MGGHAT: Elliptic PDE software with adaptive refinement, multigrid and high order finite elements

William F. Mitchell

GE Advanced Tech Labs, Moorestown, NJ 08041


MGGHAT (MultiGrid Galerkin Hierarchical Adaptive Triangles) is a program for the solution of linear second order elliptic partial differential equations in two dimensional polygonal domains. This program is now available for public use. It is a finite element method with linear, quadratic or cubic elements over triangles. The adaptive refinement via newest vertex bisection and the multigrid iteration are both based on a hierarchical basis formulation. Visualization is available at run time through an X Windows display, and a posteriori through output files that can be used as GNUPLOT input.

In this presentation, we will describe the methods used by MGGHAT, define the problem domain for which it is appropriate, illustrate use of the program, show numerical and graphical examples, and explain how to obtain the software.