Acceleration Techniques for the Spectral Element Ocean Model Methodology

Craig C. Douglas

University of Kentucky
Department of Computer Science
325 McVey Hall - CCS
Lexington, KY 40506-0045, USA

Gundolf Haase
Johannes Kepler University Linz
Institute for Analysis and Computational Mathematics
Department of Computational Mathematics and Optimization
Altenberger Strasse 69
A-4040 Linz, Austria


A mathematical model and computational results are presented for wind driven ocean modeling based on the Spectral Ocean Element Method (SEOM). The method features advanced algorithms, based on h-p type finite element methods, allowing accurate representation of complex coastline and oceanic bathymetry, variable lateral resolution, and high order solution of the three dimensional oceanic equations of motion. SEOM is robust, accurate over a many year simulation, and scales extremely well on a wide variety of parallel computers including traditional supercomputers and clusters. Acceleration techniques will be defined that lead to significant speedups.