How to reach the Place of the Workshop

Bundesanstalt für Erwachsenenbildung (EBI)
St. Wolfgang
Bürgelstein 1-6

Tel.: [+43] (0)6137 / 6621-0

Although the institute belongs to St. Wolfgang, it is reached via the village Strobl. The center of St. Wolfgang is much farther away from the institute than Strobl, so do not take the bus to St. Wolfgang but only to Strobl, if you go by bus. Once arrived in Strobl you will see signs leading you to the "Bundesinstitut für Erwachsenenbildung".
  1. By plane via Linz/Salzburg:

    In both towns a public transportation from the airport to the railway station is available. See the next point for the further travel.
    In case of arriving in Linz we can offer you a restricted amount of transport by car to Strobl.

  2. By train/bus:

    From Salzburg : In front of the railway station in Salzburg across the street you will find the bus station. Then you can take the bus to Strobl. At certain times you have to change the bus in St. Gilgen.

    From Linz/Wels : Leave the train to Salzburg in Attnang-Puchheim and change into the train to Bad Ischl. Take the bus to Salzburg and leave it in Strobl.

    Some hints how to get from Linz/Wels/Attnang/Salzburg to St. Wolfgang/Strobl.

  3. By car:

    Reach the freeway A1 Salzburg-Linz-Wien via München or Passau.
    Take on the A1 the Exit Mondsee.
    Follow the directions St. Gilgen, Bad Ischl on the motorway along Lake St. Wolfgang. At the south-east end of the lake you are in Strobl.

    Rough Map

    Although it is a part of the community of St. Wolfgang the place of the workshop (FIAE) is located near Strobl (northern direction).
    The address Bürgelstein near the location Seehof on the shore of Lake St. Wolfgang can be found on the map.

    Map of Strobl

    Map of Strobl 2

In case of any further questions please don`t hesitate to contact us.