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Volume 13, Number 1 (approximately January 31, 2003)

Today's topics:

     Important Dates
     Helmholtz multigrid solver f90 ?
     Numerical Linear Algebra: Contents
     Second Announcement, Copper Mountain Multigrid Conference
     Minisymposium on Fast Solvers at NACoM-2003
     Workshop: Image Processing and Computational Methods
     Workshop on Numerical Linear Algebra
     First Anouncement: Modelling and Computation in Financial Engineering
     DD15 Conference, 2. Anouncement


Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2002 10:22:21 -0400
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: Important Dates

Feb. 3  Abstracts and early registration for 11th Copper Mountain
Feb. 27 Hotel reservations for 11th Copper Mountain



Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2002 10:22:21 -0400
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: Invitation

The virtual proceedings for the 11th Copper Mountain multigrid conference is
ready to be filled.  If you submit an abstract, it will be included

You are invited to submit a paper as well.  There are no page limits and you
can update it as often as you like in the future.


Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 00:45:16 GMT0BST
From: "Nikos Giannakis" 
Subject: Helmholtz multigrid solver f90 ?

I am a current M.Phil.  student at University of Wales, Cardiff (UK) and I am
also working for a project at the department of microelectronics of
"Demokritos" research Institute (Greece).

For the project at "Demokritos" research Institute, I need a (2-D and 3-D)
Helmholtz multigrid solver for a general domain in fortran 90.

Please, should be possible to help me?

Yours sincerely 
Nikos Giannakis.                 


Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 12:37:55 +0100 (MET)
From: Maya Neytcheva 
Subject: Numerical Linear Algebra: Contents

                  Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
                           Volume 9, Issue 5, 2002

Primal and polar approach for computing the symmetric diagonally 
dominant projection
Marcos Raydan, Pablo Tarazaga, pp 333-345 

Modular solvers for image restoration problems using the discrepancy 
Peter Blomgren, Tony F. Chan, pp 347-358 
ARMS: an algebraic recursive multilevel solver for general sparse 
linear systems Y. Saad, B. Suchomel, pp 359-378 

Some observations on the l2 convergence of the additive Schwarz 
preconditioned GMRES method    
Xiao-Chuan Cai, Jun Zou, pp 379-397

             Volume 9, Issues 6-7, 2002  Special Issue: PRISM '01

Using the modified 2nd order incomplete Cholesky decomposition as the 
conjugate gradient preconditioning
I. E. Kaporin, pp 401-408

Robust parameter-free algebraic multilevel preconditioning
Y. Notay, pp 409-428 

Sparse matrix element topology with application to AMG(e) and preconditioning
Panayot S. Vassilevski, pp 429-444

A finite element method using singular functions for the Poisson equation: 
crack singularities
Zhiqiang Cai, Seokchan Kim, Gyungsoo Woo, pp 445-455

Besov regularity of edge singularities for the Poisson equation in 
polyhedral domains
Stephan Dahlke, pp  457-466 

Asymptotical expansion in non-Lipschitzian domains - a numerical approach 
A. Dimitrov, E. Schnack, pp 467-492

Maximum norm optimization of quasi-isometric mappings
V. A. Garanzha, pp  493-510

Distortion measure of trilinear mapping. Application to 3-D grid generation
L. V. Branets, V. A. Garanzha, pp 511-526

GPCG-generalized preconditioned CG method and its use with non-linear 
and non-symmetric displacement decomposition preconditioners
Radim Blaheta, pp 527-550

Application of the three-way decomposition for matrix compression
Ilghiz Ibraghimov, pp  551-565

A component decomposition preconditioning for 3D stress analysis problems
M. D. Mihajlovic, S. Mijalkovic, pp 567-583

Sobolev space preconditioning for Newton's method using domain decomposition
O. Axelsson, I. Farago, J. Karatson, pp 585-598 

                          Volume 9, Issue 8, 2002  

An algebraic preconditioning method for M-matrices: linear versus 
non-linear multilevel iteration
J. K. Kraus, pp 599-618

SQP algorithms for solving Toeplitz matrix approximation problem
Suliman S. Al-Homidan, pp 619-627

A fast direct solver for elliptic problems with a divergence constraint
Janne Martikainen, Tuomo Rossi, Jari Toivanen, pp 629-652

                        Volume 10, Issues 1-2, 2003: 
              Dedicated to the 60th birthday of Raytcho Lazarov 

Preconditioning methods for linear systems arising in constrained 
optimization problems
Owe Axelsson, Maya Neytcheva, pp 3-31

Using finite element tools in proving shift theorems for elliptic 
boundary value problems
Constantin Bacuta, James H. Bramble, Joseph E. Pasciak, pp 33-64 

On preconditioners for mortar discretization of elliptic problems
M. Dryja, W. Proskurowski, pp  65-82 

A stabilized discontinuous finite element method for elliptic problems
Richard E. Ewing, Junping Wang, Yongjun Yang, pp 83-104 

Multilevel block factorizations in generalized hierarchical bases
Edmond Chow, Panayot S. Vassilevski, pp 105-127

Domain decomposition for model heterogeneous anisotropic problem
D. Y. Kwak, S. V. Nepomnyaschikh, H. C. Pyo, pp 129-157 

Balancing domain decomposition for mortar mixed finite element methods
Gergina Pencheva, Ivan Yotov, pp 159-180

A multigrid method based on graph matching for convection-diffusion equations
HwanHo Kim, Jinchao Xu, Ludmil Zikatanov, pp  181-195


Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 10:59:23 -0800
From: Van Emden Henson 
Subject: Second Announcement, Copper Mountain Multigrid Conference


   Eleventh Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods
   March 30 - April 4, 2003
   Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA


   The Center for Applied Scientific Computing, Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Lab
   Los Alamos National Laboratory
   Front Range Scientific Computations, Inc.
   The University of Colorado
   The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics




   General scalable multigrid and multilevel techniques, algebraic & 
   Parallel implementation of multigrid.  Applications of these methods.
   Every effort will be made to encourage contributions from anyone whose
   interest lies in these important and rapidly evolving fields.


   STUDENT PAPER COMPETITION. Travel and lodging assistance will be awarded to
   students and new PhDs judged to have submitted the best research papers.
   NOTE: Student paper submission deadline has passed.

   MULTIGRID TUTORIAL. We will offer an updated tutorial on basic multigrid
   and advanced multilevel techniques, including algebraic multigrid (AMG),
   nonlinear problems, variable mesh spacings, variable coefficient operators,
   and other common complicating situations.

   SPECIAL JOURNAL ISSUE: Authors will be invited to submit manuscripts of
   articles accompanying their talks to a special issue of Numerical Linear
   Algebra with Applications.  Manuscripts should conform to the editorial
   standards of that journal.


   Author Abstracts        Feb.  3, 2003
   Early Registration      Feb.  3, 2003
   Guaranteed Lodging      Feb. 27, 2003


Please access our web site at

or contact

   Cathy Lee
   1390 Claremont Drive
   Boulder, CO 80303
   (303) 554-1232

Van Emden Henson
Group Leader, Scalable Algorithms 
Center for Applied Scientific Computing
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
(925) 423-4283
(925) 422-6287 (fax)


Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 10:39:17 -0500
From: Bill Mitchell 
Subject: Minisymposium on Fast Solvers at NACoM-2003


Minisymposium on Fast Solvers for Partial Differential Equations at the
International Conference on Numerical Analysis & Computational Mathematics

This session is intended to cover multigrid and other fast iterative solvers,
adaptive grid techniques, cache-aware algorithms, parallel methods for PDEs,
and other topics related to the fast solution of PDEs.

May 23-26, 2003
Anglia Polytechnic University (APU), Cambridge, UK

Please initially submit an abstract of up to four pages directly to the
minisymposium organizer ( by February 28, 2003.
Please send a standard Latex article style abstract without page numbers.  For
further instructions and conference information please refer to the website.
Only electronic submission of abstracts will be accepted.


Submission of Abstract (on or before): February 28, 2003
Abstracts refereed selection by: March 20, 2003
Submission of full-length Papers: To be announced

William F. Mitchell
Mathematical and Computational Sciences Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology


Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 18:49:01 -0500
From: Seongjai Kim 
Subject: Workshop: Image Processing and Computational Methods

Workshop: Image Processing and Computational Methods
University of Kentucky 
Lexington, Kentucky 
March 21-23 (Fri-Sun), 2003 

Workshop Organizers:

    Seongjai Kim (Chair), Mathematics, U of Kentucky
    Sung Ha Kang, Mathematics, U of Kentucky
    Daniel L. Lau, Computer and Electrical Engineering, U of Kentucky
    Brent Seales, Computer Science, U of Kentucky
    Peter Hislop, Mathematics, U of Kentucky

Invited Speakers:

    Tony Chan, Mathematics, UCLA
    Ron Fedkiw, CS, Stanford University
    SungHa Kang, Mathematics, University of Kentucky
    Stanley J. Osher, Mathematics, UCLA
    George Papanicolaou, Mathematics, Stanford University
    Lothar Reichel, Mathematics, Kent State University
    Luminita Vese, Mathematics, UCLA
    Shouhong Wang, Mathematics, Indiana University
    Ross Whitaker, CS, University of Utah
    HongKai Zhao, Mathematics, UC Irvine

Visit  for details.

Seongjai Kim
Department of Mathematics
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0027 USA
Phone: (859) 257-8681
Fax:   (859) 257-4078


Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 21:43:21 -0500 (EST)
From: Lothar Reichel 
Subject: Workshop on Numerical Linear Algebra

The workshop "Recent Trends in Numerical Linear Algeba" will be held at the 
University Carlos III in Leganes outside Madrid, Spain, June 16-17, 2003. 
The speakers include

* Dario Bini. Universita di Pisa. Italy. 
* Daniela Calvetti. Case Western Reserve University. USA.
* Raymond  Chan. Chinese University Hong Kong. China. 
* Gene Golub. Stanford University. USA.
* William Gragg. Naval Postgraduate School Monterey. USA 
* Franklin Luk. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. USA. 
* Froilan Martinez Dopico. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Spain. 
* Michael Ng. University of Hong Kong. China. 
* Vadim Olshevsky. University of Connecticut. USA. 
* Lothar Reichel. Kent State University. USA. 
* Qiang Ye. University of Kentucky. USA. 

Further information can be found at the web site:

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please fill out the 
registration form at the above web site as soon as possible, and no later
than May 31. For further information about the workshop please contact
F. Marcellan by e-mail:


Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 14:13:47 +0100
From: Jochen Hittler 
Subject: First Anouncement: Modelling and Computation in Financial Engineering

Modelling and Computation in Financial Engineering

May 6 - 8, 2003
at Bad Herrenalb, Germany

GAMM Fachausschu▀ Scientific Computing
IWR Universitaet Heidelberg Techn. Simulation and IfI
STZ Technische Simulation
WiR Baden-Wurttemberg

Advanced mathematical models are gaining increasing attention in financial
engineering.  Contrary to many technical and industrial applications, however,
sophisticated computational techniques are not yet well established here.
Indeed there is still an urgent demand for the enhancement of mathematical
models for a more realistic description of a wide class of phenomena arising
in the world of finance.  Equally important are efficient computational
methods for a fast solution of these tasks.  Evidently a strong cooperation of
financial practitioners and mathematicians is vital.  This workshop provides a
forum for discussing recent advances and innovations in the field as well as
future developments.

Multivariate European and American Options
Exotic Options
Levy Processes
High Frequency Financial Data
Financial Model Calibration
Credit Risk
Interest Rate Models
Advanced Numerical Methods
Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

Invited Speakers  (tentative)

M. Griebel, Bonn
J. Kampen, Heidelberg
A. Mai, Bonn
C. Reisinger, Heidelberg
C. Schwab, Zurich


W. Jaeger,  Heidelberg
C. Oosterlee, Delft
C. Wagner, Frankfurt
G. Wittum, Heidelberg

Submission of abstracts

Please send your abstract (max 20 lines) by March  15, 2003. Notice of
acceptance will be given as soon as possible. All participants, whether
giving a talk or not, have the possibility of sending an abstract of
their work on the topic of the conference. A  collection of abstracts
will be available during the conference.


Submission of abstracts             March, 15th 2003
registration                                March, 31th 2003
payment                                     March, 31th 2003

Conference fee

The conference fee is 350,- EUR for participants from universities and 550,-
EUR for participants from industry including lodging and full board during the
conference, admission to all lectures and conference material.  Financial
support is available on request.

Payments are to be made in EURO by bank transfer :
" STZ Technische Simulation"
reference " financial engineering"
Deutsche Bank, Heidelberg
Bank code     672 700 03
Account nr    0153 114

Registration office
IWR - Technical Simulation
Im Neuenheimer Feld 368
D- 69120 Heidelberg
phone: ++49 (0) 6221 54 88 -54 fax:
++49 (0) 6221 54 88 60

Your registration is valid as soon as the  conference fee has been paid

Conference venue

Haus der Kirche
Evangelische Akademie Baden
Dobler Str. 51
D- 76332 Bad Herrenalb
phone:   ++49 (0) 7083 - 928 0

How reach Bad Herrenalb:
By car: By the motorway A 8 via Stuttgart.  Leave at the Karlsbad exit and
follow the signposts to Bad Herrenalb.  By the A 5 leave at the exit
Karlsruhe-Sud /Ettlingen.
By train or airplane: From any airport or train station in Germany take an
ICE-, EC- or IC- train to Karlsruhe.  In Karlsruhe change to the Albtalbahn (S
1), which leaves outside the station.  The conference venue is located 0.7 km
from Bad Herrenalb station, which is the last stop.  Follow the signposts.


Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 16:07:39 +0100
From: Conference Office DD15 
Subject: DD15 Conference, 2. Anouncement

           2. Announcement and Call for Papers

   15. International Conference on Domain Decomposition

           July 21-25, 2003 in Berlin, Germany


is organized by Free University Berlin in cooperation with the Konrad Zuse
Center Berlin, the Weierstrass Institute Berlin and the DFG Research Center
"Mathematics in key technologies".

The conference will include invited plenary talks by leading experts in the
field, minisymposia, selected graduate paper presentations, contributed talks,
and a poster session.

Contributions are sought on all aspects of domain decomposition, including
numerical analysis, computational issues, complex heterogeneous problems,
industrial problems, and software development.

In addition there will be an introductory

           "Tutorial on Domain Decomposition Methods"

prior to the actual beginning of the conference.

Deadlines: minisymposia         March  1, 2003  (extended)
           talks or posters     April  1, 2003
           early registration     May 16, 2003

For more information please visit our website


         !! online registration is now in progress !!

DD15 Conference Office                 Phone: #49 (30) 838-75407
Sabrina Nordt                          Fax:   #49 (30) 838-54977
Freie Universitaet Berlin               
Fachbereich Mathematik + Informatik    e-mail:
Institut fuer Mathematik I, WE 2
Arnimallee 2-6, D-14195 Berlin       


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