Virtual Proceedings of the ParMGM`96

Virtual Proceedings of the
9th International GAMM - Workshop on

"Parallel Multigrid Methods"

The aim of these virtual proceedings is the short term availability of the newest results upon the topic of the workshop for a wider range of interested people.
The contributions are not refered and their electronic publishing in these virtual proceedings is not exclusively.
The proceedings consist of preprints, published/submitted/unsubmitted papers, notes and transparencies.

Contributions in alphabetical order

Clemens Brand and Johannes Kraus: Preconditioning by Approximative Schur Complements on Hierarchical Grids. Preprint (79 k)

Dietrich Braess: Towards Algebraic Muligrid for Elliptic Problems of Second Order.
Paper (50 k)

Carsten Carstensen: Domain Decomposition For A Non-smooth Convex Minimization Problem And Its Application To Plasticity.
Paper (56 k)

Michael Czajkowski : Application of Multigrid to an Initial Control Problem.
Transparencies (897 k)

Wolfgang Dahmen : Stable Multiscale Bases and Adaptive Techniques for Elliptic Problems.
Transparencies (44 k)

Craig Douglas : Caching in with Multigrid Algorithms: Problems in Two Dimensions.
Transparencies (42 k)

Jürgen Fuhrmann : A Modular Algebraic Multilevel Method.
Paper (link)

Csaba Gaspar: Flow modelling using quadtrees and multigrid technique.
Paper (179 k)

Klaus Gärtner : Improved Separators by Multigrid Methods.
Transparencies (443 k)

Michael Griebel, Thomas Grauschopf, and Hans Regler : Additive Multilievel Preconditioners based on Bilinear Interpolation, Matrix Dependent Geometric Coarsening and Algebraic Multigrid Coarsening for Second Order Elliptic PDEs.
Paper (996 k)

Wolfgang Hackbusch : Downwind Gauss-Seidel Smoothing for Convection Dominated Problems.
Paper (130 k)

Bodo Heise and Michael Jung : Robust Parallel Newton-Multilevel Methods.
Preprint (98 k), with pictures (2 M)

Volker John : Parallel Solution Schemes for the Navier-Stokes Equation using the Crouzeix/Raviart-Element.
Transparencies (48 k)

Michael Jung : Parallelization of multi-grid methods based on domain decomposition ideas.
Preprint (166 k)

Michael Jung and Michael Thess : Parallel Multilevel Solvers for 3D Problems.
Transparencies (341 k)

Ferdinand Kickinger : Algebraic Multigrid Solver for Discrete Elliptic Second Order Problems.
Preprint (76 k)

Michael Kuhn, M. Goppold, Bodo Heise, and Gundolf Haase : Preprocessing in FE/BE Domain Decomposition Methods.
Paper (157 k)

Holger Matthes : Parallel preconditioners for plate and shell problems.
Transparencies (113 k)

Maya Neytcheva, Owe Axelsson, and Krassimir Georgiev : Algebraic Multilevel Iteration Method on massively parallel computer architectures.
Transparencies (107 k)

Ulrich Rüde : Performance Aspects of Iterative Methods on Superscalar Computers.
Transparencies (122 k)

Joachim Schöberl : Solving the Signorini Problem on the Basis of Domain Decomposition Techniques.
Paper (470 k)

Joachim Schöberl : An Automatic Mesh Generator using Geometric Rules for Two and Three Space Dimensions.
Paper (600 k)

Barry Smith : Abstract Parallel Multigrid Software in PETSc 2.0.
Transparencies (48 k)

Ivan Sofronov : Jump-Keeping and Upwind Transfer in MultiGrid for Upwind Schemes.
Preprint (56 k)

Rob Stevenson : A Robust Hierarchical Basis Preconditioner on General Meshes.
Paper (196 k)

Karsten Urban : A multiscale method for separation processes in chemnical engineering.
Transparencies (175 k)

Yuri Vassilevski, Yuri Iliash and Yuri Kuznetsov : Efficient Parallel Solving the Potential Flow Problem on Nonmatching Grids.
Paper (594 k)

Frank Wagner : Time-paralle Multigrid Methods for Two-Phase Stefan Problems.
Transparencies (1.45 M)