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Volume 12, Number 3 (approximately March 31, 2002)

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     2002 Copper Mountain Virtual Proceedings


Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 10:20:01 -0400
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: 2002 Copper Mountain Virtual Proceedings

In is the virtual proceedings for the
recently completed Copper Mountain conference.  All attendees are encouraged
to send in a paper for the virtual proceedings.  The papers can be changed in
the future (the record is seven years) as corrections are made.  There are
hyperlinks to all of the abstracts and to the papers.

             2002 Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods

General Information

The conference will be held in Copper Mountain, Colorado (USA) from Sunday,
March 24 to Friday, March 29, 2002.  This is the seventh in an every other
year conference series on iterative methods and related topics at this
location.  The eighth conference will be in late March or early April, 2004.
Contact for more information about future conferences.

The conference themes this time will be applications, nonlinear systems,
iterative eigensolvers, and preconditioning strategies.

The schedule, attendees, and views of the town will be available.

Organizing Institutions

   o The University of Colorado
   o Front Range Scientific Computations, Inc.


   o Department of Energy
   o National Science Foundation
   o Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
   o Los Alamos National Laboratory
   o International Business Machines


   o W. S. Barge and W. J. Stewart
     Autonomous Solution Methods for Large-Scale Markov
   o I. Blayvas and R. Kimmel
     Multiresolution Approximation for Classication
   o B. Carpentieri, I.S. Duff, L. Giraud, and J.C.
     A Class of Spectral Two-Level Preconditioners
   o T. P. Chartier
     Spectral AMGe (AMGe)
   o C. C. Douglas, G. Haase, and M. Iskandarani
     An Additive Schwarz Preconditioner for the Spectral
     Element Ocean Model Formulation of the Shallow
     Water Equations
   o W. D. Drenth, R. M. M. Mattheij, and J. M. L.
     Green's Functions Used as Preconditioner
   o Michiel E. Hochstenbach and and Henk A. van der
     Alternatives to the Rayleigh Quotient for the
     Quadratic Eigenvalue Problem
   o D. Y. Kwak, S. V. Nepomnyaschikh, and H. C. Pyo
     Domain Decomposition for Model Heterogeneous
     Anisotropic Problem,
   o L. Giraud and J. Langou
     When Modified Gram-Schmidt Generates a
     Well-Conditioned Set of Vectors
   o J. Li
     A Dual-Primal FETI Method for Three-Dimensional
     Incompressible Stokes Equations
   o D. Oeltz
     An Algebraic Multigrid Method for Linear Elasticity
   o C. Shen
     Parallel Two Level ILU Preconditioning Techniques
     for Large Sparse Linear Systems
   o J. M. Tchuenche
     A Note on some Iterative Methods in Banach Spaces
   o K. Wang
     Parallel Multistep Successive Sparse Approximate
     Inverse Preconditioning Strategies of General
     Sparse Matrices


   o High Performance Numerical Libraries for Science
     and Engineering
     Organized by Tony Drummond and Osni Marques

   o Problems in Search of Scalable Solution
     Organized by David Keyes
        o D. E. Keyes
          Terascale Optimal PDE Simulations
        o D. Batchelor
          Numerical Computation of Wave-Plasma
          Interactions in
          Multi-dimensional Systems
        o P. Pinto
          Algorithmic Challenges in the Center for
          Supernovae Research
        o D. Swesty
          The Terascale Supernovae Initiative


   o M. Adams, M. Brezina, J. Hu, and R. S. Tuminaro
     Parallel Multigrid Smoothing: Polynomial versus
   o V. Akcelik and O. Ghattas
     Multiscale Newton-Krylov Methods for Inverse Wave
   o B. Aksoylu
     Stabilizing Hierarchical Basis Methods through
     Wavelet Modifications on Locally Refined Meshes
   o M. E. Argentati and A. V. Knyazev
     Principal Angles Between Subspaces in an A-Based
     Scalar Product: Dense and Sparse Matrix Algorithms
   o B. W. Bader and R. B. Schnabel
     A Tensor-Krylov Method for Solving Large-scale
     Systems of Nonlinear Equations
   o A. Baker and E. R. Jessup
     Accelerating the Convergence of Restarted GMRES
   o T. Barth, P. Bochev, J. Shadid, and M. Gunzburger
     A Taxonomy of Stabilized FEM for the Stokes
     Problem: Preliminary Studies on Stability, Accuracy
     and Convergence
   o M. Benzi
     Robust Preconditioning for Large Sparse Least
     Squares Problems
   o L. Bergamaschi, A. Martinez Calomardo, and M. Putti
     Parallel Implementation of Factorized Approximate
     Inverse Preconditioners
   o J. Berns-Muller, I. G. Graham, and A. Spence
     Inverse Iteration and Inexact Solves
   o J.-P. Berrut
     Iterative Solution of the Systems Arising from the
     Linear Rational Pseudospectral Method for BVPs
   o P. B. Bochev, C. J. Garasi, J. J. Hu, R. S.
     Tuminaro, and A. C. Robinson
     Recent Improvements in Parallel Algebraic Multigrid
     for Solving Maxwell's Equations
   o P. Bochev and R. Lehoucq
     FETI-R (Part I): Regularized Energy Principles for
     Floating Domains
   o P. Bochev and R. Lehoucq
     FETI-R (Part II): A Regularized Variational
     Approach for Finite Element Tearing and
   o M. Bollhofer
     An Algebraic Multilevel Method for Sparse
     Approximate Inverses Based on Norm Minimization
   o J. H. Bramble, J. E. Pasciak, and X. Zhang
     Negative Norm Least-Squares for div-curl Systems
   o M. Brezina, R. Falgout, S. MacLachlan, T.
     Manteuffel, S. McCormick, and J. Ruge
     A Self-correcting Algebraic Multigrid Scheme Based
     on Smoothed Aggregation
   o O. Broeker and E. Chow
     New Approaches for Parallel Coarsening for the
     Algebraic Multigrid Method
   o R. Bru, J. Cerdan, J. Marin, and J. Mas
     Preconditioning with the Sherman-Morrison Formula
   o L. Chacon and D. A. Knoll
     Preconditioning Newton-Krylov Methods in 2D Hall
   o X.-C. Cai, D. E. Keyes, and L. Marcinkowski
     Two-Level Nonlinear Additive Schwarz Preconditioned
     Inexact Newton Algorithms and Applications
   o B. Chang
     A Closed Form Solution of the Time Dependent
     Boltzmann Transport Equation
   o B. Carpentieri, I. S. Duff, L. Giraud, and J. C.
     A Class of Spectral Two-Level Preconditioners
   o E. Chow and P. S. Vassilevski
     Multilevel Block Factorizations in Generalized
     Hierarchical Bases
   o T. S. Coffey, C. T. Kelley, and D. E. Keyes
     Pseudo-Transient Continuation Applied to
     Differential-Algebraic Equations
   o J. Cullum
     Approximate Inverse Computations and Algebraic
   o E. de Sturler
     Norm-wise and Iteration-wise Bounds on the
     Convergence of Krylov Subspace Methods Relative to
   o J. M. Dennis and E. R. Jessup
     A Pattern-based Restarted GMRES
   o B. Diskin
     New Factorizable Discretizations for the
     Compressible Euler Equations
   o C. C. Douglas, G. Haase, and M. Iskandarani
     An Additive Schwarz Preconditioner for the Shallow
     Water Equations
   o M. Dumett
     Performance of Several Transfer Grid Operators and
     Smoothers of Nonlinear Multigrid Applied to
     Nonlinear Diffusion Problems
   o M. Embree
     'Superlinear' Convergence of GMRES for Nonnormal
   o O. Ernst, M. Eiermann, and O. Schneider
     A Numerical Study of Acceleration Schemes for
     Restarted Minimum Residual Methods
   o R. D. Falgout, M. Brezina, and S. MacLachlan
     Adaptive Multigrid Algorithms Based on AMGe and
     Smoothed Aggregation
   o A. Greenbaum
     Card Shuffling and the Polynomial Numerical Hull of
     Degree k
   o E. Haber
     Precondition Strategies for All-at-once Distributed
     Parameter Estimation Problems
   o B. Hientzsch
     Overlapping Preconditioners for Spectral Element
     Discretizations of a H(curl) model problem
   o R. Holland, A. Wathen, and G. Shaw
     Variations on Frobenius-Norm Based Sparse
     Approximate Inverse Preconditioners
   o P. Hovland, B. Norris, and B. Smith
     Automating Automatic Differentiation: Coupling AD
     and PETSc
   o V. E. Howle, R. S. Tuminaro, J. Shadid, and H.
     Solving 3D Incompressible Navier-Stokes via
     Parallel Block Preconditioning
   o M. Huhtanen
     Combining Normality with the FFT Techniques
   o S. Kang
     P1 Nonconforming Finite Element Method for the
     Solution of Radiation Transport Problems
   o K. R. Kavanaugh
     Implicit Temporal Integration and Preconditioner
     Management for Richards' Equation
   o C. T. Kelley and B. M. Pettitt
     A Fast Algorithm for the Ornstein-Zernike Equations
   o C. Kim
     Multigrid Methods for Parabolic Problems with Local
     Mesh Refinement
   o S. D. Kim and S. V. Parter
     Semi-Circulant Preconditioning of Elliptic
   o P. Knupp and M. Shashkov
     Optimization Algorithm for
     Reference-Jacobian-Matrix Grid Generation
   o A. Knyazev
     Closer to the Optimal Preconditioned Eigensolver
   o M. Larin
     On a Multigrid Eigensolver for Linear Elasticity
   o B. Lee
     A Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method for the
     FOSLS Formulation of the Boltzmann Transport
   o J. Liesen
     The Faber-Manteuffel Theorem Revisited
   o S. MacLachlan
     Strategies for Self-Correcting Algebraic Multigrid
   o H. Mahawar and V. Sarin
     A Preconditioned Solenoidal Basis Method for
     Inductance Extraction of VLSI Circuits
   o T. A. Manteuffel, S. F. McCormick, J. Ruge, and J.
     G. Schmidt
     FOSLL Methods for Problems with Irregular
   o J. L. Mead
     An Iterative Inverse Method for Physical
   o M. Minkoff, R. Shepard, and A. Wagner
     Application and Extension of the The Subspace
     Projected Approximate Matrix (SPAM) Modification of
     the Davidson Method
   o W. Mitchell
     Computing Interior Eigenvalues of a Schroedinger
   o R. Morgan
     GMRES with Deflated Restarting and Multiple
     Right-Hand Sides
   o V. Mousseau and D. Knoll
     Implicit Nonlinearly-Consistent Solutions of the
     Two-Dimensional Radiation-Hydrodynamics Equations
   o K. Nakajima
     Parallel Iterative Solvers for Unstructured Grids
     using an OpenMP/MPI Hybrid Programming Model for
     the GeoFEM Platform on SMP Cluster Architectures
   o S. Nepommyaschikh
     Domain Decomposition for Heterogeneous Anisotropic
   o O. Nevanlinna
     Meromorphic Resolvents
   o C. K. Newman and R. B. Lehoucq
     Exponential Integrators for Differential-Algebraic
   o A. Nishida and Y. Oyanagi
     Parallel Implementation of the BLAS Library on
     Shared Memory Architectures for Sparse Matrix
   o L. Olson
     Developments in Multilevel Methods for Time
     Dependent Hyperbolic PDEs
   o V. Pan
     Polynomial Root-Finding by Exploiting Matrix
     Structure and the Eigenvectors
   o A. T. Pevanlinna
     Incomplete Orthogonal Factorization Preconditioning
     with Givens Rotations
   o J. E. Pasciak and J. Zhao
     Overlapping Schwarz Methods in H(curl) on
     Polyhedron Domains
   o M. Pernice and R. Hornung
     Newton-Krylov-FAC Methods: Infrastructure,
     Algorithms, and Applications
   o G. Poole and M. A. Heroux
     Solving Large Complex Linear Systems with Direct
     and Iterative Methods in ANSYS
   o J. Reisner, A. Wyszogrodzki, V. Mousseau, and D.
     Parallel Aspects of a Fully Implicit and
     Nonlinearly-Consistent Euler Equation Set
   o Y. Saad and M. Sosonkina
     Parallel Solution of a General Sparse Linear System
     Using ARMS
   o Y. Saad and M. Sosonkina
     Sparse Matrix Reorderings for ILU and ARMS
   o A. Salinger
     Continuation Methods for Performing Stability
     Analysis of Large-Scale Applications
   o S. R. Sambavaram and V. Sarin
     Preconditioned Iterative Solvers for the
     Generalized Stokes Problem
   o S. Schneider, S. Marburg, and H. J. Hardtke
     Acceleration of Iterative Solvers for Dense Linear
     Systems from Boundary Element Method
   o J. N. Shadid, C. C. Ober, R. P. Pawlowski, D. L.
     Studies on Solution Methods for Nonlinear,
     Multiple-Time-Scale, PDE Simulations: Examples from
     Diffusion / Reaction Systems
   o A. I. Shestakov
     Solution of the Radiation Diffusion and Energy
     Balance Equations Using Pseudo Transient
   o J. Shi and I. Hiroshi
     Quadratic Maximization on a Convex Set with Fuzzy
   o A. Stathopoulos
     A Flexible, Truncation Scheme for FOM and FGMRES
   o F. D. Swesty
     A Comparison of Iterative Methods for Solving the
     Time-Dependent Boltzmann Transport Equation
   o S. J. Thomas and H. M. Tufo
     An Overlapping Schwarz Preconditioner for a
     Spectral-Element Method on the Cubed-Sphere
   o L. N. Trefethen
     New Examples of Pseudospectra of Differential
   o G. Tsiroyiannis, G. Tsachtsiris, C. Bekas, E.
     Kokiopoulou, and E. Gallopoulos
     Distance Matrices, Non-normality and Pseudospectra
   o B. VanderHeyden E. D. Dendy, D. Livescu, and N. T.
     CartaBlanca - An Object-Oriented Jacobian-Free
     Newton-Krylov Solver Environment for Multiphase
     Flow with Phase Change
   o S. Vandewalle
     Multilevel Iterative Methods for Implicit
     Runge-Kutta and Boundary-Value-Method Time-Stepping
   o J. Wang
     A Stabilized Discontinuous Finite Element Method
     for Elliptic Problems
   o L. Wang and J. Zhang
     A Two Step Combined Stable Preconditioning Strategy
     for Incomplete LU Factorization of CFD Matrices
   o M. F. Wheeler
     Enhanced Velocity Mixed Finite Element Methods for
     Flow in Multiblock Domains
   o O. B. Widlund
     Domain Decomposition Methods for Large Saddle Point
   o C. S. Woodward and T. S. Coffey
     A Two-Grid Method for Nonlinear Radiation Diffusion
   o I. Yavneh
     A Multilevel Nonlinear Method (MNM)
   o I. Yotov
     A Multilevel Newton-Krylov Interface Solver for
     Multiphysics Couplings of Flow in Porous Media
   o R. Yu, E. de Sturler, D. Johnson, and A. Smirnov
     A Block GCROT Method for Multiple Right Hand Sides
     Applied to Large-Scale Electronic Structure
   o T. P.-Y. Yu, B. Han, A. Lewis, and M. Overton
     Multivariate Refinable Hermite Interpolants and
     Spectral Radius Optimization

Conference Chairs

   o Tom Manteuffel, University of Colorado at Boulder
   o Steve McCormick, University of Colorado at Boulder

Program Committe

   o Loyce Adams, University of Washington
   o Steve Ashby, Lawrence Livermore National
   o Iain Duff, RAL and CERFACS
   o Howard Elman, University of Maryland
   o Roland Freund, Bell Laboratory, Lucent Technologies
   o Anne Greenbaum, University of Washington
   o Kirk Jordan, IBM Watson Research Center
   o Tim Kelley, North Carolina State University
   o David Keyes, Old Dominion University
   o Seymour Parter,University of Wisconsin
   o Paul Saylor, University of Illinois
   o Nick Trefethen, Comlab, Oxford University
   o Panayot Vassilevski, Lawrence Livermore National
   o Henk van der Vorst, University of Utrecht
   o Homer Walker, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
   o Olof Widlund, Courant Institute, New York


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