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Volume 10, Number 12 (approximately December 31, 2000)

Today's topics:

     Important Dates, Web Address Change, and Mirroring MGNet
     Pieter Wesseling's Multigrid Book on the Web
     4 Preprints Available from Jun Zhang et al
     Website - Linux4Chemistry
     PRISM'2001 Conference Announcement
     Euro-Par 2001: First Call for Papers
     TAICDL 5-9.8.2001


Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 10:15:12 -0500 (EST)
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: Important Dates, Web Address Change, and Mirroring MGNet

January 12:   Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods (1-6.4.2001).
              Students papers due.  See

January 15:   PRISM'2001 (20-23.5.2001).
              Abstracts due.  See

January 29:   Euro-Par 2001
              Submissions due.  See

February 1:   Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods (1-6.4.2001).
              Author abstracts and early registration.  See URL above.

February 15:  TAICDL
              Abstracts must be postmarked.  See announcement below.

Note that the web address for the the applied math group at Boulder has
changed.  The old set of addresses no longer work :-(

If you are mirroring MGNet, please check that you are using the
site (, not or  Thanks.


Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 10:15:12 -0500 (EST)
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: Pieter Wesseling's Multigrid Book on the Web

This book was originally published by John Wiley & Sons, Chilchester, 1992.
It went out of print and the copyright reverted to Piet.  He has graciously
allowed it to be scanned and put on MGNet.  We all owe him many thanks.

The book is an ongoing project.  It is scanned on weekends when I have time.
It is in several packages.  There are the as is direct from the scanner
pieces.  These may be the best to print.  I really do not know.  Please voice
you opinion to me.  There are the rotated to be read pieces.  These are best
for on screen reading.

WARNING:  Several people sent in complaints that the standard Netscape
Communicator 4.76 Unix PDF reader plugin,, does an absolutely
terrible job of rendering the images.  Also ghostview/gv does an inadequate
job on some machines.  Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 (free from Abode's
web site,

So far, the cover through chapter 6, the references, and the index has been
scanned.  Thanks you to all who sent in feedback.  The latest scans reflect
your comments.
All of the book will be scanned real soon now.  It is going slower than I had

The following is what you will find scanned so far:

                                Ready Ready
    Description    Pages   Size   to    to
                           (KB)  Read Print

    Whole Book             4,198 PDF   PDF
    Contents,               281  PDF   PDF
    Chapter 1       1-3     129  PDF   PDF
    Chapter 2       4-13    270  PDF   PDF
    Chapter 3      14-35    592  PDF   PDF
    Chapter 4      36-59    677  PDF   PDF
    Chapter 5      60-94    517  PDF   PDF
    Chapter 6      79-95    516  PDF   PDF
    Bibliography  260-274   900  PDF   PDF
    Index         275-284   418  PDF   PDF

Please interpret whole book to mean all of the scanned book so far.

    Editor's Note: See


Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 13:45:44 -0500 (EST)
From: Jun Zhang 
Subject: 4 Preprints Available from Jun Zhang et al

The following preprints are available from Both postscript and pdf files are 
available for download.

Jun Zhang


 Performance of Adaptive Dual-Dropping ILUT Preconditioners 
     in Semiconductor Dopant Diffusion Simulation

                       Jun Zhang 
 Laboratory for High Performance Scientific Computing 
                and Computer Simulation
 Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky
773 Anderson Hall, Lexington, KY 40506-0046, USA

           Anand L. Pardhanan and Graham F. Carey
     TICAM, CFD Laboratory, University of Texas at Austin
               Austin, Texas 78712, USA


Preconditioning strategies based on incomplete LU factorization
using thresholding with dual dropping (ILUT) are investigated 
for iterative solution of sparse linear systems arising in 
semiconductor dopant diffusion modeling. Of particular interest 
are questions associated with selection and adaption of threshold 
parameters with spatial resolution, timestep in the adaptive ODE 
integrator and the problem physics.  We investigate these issues 
and carry out detailed numerical studies in one- and two-dimensions 
for a representative phosphorus diffusion model. Guidelines for 
optimally selecting the threshold parameters are deduced from the 
results, and strategies for adaptive parameter selection are 


    Unconditionally Stable Finite Difference Scheme and 
Iterative Solution of 2D Microscale Heat Transport Equation

                       Jun Zhang 
 Laboratory for High Performance Scientific Computing 
                and Computer Simulation
 Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky
773 Anderson Hall, Lexington, KY 40506-0046, USA

                       Jennifer J. Zhao
        Department of Mathematics and Statistics
          University of Michigan at Dearborn
            Dearborn, MI 48128-1491, USA


A two dimensional time dependent heat transport equation at the 
microscale is derived. A second order finite difference scheme 
in both time and space is introduced and the unconditional 
stability of the finite difference scheme is proved. A 
computational procedure is designed to solve the discretized 
linear system at each time step by using a preconditioned 
Conjugate Gradient method.  Numerical results are presented to 
validate the accuracy of the finite difference scheme and the 
efficiency of the proposed computational procedure.


    A Two Colorable Fourth Order Compact Difference 
      Scheme and Parallel Iterative Solution of 
       the 3D Convection Diffusion Equation

               Jun Zhang and Lixin Ge
 Laboratory for High Performance Scientific Computing 
                and Computer Simulation
 Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky
773 Anderson Hall, Lexington, KY 40506-0046, USA

              Jules Kouatchou
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Code 931
         Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA


A new fourth order compact difference scheme for the three 
dimensional convection diffusion equation with variable 
coefficients is presented. The novelty of this new difference 
scheme is that it only requires 15 grid points and that it 
can be decoupled with two colors. The entire computational 
grid can be updated in two parallel subsweeps with a Gauss-Seidel 
type iterative method. This is compared with the known 19 point 
fourth order compact difference scheme which requires four colors 
to decouple the computational grid. Numerical results, with 
multigrid methods implemented on a shared memory parallel computer,
are presented to compare the 15 point and 19 point fourth order 
compact schemes.


  Symbolic Computation of High Order Compact Difference 
  Schemes for Three Dimensional Linear Elliptic Partial 
    Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients

          Jun Zhang and Lixin Ge
 Laboratory for High Performance Scientific Computing 
                and Computer Simulation
 Department of Computer Science, University of Kentucky
773 Anderson Hall, Lexington, KY 40506-0046, USA


We present a symbolic computation procedure for deriving various 
high order compact difference approximation schemes for certain 
three dimensional linear elliptic partial differential equations 
with variable coefficients. Based on the Maple software package, 
we approximate the leading terms in the truncation error of the 
Taylor series expansion of the governing equation and obtain a 
19 point fourth order compact difference scheme for a general 
linear elliptic partial differential equation. A test problem is 
solved numerically to validate the derived fourth order compact 
difference scheme. This symbolic derivation method is simple and 
can be easily used to derive high order difference approximation
schemes for other similar linear elliptic partial differential 


Jun Zhang                                                   
Laboratory for High Performance Scientific Computing        
           and Computer Simulation                         
Department of Computer Science                              
University of Kentucky                                      
773 Anderson Hall                                           
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0046, USA                , URL: 
Tel: (859)257-3892,  Fax: (859)323-1971                    


Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 23:47:54 +0100
From: Nikodem Kuznik 
Subject: Website - Linux4Chemistry


The goal of this website is to provide with the most up-to-date links to the
chemical software running on linux.  Because the field is still under an
intensive development, the website will also be continuously under
construction and you may even find some not-up-to-date URLs there for this
same reason.  In that case contact me, please.

Nikodem Kuznik

    Editor's Note: This site has a nice categorization of computational
    -------------  chemistry packages, sources, costs, etc.


Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 13:24:22 +0100
From: Maya Neytcheva 
Subject: PRISM'2001 Conference Announcement

             1st announcement
Call for submissions of contributed papers to the

             CONFERENCE ON
Preconditioned Robust Iterative Solution Methods
for Problems with Singularities (PRISM2001)
University of Nijmegen, May 20-23, 2001

             Special issue of NLA
An issue of the journal Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
will be devoted to papers presented at the conference.

The topics treated during the conference include:
- construction of singularities resolving basis functions and
  regularization using dominating singularity via special 3D 
  singular elements.
- mesh refinements adapted methods: patched meshes, and successive mesh
  refinement methods;
- mesh free approaches;
- defect-correction methods;
- computation of the angles between (basis) function subspaces (and 
  the constant in the strengthened CBS inequality) for various FEM;
- coarse mesh balanced block matrix preconditioners;
- preconditioning of the matrix block corresponding to added
  basis functions (which may cause a singular behaviour);
- multigrid and algebraic multilevel iteration methods;
- iteration methods in function spaces;
- robust iterative methods for general diffusion problems and
  systems of elliptic pde's including problems in elasticity (thin
- inner-outer iteration methods.
- stopping criteria in iterative methods for linear and 
  nonlinear problems.

N.S.Bakhvalov      Moscow (RU)       Jean-Francois Maitre  Lyon (F)
Dietrich Braess    Bochum (D)        Svetozar Margenov     Sofia (BG)
Evgeny Glushkov    Krasnodar  (RU)   Ulrich Langer         Linz (A)
Natalya Glushkova  Krasnodar  (RU)   Raytcho Lazarov,      College Station, TX
Piet Hemker        CWI, A-dam (NL)   Yvan Notay            Brussels (B)
Igor Kaporin       Moscow (RU)       Yousef Saad,          Minneapolis, Minn.
Janos Karatson     Budapest  (HU)    Panayot Vassilevski   LLNL, California
Georgij Kobelkov   Moscow (RU)       Freddy Wubs           Groningen(NL)
Yuri Kuznetsov     Houston (TX)      Alex Yeremin          Moscow (RU)
Ivo Marek          Prague (Cz)      

Scientific Committee:
Owe Axelsson (NL), Evgeny Glushkov (RU), Wolfgang Hackbusch (D), 
Ulrich Langer (A), Jean-Francois Maitre (F), Svetozar Margenov (BG), 
Panayot Vassilevski (USA).

Important deadline: for submission of extended abstracts (2-4 pages)
January 15, 2001.

Contact address:
PRISM'2001, Department of Mathematics, University of Nijmegen
Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED Nijmegen, NL


Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 19:52:47 GMT
From: Euro-Par 2001 
Subject: Euro-Par 2001: First Call for Papers

                          Euro-Par 2001

                         Manchester, U.K.
                      August 28th-31st, 2001

                      First Call for Papers

Euro-Par is well established as the premier European Conference on 
all aspects of parallel computing.  Previous events were held in
Stockholm (1995), Lyon (1996), Passau (1997), Southampton (1998),
Toulouse (1999) and Munich (2000). The conference normally attracts
more than 300 participants coming from universities, research centres, 
and industry.

The major themes of the conference can be divided into the broad 
categories of hardware, software, algorithms and applications.
In common with previous years, Euro-Par 2001 will be organised as
a number of parallel sessions on the following topics for which 
papers are solicited:

       1. Support Tools and Environments
       2. Performance Evaluation, Analysis and Optimization
       3. Scheduling and Load Balancing
       4. Compilers for High Performance
       5. Parallel and Distributed Databases, Data-Mining and
          Knowledge Discovery
       6. Complexity Theory and Algorithms
       7. Applications of High-Performance Computers
       8. Parallel Computer Architecture
       9. Distributed Systems and Algorithms
      10. Parallel Programming: Models, Methods and Languages
      11. Numerical Algorithms
      12. Routing and Communication in Interconnection Networks
      13. Instruction Level Parallelism and Architectures
      14. Object-Oriented Architectures, Tools and Applications
      15. Architectures and Algorithms for Multimedia Applications
      16. Cluster Computing
      17. Metacomputing, Grid Computing and Web Computing
      18. Parallel I/O and Storage Technology
      19. Problem Solving Environments
      20. Parallel and Distributed Embedded Systems

Further details for each topic can be found at:

Authors are requested to use the electronic form on the web site
to submit their paper to the topic they judge most appropriate.

All accepted papers will be available at the conference in the
proceedings published by Springer-Verlag in the LNCS series.

The conference will also feature invited talks, tutorials and
parallel workshops. Further information will appear on the web 
site as it becomes available.

Key Dates:

    November 6th, 2000      First call for papers
    January 29th, 2001      Final date for submissions
    May 1st, 2001           Acceptance notified
    June 29th, 2001         Early registration deadline
    August 1st, 2001        Late registration deadline


Date: Fri, 15 Dec 2000 13:56:21 -0600 (CST)
From: Chaoqun  Liu 
Subject: TAICDL 5-9.8.2001

The deadline for submitting abstract has been extended to 2/15/01. 
Please send your abstract (2-4 pages) to Dr. Chaoqun Liu before 2/15/01
               Third AFOSR International Conference on 
         Direct Numerical Simulation and Large Eddy Simulation 

                        August 5-9, 2001 

       University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas, USA 

The Third AFOSR International Conference on Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) 
and Large Eddy Simulation (LES) is a major international conference focused 
solely on the development and application of DNS and LES for real-world 
flows, and sponsored by the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research 
(AFOSR). The first conference was held in August 1997 at Louisiana Tech 
University, Ruston, LA. The written papers were published in Advances in 
DNS/LES, Greyden Press,  edited by C. Liu, Z. Liu and L. Sakell. The second 
conference was held in June 7-9, 1999 at Rutgers - The State University of 
New Jersey,  New Brunswick, New Jersey. Contributions were published in 
Recent Advances in DNS and LES, Kluwer Academic Publishers, edited by 
D. Knight and L. Sakell.

Papers are solicited in all areas of DNS and LES related to engineering
applications and fundamental fluid dynamics including:

. DNS/LES for transitional and turbulent flows
. DNS/LES for heat transfer
. DNS/LES for combustion
. DNS/LES for geophysical flows 
. DNS/LES for acoustic problems
. DNS/LES for magnetohydrodynamic flows
. DNS/LES for complex configurations 
. DNS/LES for other engineering applications
. DNS/LES for fundamental flows
. DNS/LES for transition and turbulence modeling
. New developments in filtering and subgrid modeling 
. Numerical algorithms for DNS/LES
. Parallel computation for DNS/LES

The conference encourages scientists, engineers, and graduate students in 
the DNS and LES community from all over the world to present their 
reviews, state-of-the-art techniques,  and/or numerical results and to 
discuss the recent developments in DNS and LES.

A number of leading researchers from Europe, Asia, and North America have 
accepted invitations to serve as scientific committee members and/or give 
invited lectures. 

The scientific committee consists of the following members:

Liu, Chaoqun (UT-Arlington), Chair
Sakell, Len (AFOSR), Co-Chair
Herklotz, Robert (AFOSR), Co-Chair 
Adams, Nikolaus (Switzerland)
Blaisdell, Greg (Purdue)
Carati, Daniele (Belgium)
Chelyshkov, Vladimir (Ukraine)
Chern, Shuhyi (Lockheed-Martin)
Dalton, Charles (Houston)
Friedrich, Rainer (Germany)
Germano, Massimo (Italy)
Hadid, Ali (Boeing)
Jimenez, Javier (Spain)
Johansson, Arne (Sweden)
Joslin, Ronald D. (Penn State)
Karniadakis, George (Brown)
Knight, Doyle D. (Rutgers)
Kwak, Dochan (NASA Ames)
Ladeinde, Foluso (Aerospace Research Corp., L. I.)
Lee, Moon Joo (South Korea)
Lele, Sanjiva K. (Stanford)
Miyake, Yutaka (Japan)
Nieuwstadt, F.T.M. (The Netherlands)
Pantelis, Garry (Australia)
Piomelli, Ugo (Maryland)
Sagaut, Pierre (France)
Tam, Christopher (Florida State)
Visbal, Miguel R. (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Voke, Peter (UK)
Zhang, Zhaoshun (China)

Invited Speakers include:

1) General: Opening Speech - Dr. Robert L. Herklotz, AFOSR
            DNS/LES Perspective - Chaoqun Liu, UTA
2) LES overview - Massimo Germano, Italy
3) DNS/LES for Air Force needs and engineering applications 
   - Miguel R. Visbal, Air Force Research Laboratory
4) DNS/LES for NASA needs and engineering  applications 
   - Thomas B. Gatski, NASA Langley
5) Industrial applications of LES in mechanical engineering
   - present status and problems to be solved - Chisachi Kato , Japan
6) DNS/LES for complex flow and industrial interest - Pierre Sagaut, France
7) DNS for complex configurations - Hua Shan, UTA 
8) Large-eddy simulation of complex flows using the immersed-boundary
   method - Ugo Piomelli, U of Maryland
9) Direct numerical simulation of turbulence using symmetry-preserving
   discretization - A.E.P. Veldman, the Netherlands
10) High-order non-oscillating numerical schemes - C-W. Shu, Brown
11) Non-oscillating compact scheme - Li Jiang, UTA
12) Large eddy simulation of supersonic turbulent flows 
    - Doyle D. Knight, Rutgers
13) DNS of transition in compressible flows - Nikolaus Adams, Switzerland
14) DNS for hypersonic flow stability and transition - Xiaolin Zhong, UCLA
15) DNS for flow transition and laminar flow control - Ronald Joslin, Penn State
16) Unstructured grid DNS - Karniadakis, Brown
17) LES for acoustic problems - Christopher Tam, Florida State
18) DNS/LES for combustion, Peyman Givi - SUNY-Buffalo
19) DNS for turbulence modeling - Arne Johansson, Sweden
20) DNS of incompressible flows using lattice Boltzmann method 
    - Nobuyuki Satofuka, Japan
21) A Critical view on the current state of LES 
    - Oleg V. Vasilyev, University of Missouri-Columbia

FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS: Persons who wish to contribute a paper for consideration
at the conference should send an abstract, which has not been
published or submitted for publication elsewhere, with a short vita to :

Dr. Chaoqun Liu, Professor
TAICDL Chairman
Department of Mathematics
456PKH, Box 19408
University of Texas at Arlington
Arlington, TX 76019-0408

Participants are encouraged to submit their abstracts and papers through
the internet or by e-mail.  The file should be in the format of MS-Word or 
Latex files with all figures.

Participants are also encouraged to use Microsoft PowerPoint for their
presentations. Participants can contact Dr. Liu if they need help to
transfer their regular presentation to a PowerPoint format. 

There will be a video session during the conference and participants are 
encouraged to submit their DNS/LES movies for the session. Each movie is 
limited to 10 minutes. 

The scientific program of the Conference will be determined by the
Scientific Organizing Committee. All presentations will be accompanied by 
a written paper which will be published by a scientific publisher.
The language of the conference is English. The deadlines are: 

 February 15, 2001   Deadline for postmark of submission of abstract 
 April 15, 2001     Notification of acceptance 

 August 5, 2001    Deadline for final paper

The conference information is posted on the web at

For more information, please check the web page or contact  

Prof. Chaoqun Liu
Phone: (817) 272-5151
Fax:   (817) 272-5802               I

                                  * * * * *



August 5-9, 2001

University of Texas at Arlington, Texas, USA

Name              ______________________________________________________

Affiliation       ______________________________________________________

Street            ______________________________________________________ 

Address           ______________________________________________________ 

Country           ______________________________________________________ 

e-mail address    ______________________________________________________ 

Phone #           ______________________________________________________ 

Fax   #           ______________________________________________________ 

Registration Fee
    postmarked before July 15, 2001 (discount rate)
    ( ) Regular         $300
    ( ) Student         $100

    postmarked July 15 and after or paid at conference (regular rate)
    ( ) Regular         $350
    ( ) Student         $150

Method of Payment
    ( ) Check or money order enclosed
        Checks written to:  TAICDL Conference
        Must be in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank.  If paying with a
        EuroCheque please add $6 to your fee for bank processing.

    ( ) Credit Card

        Card Type  _________________________________________________________

        Card #     _________________________________________________________

        Exp.       _________________________________________________________

        Date       _________________________________________________________

        Signature  _________________________________________________________

Send or email (Credit card orders only) registration forms to:

Dr. Chaoqun Liu, Professor           
TAICDL Chairman
Department of Mathematics 
456 PKH, Box 19408   
University of Texas at Arlington  
Arlington, TX 76019-0408      
Phone: (817) 272-5151
Fax:   (817) 272-5802               I


End of MGNet Digest