A Multigrid Tutorial

William L. Briggs
Department of Mathematics
University of Colorado at Denver
P.O. Box 173364, Campus Box 170
Denver, CO 80217-3364

Van Emden Henson
Center for Applied Scientific Computing
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Box 808, L-561
Livermore, CA 94551


This presentation is an updated reincarnation of the tutorials Bill gave at Copper Mountain in 1987 and 1989. The 1987 tutorial led to the publication of the popular book, A Multigrid Tutorial (SIAM books), which has served as the introduction to multigrid for a good many workers in the field. Assuming no familiarity with multigrid, the tutorial introduces multigrid from first principles, examining basic iterative methods, coarse-grid correction, two-level approaches, and extending to multigrid methods.

Part I consists of the following components:

Part II consists of the following components: