Nonlinear AMGe with Coarsening Away from the Contact Boundary for the Signorini's Problem

Ana H. Iontcheva

Institute for Scientific Computing Research
UC Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808, L-419
Livermore, CA 94551

and Panayot S. Vassilevski

Center for Applied Scientific Computing
UC Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P. O. Box 808, L-560
Livermore, CA 94551


The finite element discretization of the Signorini's problem leads to inequality constrained minimization problem. In this talk we present a nonlinear element based algebraic multigrid method with special coarsening away from the contact boundary for the solution of this problem. As a smoothing procedure we use the Projected Gauss-Seidel algorithm and for the coarse grid solver - a modification of the Dostal's algorithm. The performance of the resulting method is illustrated by numerical experiments.

This work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy by the University of California, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under contract No. W-7405-Eng-48.