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Volume 12, Number 6 (approximately June 30, 2002)
Volume 12, Number 7 (approximately July 31, 2002)
combined issue, part 1 (part 2 in about a week)

Today's topics:

     Important Date
     Book Announcement
     Workshop in Leipzig on Numerical Methods for Multiscale Problems
     GAMM Seminar in Leipzig on High-dimensional Problems
     Contents Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
     Some of the new entries in the bibliography


Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 10:22:21 -0400
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: Important Date

8/1     Registration for European Multigrid Conference
        Send email to


Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2002 10:20:01 -0400
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: Dissertations

Surely there were more than two dissertations in the past year+ that would be
of interest to the multigrid community...  Come on, gang, please let people
know about your work or that of your students.

Ray Tuminaro (Sandia National Labs) pointed me to

  Ales Janka,
  PhD in Applied Mathematics, supervised by Dr. Herve Guillard, 
  defended on March 1, 2002 
  Multigrid Methods for Compressible Navier-Stokes and Euler Equations or 

There is also a nice collection of papers and presentations by Janka, Vanek,
and Guillard on Janka's web page.

Martin Schultz (Yale) pointed me to

  Christopher Cornelius Doss, http:// ???
  Adaptive Partitioning and Scheduling for Adaptive Computers
  PhD in Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University,
  supervised by Dr. Clay S. Closter,
  May, 2001.
    http:// ???

If you want to see how to implement full multigrid on a FPGA, this is a good
place to start looking.


Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 10:54:07 -0500 (CDT)
From: (Zhangxin Chen)
Subject: Book Announcement

Fluid Flows and Transport in Porous Media:  Mathematical and Numerical
Zhangxin Chen (Southern Methodist University) and Richard E. Ewing
(Texas A & M University), Editors,
AMS, 2002, 524 pp., Softcover, ISBN 0-8218-2807-X, CONM/295.
List:  $129, Institutional Member:  $103, Individual Member:  $77.
For more information, please refer to the web site


From: Markus Melenk 
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 10:38:26 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: Workshop in Leipzig on Numerical Methods for Multiscale Problems

         Workshop on
      November 13-15, 2002

  Max-Planck-Institute for mathematics in the sciences,

  T. Arbogast (UT Austin)
  M. Griebel  (University of Bonn)
  T. Hou (Caltech)
  C. Miehe (University of Stuttgart)
  S. Sauter (University of Zurich)

  C. Carstensen
  W. Hackbusch
  S. Luckhaus
  J.M. Melenk (local organizer)

  and by e-mail:

DEADLINE for registration:
  September 30, 2002

The workshop is supported by the German science foundation (DFG)
through the  priority program "multiscale problems"


From: Steffen Boerm 
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 10:55:18 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: GAMM Seminar in Leipzig on High-dimensional Problems

19th GAMM-Seminar Leipzig on
High-dimensional problems - Numerical treatment and applications
January 23th to 25th, 2003.

Chairmanship:    Wolfgang Hackbusch (Leipzig)
                 Gerhard Zumbusch (Bonn)
Location:        Max-Planck-Institute
                 for Mathematics in the Sciences,
                 Leipzig, Germany.
Local Organizer: Steffen Boerm 

The first fifteen GAMM-Seminars were held in 1984, 1986-1999 at
the Christian-Albrechts-University to Kiel under the title
Annual GAMM-Seminar Kiel.
Since 2000, the GAMM Seminars have taken place at the
Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig,
Germany, under the title Annual GAMM Seminar Leipzig.

For more information please visit our website


Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 09:26:36 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Maya Neytcheva 
Subject: Contents Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
Volume 9, Issues 1-4, 2002
Subspace correction multi-level methods for elliptic eigenvalue problems
Tony F. Chan, Ilya Sharapov (pp, 1-20)

Combination of Jacobi-Davidson and conjugate gradients for the partial 
symmetric eigenproblem
Y. Notay (pp. 21-44)

Spectral analysis of parallel incomplete factorizations with implicit 
M. Magolu monga Made, Henk A. van der Vorst (pp. 45-64)

An inverse eigenvalue method for frequency isolation in spring-mass systems
Juan C. Egana, Nelson M. Kuhl, Luis C. Santos (pp. 65-79)

On convergence of SOR methods for nonsmooth equations
Xiaojun Chen (pp. 81-92)

Solution of large-scale weighted least-squares problems
Venansius Baryamureeba (pp. 93-106)

On the growth factor in Gaussian elimination for generalized Higham matrices
Alan George, Khakim D. Ikramov, Andrey B. Kucherov (pp. 107-114)

Extension theorems for Stokes and Lame equations for nearly incompressible 
media and their applications to numerical solution of problems with highly 
discontinuous coefficients
N. S. Bakhvalov, A. V. Knyazev, R. R. Parashkevov (pp. 115-139)

A parallel block overlap preconditioning with inexact submatrix 
inversion for linear elasticity problems
Igor E. Kaporin, Igor N. Konshin (pp. 141-162)

The convergence of Jacobi-Davidson iterations for Hermitian eigenproblems
Jasper van den Eshof  (pp. 163-179)

H-self-adjoint matrices. Application to radiosity
Michel Leblond  (pp. 181-193)

A combination of potential reduction steps and steepest descent steps for 
solving convex programming problems
Yixun Shi  (pp. 195-221)

On parallel solution of linear elasticity problems. Part II: Methods and 
some computer experiments
I. Gustafsson, G. Lindskog (pp. 205-221)

An algebraic multigrid method for finite element discretizations with edge 
S. Reitzinger, J. Schoberl (pp. 223-238)

Approximate inverse computation using Frobenius inner product
G. Montero, L. Gonzalez, E. Florez, M. D. Garcia, A. Suarez (pp. 239-247)

Matlab code for sorting real Schur forms
J. H. Brandts (pp. 249-261)

A posteriori error estimation for elliptic eigenproblems
Klaus Neymeyr  (pp. 263-279)

Blended kernel approximation in the H-matrix techniques
W. Hackbusch, B. N. Khoromskij (pp. 281-304)

A Lanczos-type algorithm for the QR factorization of regular Cauchy matrices
Dario Fasino, Luca Gemignani (pp. 305-319)

The structured total least-squares approach for non-linearly structured 
P. Lemmerling, S. Van Huffel, B. De Moor  (pp. 321-332)


Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 14:42:12 +0500
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: Some of the new entries in the bibliography

The latest version is dated July 31, 2002, has 3557 entries, and is 159 pages
long.  I am finally working my way through the zillion lines of additions that
I have accumulated.

As usual, please send additions and corrections.

    Editor's Note: See


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