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Volume 10, Number 9 (approximately September 30, 2000)

Today's topics:

     SMU Job Advertisement
     New paper (Kan, Vuik, Wesseling)
     Software reference (Kan, Vuik, Wesseling)
     New entries in MGNet Bibliography
     Multigrid VI Proceedings Question
     DDM 13 (Lyons, France) Talks


Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 16:36:49 -0500
From: "Fincher, Pam" 
Subject: SMU Job Advertisement

Southern Methodist University
Department of Mathematics

Applications are invited for one tenure-track assistant professor position
to begin in the fall semester of 2001. Applicants must provide evidence of
outstanding research and a strong commitment to teaching at all levels.  The
Department of Mathematics has an active doctoral program in computational
and applied mathematics.  The department is interested in promoting
interdisciplinary activity with the departments in engineering and science
at SMU. 

To apply, send a letter of application with a curriculum vita, a list of
publications and a research and a teaching statement to: The Faculty Search
Committee, Department of Mathematics, Southern Methodist University, P.O.
Box 750156, Dallas, Texas 75275-0156. Applicants must also arrange for three
letters of recommenda-tion to be forwarded to the Faculty Search Committee.

Screening of applications will begin December 8, 2000.  To ensure full
consideration for the position, the application must be postmarked by
December 8, 2000, but the committee will continue to accept applications
until the position is filled.  The committee will notify applicants of its
employment decision after the position is filled.

SMU will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national
origin, sex, age, disability or veteran status.  SMU is also committed to
nondiscrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Visit the department's home page at for more
information.  The Search Committee can be contacted by sending e-mail to [Tel: (214) 768-2506; Fax: (214) 768-2355]


Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 13:10:39 +0200 (METDST)
From: "P.Wesseling" 
Subject: New paper (Kan, Vuik, Wesseling)

Below is a new paper for the mgnet database. Although the title does not
say so, it is about multigrid.

    J. van Kan, C. Vuik, P. Wesseling
    Fast pressure calculation for 2D and 3D time dependent incompressible flow
    Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications 7:429--447 2000.

Pieter Wesseling

Professor of Numerical Analysis
Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Information Technology and Systems
Mekelweg 4,  2628 CD Delft,   The Netherlands

Tel.: +3115 278 3631   Fax: +3115 278 7209  Email:


Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 11:04:01 +0200 (METDST)
From: Kees Vuik 
Subject: Software reference (Kan, Vuik, Wesseling)

The related software is available from:

Kees Vuik
Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Information Technology and Systems 
Department of Applied Mathematical Analysis
Mekelweg 4
P.O. Box 5031
2600 GA Delft
The Netherlands

Tel. (31) 15 - 2785530
Fax. (31) 15 - 2787209
URL   :


Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2000 18:10:52 +0200
From: dureisse 
Subject: New entries in MGNet Bibliography

  author =      "L. Champaney and J.-Y. Cognard and D. Dureisseix and P.
  title =       "Numerical experimentations of parallel strategies in
                 structural non-linear analysis",
  journal =     "Calculateurs Parall{\`e}les",
  volume =      "8",
  year =        "1996",
  pages =       "245--249",
  author =      "L. Champaney and J.-Y. Cognard and D. Dureisseix and P.
  title =       "Large scale applications on parallel computers of a
                 mixed domain decomposition method",
  journal =     "Computational Mechanics",
  volume =      "19",
  year =        "1997",
  pages =       "253--263",
  author =      "D. Dureisseix and P. Ladeveze",
  title  =      "Une approche parall{\`e}le et multi-{\'e}chelles en
                 calcul des structures : exemples et performances",
  journal =     "Rev. Europ. {\'E}l{\'e}ments Finis",
  volume =      "7",
  year =        "1998",
  pages =       "73--87",
  author =      "P. Ladeveze and D. Dureisseix",
  title =       "Une nouvelle strat{\'e}gie de calcul micro/macro en
                 m{\'e}canique des structures",
  journal =     "C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris",
  volume =      "t. 327, Serie IIb",
  year =        "1999",
  pages =       "1237--1244",
  author =      "D. Dureisseix and P. Ladeveze",
  title =       "A 2-level and mixed domain decomposition approach for
                 structural analysis",
  booktitle =   "Proceedings of Domain Decomposition Methods 10, DD10",
  editor =      "J. Mandel and C. Farhat and X.-C. Cai",
  publisher =   "AMS",
  address =     "Providence",
  series =      "Contemporary Mathematics",
  number =      "218",
  year =        "1998",
  pages =       "238--245",

David Dureisseix

LMT CACHAN / ENS CACHAN  fax : (33) 1 47 40 27 85
61 Av du Pdt Wilson      tel : (33) 1 47 40 53 86
F-94235 CACHAN CEDEX     e-mail :
FRANCE         (depuis la France, remplacer (33) 1 par 01)


Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 15:38:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: Michele Benzi 
Subject: Multigrid VI Proceedings Question

I am trying to find out if the proceedings of the latest European MG
Conference (held in Gent, Belgium) have been published.  I figured that you
would know about this, for sure.  If you do, any information (publisher,
title, editors, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Michele Benzi                     Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics         phone : (404) 727-3638
and Computer Science              fax   : (404) 727-5611
Emory University                  e-mail:
Atlanta, GA 30322 -- USA

    Editor's Note: As a matter of fact, the book arrived in the mail a few
    -------------  days ago.  Here is some information...


    Dick, E., University of Gent, Belgium
    Riemslagh, K., University of Gent, Belgium  (see note below)
    Vierendeels, J., University of Gent, Belgium (Eds.)

    Multigrid Methods VI 

    Proceedings of the Sixth European Multigrid Conference Held in
    Gent, Belgium, September 27-30, 1999

    2000. IX, 292 pp. 107 figs. 
    DM 149,-
    Recommended List Price

    This volume contains 39 of the papers presented at the Sixth European
    Multigrid Conference, held in Gent, Belgium, September 27-30, 19 99.  The
    topics treated at the conference cover all aspects of Multigrid Methods:
    theory, analysis, computer implementation, applications in the fields of
    physics, chemistry, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics and magnetism.

    Keywords:  Multigrid methods, multilevel methods, multiscale methods

    Series:  Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering.VOL.  14

The book is now available.  It's contents are being added to the MGNet
bibliography.  A rough version is in

By the end of the month, it will be checked against page numbers in the book.

Note from Kris Riemslagh:

    Since October 1, 2000 I have changed my affiliation from the Gent
    University to a private software company called HSB-Soft N.V.  My
    previous email address ( will no longer be
    valid.  Please use instead.


Date: Sat 30 Sep 2000 12:27:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: Craig C. Douglas 
Subject: DDM 13 (Lyon, France) Talks

The thirteenth domain decomposition symposium will be held in Lyon, France
from October 9-12, 2000.  Presumably a proceedings will be produced in the
future.  If someone who attended the conference is motivated, maybe a summary
could be sent for publication here.

                                Invited Talks

I. Herrera
A General Theory of Domain Decomposition Methods
H. Suito, H. Kawarada, J. Periaux
Shape Optimization for an Acoustic Problem based on FOM and Game Theory
W. Shyy
Cartesian-Grid with Continuum and Lattice-Boltzmann Approaches for
Multi-Domain Problems
P. Le Tallec, P. Alart, M. Barboteu, M. Vidrascu
An additive Schwarz method for non-symmetric problems
O. Pironneau, S. Del Pino, J.L Lions
DDM by Virtual Control
A. Toselli
Domain Decomposition and Discontinuous Galerkin:  Two Variations on Two Themes
R.E. Bank
An Algebriac Multilevel Multigraph Algorithm
B. Wohlmuth
Nonconforming Domain Decomposition Methods for Linear Elasticity
J. Xu, L. Zikatanov
The Method of Alternating Projections and the Method of Subspace Corrections
Y. Kuznetsov
Domain Decomposition, Fictitious Domains and Distributed Lagrange Multipliers
S. Brenner
A New Look at Feti
Xue-Cheng Tai
Nonlinear domain decomposition and multigrid method for monotone problems and
variational inequalities. 

                          Invited Minisymposia Talks

M.J Gander
Optimized Schwarz methods for Helmholtz problems

L. Halpern
Domain Decomposition algorithms with optimal convergence for wave propagation

F. Collino, P. Joly
Non overlaping domain decomposition techniques for the Helmholtz equations:  a
unified presentation

F. Magoules, F. Nataf
Optimized interface conditions for the Helmholtz equations

J.C Autrique, F. Magoules
Coupled finite/infinite elements domain decomposition method with Lagrange
multipliers for acoustics scattering problem

L. Deng, T. Kako, T. Tayoshi, I. Hagiwara
A modified perturbation method of eigenvalue problem for 3D
structural-acoustic coupled system

I. Hagiwara, Q. Shi, Z. Rao
Interior noise reduction analysis by using piezoelectric actuators

C.H. Lai, K.A Pericleous, Z-K. Wang
Analysis of a defect correction method for computational aeroacoustics

T. Kako, H. Nasir
Domain Decomposition method applied to a coupling vibration problem between
shell and acoustics

B. Despres, B. Stupfel
About the coupling of DDM with time-harmonic Maxwell integral equations

K. Hayashi
An iterative method for external boundary value problems of the Poisson
equation in two dimensions

H. Kawarada, H. Suito
Multi-phase flow with decomposition process in Tidal-flats

M. Lesoinne
On the Choice of Corners in FETI-DP

Puppin-Macedo, R. Tezaur, C. Farhat
The FETI-H method:  development, performance and future perspectives

A. Klawonn
On recent developments in the theory of FETI methods heterogeneous structures

D.J. Rixen
Choosing the coarse grid when applying FETI to heterogeneous structures

F.-X. Roux
Regularized two-Lagrange multiplier FETI method

O. Widlund
Theory for FETI-DP methods

T. Borvall, J. Petersson
Three-dimensional shape and topology optimization in Cauchy-Navier's PDE

Z. Dostal, D. Horak, Gomes Neto, S.A Santos
Numerical and parallel scalability of FETI for variational inequalities with
applications to shape optimization

R. Hoppe, Petrova, Schulz
3D structural optimization in electromagnetics

O. Pironneau
Consistent approximations and domain decomposition for optimal shape designs

P. Ciarlet
The nodal Finite Element Method in a non-convex domain

F. Assous
Numerical solution to the time-dependent Maxwell equations in 2D domains

S. Labrunie
The Singular Complement Method applied to the axisymmetric Maxwell equations

S. Lohrengel
A Singular Field Method for Maxwell's equations:  Numerical aspects in 2D and
error estimates

P. Gervasio, J.L. Lions, A. Quarteroni
Heterogeneous coupling by virtual control methods

I. Faille, E. Flauraud, F. Nataf, F. Schneider, F. Willien
Optimized Interface Conditions for sedimentary basin modeling

L. Halpern, C. Japhet
Optimized algorithms for the coupling of convection and convection-diffusion

L. Formaggia, F. Nobile, A. Quarteroni
Multiscale modeling of the circulatory system

E. Miglio, A. Quarteroni, F. Saleri
On the coupling of free surface and groundwater flows

                              Contributed Talks

P. Dutto, M. Garbey, D.Tromeur-Dervout
Application of Domain Decomposition to Parallel Computing with low Mach Number

G. Lube, G. Rapin
Comparison of two iterative substructuring methods for advection-diffusion

T. Knopp, G. Lube, R. Gritski M. Rosler
An iterative substructuring method for coupled incompressible flows using the
k/e turbulence model

E. Laitinen, J. Pieska
Domain decomposition methods for solving multiphase diffusion-convection

I. Boglaev
Uniform Domain Decomposition Methods for Convection-diffusion Problems

D.S. Daoud, M.J. Gander
Overlapping Schwarz Waveform Relaxation for Convection Reaction Diffusion

Y. Achdou, C. Japhet, Y. Maday, F. Nataf
A new cement to glue non-conforming grids with Robin interface conditions:
The Finite Volume Case

R. Cautres, T. Gallouet, R. Herbin, S. Gerbi
Convergence of a domain decomposition relaxation method with a finite volume

R. Cautres, R. Herbin
Non matching finite volume grids and the non overlapping Schwarz algorithm

S. Bertolluza
Substructuring techniques and Wavelets in non-conforming domain decomposition

P. Chow, C. Addison
Coupling geometric components of different scales using domain decomposition

X. Feng, O. Karakashian
Domain decomposition methods for Discontinuous Galerkin methods

O. Steinbach
On the stability of Hybrid Coupled Domain Decomposition Methods

A. Agouzal, N. Debit
Discontinuous hybrid formulation and domain decomposition methods

B. Bialecki, A. Karageorghis
A Domain Decomposition Method for Legendre Spectral Collocation Problems

M.A. Casarin, S. Sherwin
Low energy basis preconditioning for unstructured spectral/hp element methods

Z.-C. Shi, X. Xu, J. Chen
Multigrid for the mortar-type nonconforming and mixed element method for
nonsymmetric and indefinite problems

V. Dolean, S. Lanteri, F. Nataf
Construction of non-overlapping domain decomposition algorithms for the
solution of the Euler equations for compressible flows

M. Sala
Schur Complement Based Preconditioners for Compressible Flow Computations

A. Frommer, D. Szyld
An Algebraic convergence theory for restricted additive Schwarz methods using
weighted max norms

X-C Cai, D. Keyes
Nonlinearly Preconditioned Inexact Newton Algorithm and Application

J. Baranger, M. Garbey, F. Oudin
Recent Development on Aitken - Schwarz method

X-C Cai, M. Dryja, M. Sarkis
A Symmetrized Restricted Additive Schwarz Method with Harmonic Extensions

S.H Lui
On Schwarz Alternating Methods for Nonlinear Elliptic PDEs

J. Martikainen, T. Rossi, J. Toivanen
Matrix Polynomial Approximations for a Schur complement matrix

P. Bjorstad, J. Koster, P Krzyzanowski
Remarks on Flexible Two-level Neumann-Neumann Preconditioning

L.F. Pavarino
Balancing Neumann-Neumann Methods for Spectral Element Discretization of
Stokes Equations

S. Gebauer, R. Kornhuber
On robust multigrid methods for saturated groundwater flow in fractured media

C.-H. Lai, A.J. Davies, D. Crann
A distributed algorithm for European options in financial modeling

L. Giraud, J. Koster, A. Marrocco, J.C Rioual
Two-level preconditioners for the Schur complement:  an application to
semi-conductor device modeling

M. Garbey, H.G Kaper, N. Romanyukha
On Some Fast Solver for Reactive Flow with Complex Chemistry

J. Periaux
Staekelberg/Nash equilibrium gones using genetic algorithms and DDM for sching
CFD optimization problems

P. Bjorstad, M. Dryja, T. Rahman
An efficient additive Schwarz method for elliptic mortar finite element

M. Dryja
The Dirichlet-Neumann algorithm for mortar finite element elliptic problems

S. Gaiffe, R. Glowinski, R. Masson
Domain Decomposition and Splitting Methods for Mortar Mixed Finite Element
Approximations to Parabolic Equations

J. Chen, X. Xu
The mortar element method for rotated Q1 element

P. Oswald, B. Wohlmuth
On Polynomial Reproduction of Dual FE Bases

J. Martikainen, T. Rossi, J. Toivanen, R. MÄkinen
Fictitious domain preconditioner for linear elasticity problems

K. Lipnikov, R. Glowinski, D. Dashevski, Y. Kuznetsov
Fictitious domain based solvers for particulate flows

D.E. Keyes, P.D. Hovland, L.C. McInnes, W. Samyono
Shur and Schwarz techniques as preconditioners for PDE-constrained

A. Bounaim
On the use of iterative Schwarz algorithms in the solution of an optimal
control problem

A.J. Davies, J. Mushtaq
Domain decomposition for the boundary element methods

Y. Boubendir, A. Bendali
Domain decomposition methods for solving scattering problems by boundary
element method

    Editor's Note: See or
    -------------  for more details.


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