tar or zip file. I will take any format, however, that I can personally unpack. I will unpack and repack the files into a tar file.

    Finally, mail a message saying that you contributed something to MGNet and what you want done with it (e.g., put it in the papers, codes, conference, etc. directory hierarchy). I will send you an acknowledgment as soon as I have verified that your contribution arrived intact.  If you do not get a response within a day, please send another e-mail message.

    If you have problems, send e-mail to with a message explaining what the problems are. I will send you a response as soon as possible.


Craig C. Douglas

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