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Volume 11, Number 7 (approximately July 31, 2001)

Today's topics:

     Post Doctoral Position with Irad Yavneh
     Nonuniform Grid Helmholtz Problem Solution Needed
     New Paper on Multigrid/Eigenvalue
     Copper Mountain Virtual Proceedings
       Symmetric Eigenvalue Method Using PCG and Multigrid
     SCI Institute Software Release
     NLA contents of Volume 8, issues 4 and 5
     SIAM/EMS Conference Berlin, Sept. 2-6, 2001


Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 09:49:18 +0300 (IDT)
From: Irad Yavneh 
Subject: Post Doctoral Position with Irad Yavneh

Weizmann Institute of Science/ Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Applications for a postdoctoral position are invited by the Department of
Environmental Sciences of the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Department
of Computer Science of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.  The
required background is a recent Ph.D.  in applied mathematics, computational
fluid dynamics or related areas.  Successful applicants will be involved in a
research project on the development of novel Multiscale computational methods
for the simulation of turbulent flows.

Full financial support is available through a research stipend.  For
application forms and other details, please see

For additional details please write to Eli Tziperman/ Department of
Environmental Sciences/ Weizmann Institute of Science/ Rehovot, 76100,
ISRAEL/ Tel: 972-8-9342544; Fax:
972-8-9344124; or Irad Yavneh,
Department of Computer Science, the Technion, Haifa 32000, Israel,


Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 15:44:30 +0800
From: shinezhanghl1970 
Subject: Nonuniform Grid Helmholtz Problem Solution Needed

I am working in Chinese Academy of Meteorological Science.  Now I need to
resolve a Helmholtz equation, but my equations are 3D, on nonuniform grids.  I
know there is of lots work to solve this problem.  I want to know how to
resolve the nonuniform question.  Is there have any free software or papers.
Thank you for your help.


Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001 10:35:22 +0100
From: Vincent Heuveline 
Subject: New Paper on Multigrid/Eigenvalue

I just would like to mention for the bibliography database on
multigrid, the publication of the following paper:

V. Heuveline, C. Bertsch, 
On Multigrid Methods for the Eigenvalue Computation of Nonselfadjoint 
Elliptic Operators,
East-West J. Numer. Math., 8 (2000), pp. 275-297.

University of Heidelberg
Institute of Applied Mathematics, INF 293       Tel: +49 +6221 54-6171
D - 69120 Heidelberg (Germany)                  Fax: +49 +6221 54-5634
E-mail: vincent.heuveline@IWR.Uni-Heidelberg.De


Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 13:10:37 -0600
From: Andrew Knyazev 
Subject: Symmetric Eigenvalue Method Using PCG and Multigrid

Efficient Solution of Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems Using Multigrid
Preconditioners in the Locally Optimal Block Conjugate Gradient Method.

Andrew V. Knyazev and Klaus Neymeyr

We present a short survey of multigrid--based solvers for symmetric eigenvalue
problems.  We concentrate our attention on ``of the shelf'' and ``black box''
methods, which should allow solving eigenvalue problems with minimal, or no,
effort on the part of the developer, taking advantage of already existing
algorithms and software.  We consider a class of such methods, where the
multigrid only appears as a black-box tool of constructing the preconditioner
of the stiffness matrix, and the base iterative algorithm is one of well-known
of-the-shelf preconditioned gradient methods such as the locally optimal block
preconditioned conjugate gradient method.  We review some known theoretical
results for preconditioned gradient methods that guarantee the optimal, with
respect to the grid size, convergence speed.  Finally, we present results of
numerical tests, which demonstrate practical effectiveness of our approach for
the locally optimal block conjugate gradient method preconditioned by the
standard V-cycle multigrid applied to the stiffness matrix.

    Editor's Note: See


Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 16:30:33 -0600
From: "Chris R. Johnson" 
Subject: SCI Institute Software Release

I am pleased to announce that we have just released updated versions of
three of our scientific computing software packages:

  - SCIRun:  A scientific computing problem solving environment.

  - BioPSE:  A collection of modules for bioelectric field modeling,
             simulation, and visualization.

  - map3d:   A stand alone surface-based visualization program.

You can download the software by clicking on the Software link on the SCI
Institute web site:

We encourage you to join our software users mailing lists:

and to report any difficulties you may have in using the software:


Chris Johnson
Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute
University of Utah


Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 18:38:57 +0200
From: Maya Neytcheva 
Subject: NLA contents of Volume 8, issues 4 and 5

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
Volume 8, Issues 4-5, 2001

Local preconditioners for two-level non-overlapping domain
decomposition methods
L.M. Carvalho, L. Giraud, G. Meurant (pp. 207-227)

A nearly optimal preconditioner for the Navier-Stokes equations
L. Hemmingsson-Franden, A. Wathen  (pp. 229-243)

Lanczos, Householder transformations, and Implicit Deflation
for fast and reliable dominant singular subspace computation
R. Fierro (pp. 245-264)

Error norm estimation and stopping criteria in
preconditioned conjugate gradient iterations
O.Axelsson and I. Kaporin  (pp. 265-286)

A divide and conquer approach to computing the mean first passage
matrix for Markov chains via Perron complement reductions
S.J. Kirkland, M. Neumann, J. Xu (pp. 287-295)

A Parallel Balanced Method for Sparse Systems
G. Golub, A. Sameh, V. Sarin (pp. 297-316)

Continuation of invariant subspaces
L. Dieci, J. Friedman (pp. 317-327)

Barrier variational generation of quasi-isometric grids
V. Garanzha   (pp. 329-353

Maya Neytcheva             
Department of Mathematics,  University of Nijmegen     
Toernooiveld 1, 6525 ED Nijmegen, The Netherlands            
tel: +31-24-3652365
fax: +31-24-3652140


Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 15:07:10 +0200
From: Peter Deuflhard 
Subject: SIAM/EMS Conference Berlin, Sept. 2-6, 2001

            Second Announcement

                          First SIAM-EMS Conference
                 "Applied Mathematics in our Changing World"
                            September 2 - 6, 2001

Organized by:   EMS, SIAM and ZIB
Chairs:  R. Jeltsch, G. Strang and P. Deuflhard

Invited Plenary Speakers

  Medicine:  Alfio Quarteroni,   I / CH
  Mathematical and numerical modelling of cardiovascular systems

  Biotechnology:  Michael Waterman, USA
  DNA sequence assembly using eulerian graphs

  Materials Science: Jon Chapman, UK
  Models for superconducting thin films

  Environmental Science: Andrew Majda, USA
  New perspectives on atmosphere/ocean science through modern applied

  Nanoscale Technology: Michael Griebel, D
  On the numerical simulation of the material properties of nanotubes

  Communication: Martin Groetschel, D
  Telecommunication networks:  challenges for integer programming

  Traffic: Kai Nagel, CH
  Large scale multi-agent transportation simulations

  Market and Finance: Benoit Mandelbrot, USA
  To be announced...

  Speech / Image Recognition: Pietro Perona, USA
  Representation and learning for visual object recognition

  Engineering Design: Thomas Y. Hou, USA
  Singularity formation in three dimensional vortex sheets

Round Table Discussion "Applied Mathematics in Europe"

  Moderator:  S. Abarbanel
  Panelists:  R. Jeltsch; T. Manteuffel; J. McLaughlin; H. Ockendon;
              A. Quarteroni

Scientific Program

  In addition to the 10 invited lectures, 38 minisymposia have been scheduled,
  for details see  Beyond
  that about 160 contributed talks and 40 posters have been accepted.  Up to
  now about 500 participants have registered.  Consult our website for details
  of Scientific Program (

Minisymposia and Organizers


  Tissue Modelling - Simulation and Visualization
  M. Brokate, M. Gross, H.C. Hege

  Mathematical Models for Infectious Diseases
  K.  Dietz, H.  Thieme

  Cardiovascular and Respiratory Modelling
  F.  Kappel, J. T. Ottesen

  Feedback and Dynamics for Early Virtual Processing in the Cortex
  D. McLaughlin


  Extracting Low Dimensional Effective Dynamics:  Algorithms, Analysis and
  Ch. Schuette, A. Stuart

Materials Science

  Mathematical Modelling in Polymer Industry
  V. Capasso, L.L. Bonilla

  Numerical Analysis in Materials Science
  C. Carstensen

  Variational Modelling of Microstructured Materials
  S. Conti, A. DeSimone

  Industrial Problems Solved with Sharp Interface and Phase Field Models
  W.  Dreyer, W. H. Moeller

  Mathematical Methods in Glass Manufacturing
  A. Klar

  Recent Progress in Superconductivity Calculation
  D. Phillips, P. Bauman

Environmental Science

  Mesh Adaptation in Atmospheric Modelling
  J. Behrens, T. Sorevik

  Statistical Mechanics Models for Atmosphere and Ocean
  M. Grote, A. Majda

  Turbulent Transport in the Presence of Large Scale Inhomogeneities
  P. Kramer, G. Pavliotis

Nanoscale Technology

  Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices:  Mathematical Modelling and Numerical
  A. M. Anile, A. Majorana

  Quantum Semiconductor Modeling and Simulations
  A. Juengel, R. Pinnau

  Current Problems and New Approaches in Circuit Simulation
  R.  Maerz, R.M.M. Mattheij

  Numerical Methods for Wave Propagation in Unbounded Media
  F. Schmidt, M. Grote


  Mathematical Modelling of Semiconductor Lasers
  K. Schneider, B. Krauskopf

Market and  Finance

  Qualitative Aspects and Economic Applications of Hysteresis
  M. Brokate, R. Cross, A. Pokrovskii

  Aspects of Financial Time Series and Portfolio Problems
  C. Klueppelberg

  Credit Risk
  L. Overbeck

  Applications of Stochastic Simulations
  W. Petersen, D. Talay

  Recent Progress in Levy Process Driven
  Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Type Stochastic Volatility

  Models: Pricing, Hedging, Estimation
  W. Schachermayer, P. Imkeller

Speech and Image Recognition

  Harmonic Analysis and Statistics for Signal and Image Processing
  P. Maass, L. Cromme, Y. Zeevi

  Partial Differential Equations and Variational Methods in Image Analysis
  J.  Weickert, L.  Alvarez

Engineering Design

  Shape Calculus and Relaxation Methods in Domain Optimization
  K. Eppler, T. Slawig

  Sensitivity Analysis for PDEs and Dynamical Systems by Automatic
  A. Griewank, Ch. Bischof

  Applications of Optimal Shape Design
  D. Hoemberg, J. Sokolowski

  Computer Aided Control Systems Design I
  V. Mehrmann

  Computer Aided Control Systems Design II
  V. Mehrmann

  Power Systems Optimization
  W. Roemisch, I. Nowak

  Numerical Methods in Shape Optimization
  T. Slawig, K. Eppler

  Recent Advances in Krylov Subspace Methods I
  E. De Sturler, J. Liesen

  Recent Advances in Krylov Subspace Methods II
  E. De Sturler, J. Liesen

  Homogenization and Fluid Dynamics for Complex Flows
  N. Svanstedt

  Analysis, Numerics and Applications of Magnetohydrodynamics
  M. Torrilhon, R. Jeltsch

Social  Program

Throughout the conference there will be a large Communication Tent on the
campus, where coffee and tea will be served during the breaks free for
registered participants.  Beyond that refreshments can be bought there any

On Wednesday evening (Sept.  5) a Conference Party will take place with
barbecue, Klezmer music, etc.  also on the campus.  Tickets will be available
at registration.

Consult our website for details of Social  Program
( including cultural e-guide .

Registration  Fees

  SIAM-EMS Members        Non-Members

  US$     210,--          US$     260,--
  DM      420,--          DM      520,--
  EUR     210,--          EUR     260,--

Meals and accommodation expenses are not covered.

For possible financial support of younger European scientists - see our
website for requirements.

Conference  Office

  SIAM/EMS Conference 2001
  Erlinda C. Koernig  and   Sigrid Wacker
  Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum Berlin (ZIB)
  Takustr. 7
  D-14195 Berlin-Dahlem, Germany


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