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Unpacking gzipped Files

    Many files in MGNet have been compressed using the GNU utility gzip (gzip can be obtained by anonymous ftp from many sites including and  In particular, the command

gzip -9 example

results in a much smaller file example.gz with an extension of .gz (or .tgz).   Files with the extension .tgz are UNIX tar files that have been gzipped.

    The files can be unpacked using the GNU utility gunzip or zcat.  For example,

gunzip example.gz

results in a reconstructed file example.

    Tar files are UNIX tape archive files, an ancient, but venerable storage format developed in the early 1970's.  Gzipped tar files have an extension of .tgz in MGNet.   The files can be unpacked using either the GNU tar utility (or a tar utility with the z option)

tar zxvf example.tgz

or using a combination of the GNU utilities gunzip or zcat (really only special cases of gzip) and a tar utility.  For example,

gunzip example.tgz

tar xvf example.tar


zcat example.tgz | tar xvf -

will unpack all of the files from example.tgz.  I have assumed that you are using either a UNIX or a Windows based system.


Craig C. Douglas

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