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Volume 14, Number 10 (approximately October 31, 2004)

Today's topics:

     Important Dates
     BEM On-line tutorial
     New publication - SSCM 34 Toselli/Widlund "Domain Decomposition M
     Search for New Editor-in-Chief of ACM TOMS
     8th European Multigrid Conference
     Winter School in Leipzig on Hierarchical Matrices
     Symposium on Scientific Computing and Mathematical Software
     Preconditioning 2005
     ETNA, table of contents vols. 17 and 18
     5th Int. Conf. Scale-Space and PDE Methods in Computer Vision


Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 20:44:46 +0100
From: "Stephen Kirkup" 
Subject: BEM On-line tutorial

Please could you include my intro the the BEM

on the page

Stephen Kirkup

    Editor's Note: A link will be added shortly.


Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 10:22:21 -0400
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: Important Dates

DDM16 at New York University
    15 November     Poster proposals
    15 November     Required advanced registration for a tutorial
Send email to with proposals for each of the above

21st GAMM-Seminar Leipzig on Robust Fast Solvers
January 26-28, 2005
    30 November     Abstracts due
Visit the web site for the registration form and other information.


Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 11:18:21 +0200
Subject: New publication - SSCM 34 Toselli/Widlund "Domain Decomposition M

Andrea Toselli, Olof Widlund "Domain Decomposition Methods - Algorithms and
Theory" -  Springer Series in Computational Mathematics Vol. 34, XV, 450 pp.
ISBN 3-540-20696-5, Springer-Verlag, October 2004  

The purpose of this text is to offer a comprehensive and self-contained
presentation of some of the most successful and popular domain decomposition
preconditioners for finite and spectral element approximations of partial
differential equations. Strong emphasis is placed on both algorithmic and
mathematical aspects. Some important methods such FETI and balancing
Neumann-Neumann methods and algorithms for spectral element methods, not
treated previously in any monograph, are covered in detail.

For further details, please contact

Dr. Martin Peters            
Excutive Mathematics Editor         Phone: *49-6221-4878-607 
Springer                            FAX:   *49-6221-4878-355
Tiergartenstrasse 17               
D-69121 Heidelberg, Germany  


Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 16:40:36 +0100 (BST)
From: Brian Ford 
Subject: Search for New Editor-in-Chief of ACM TOMS

Search for New Editor-in-Chief of ACM Transactions on Mathematical
Ron Boisvert has served as Editor-in-Chief of ACM TOMS with distinction and is
currently completing his term.  Following ACM Publications Board policy a
replacement is sought and a search committee has been formed.
Further details,including the process of nomination, can be found at
The closing date for nominations is 15th December 2004.

Brian Ford
(Chair-Search Committee)


Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 14:39:57 +0100
Subject: 8th European Multigrid Conference on Multigrid, Multilevel and Multiscale Methods (1st announcement)

Dear colleague,
We are pleased to announce the 8th European Multigrid Conference on 
Multigrid, Multilevel and Multiscale Methods. The conference will take place 
on September 27 - 30, 2005, at De Pier in Scheveningen, The Netherlands 
and is organized in the framework of the European Community on 
Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (Eccomas).

This congress is devoted to dissemination of recent advances and ideas
concerning multigrid, multilevel and multiscale methods. Multigrid methods
are generally accepted as being the fastest numerical methods for the
solution of elliptic partial differential equations. Furthermore, they are
regarded as among the fastest methods for many other problems like other
types of partial differential equations, integral equations etc. 
If the multigrid idea is generalized to other structures than grids, one
obtains multilevel, multiscale or multi-resolution methods, which can
successfully be used also for very different types of problems, e.g.
problems characterized by matrix structures, particle structures etc. 
A broad range of problems in the sciences and engineering require multiscale
modeling and simulation techniques, because of the range of scales involved
and the prohibitively large number of variables implied by a monoscale
approach. Multigrid, multilevel and multiscale methods are interrelated in
various ways. 
Therefore, the congress aims to bring researchers in these fields together. 
Previous meetings in the EMG series were held in Cologne (1981,1985), Bonn
(1991), Amsterdam (1993), Stuttgart (1996), Ghent (1999) and Hohenwart
        *       Multigrid methods, Multilevel solvers, 
        *       Algebraic Multigrid,
        *       Theory and applications of methods, 
        *       New fields of application, 
        *       Multiscale solution methods and modeling.

Invited speakers:
L. Grasedyck  (MPI Leipzig, Germany) 
R Hiptmair       (ETH Zuerich, Switzerland) 
R. Kornhuber  (FU. Berlin, Germany) 
Ch. Reisinger  (Oxford, UK) 
A. Reusken     (Aachen, Germany) 
J. Schoeberl    (U. Linz, Austria) 
P. Vassilevski  (Lawrence Livermore, CASC, US) 
Weinan E        (Princeton, US) 
J. Xu               (Penn State, US) 
I. Yavneh        (Technion, Haifa, Israel) 

For more information and the call for papers,  see the conference website: and the leaflet attached.

Sincerely yours,
Kees Oosterlee

Associate Professor of Numerical Analysis
Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Mekelweg 4,  2628 CD Delft, The Netherlands
tel: +31 15 2788283


Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 11:55:02 +0200
From: Steffen Boerm 
Subject: Winter School in Leipzig on Hierarchical Matrices

Announcement Winter School "Hierarchical Matrices"

Organizers: Wolfgang Hackbusch, Lars Grasedyck, Steffen Boerm   
            (Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences,

Time: February 7th to February 11th, 2005
      Deadline for registration: December 6th, 2004

Topic: Hierarchical Matrices can be a useful tool for the treatment of
       integral operators as well as the solution of linear systems arising
       in the discretisation of elliptic partial differential equations.
       Moreover, the representation of matrices in the hierarchical matrix
       format is suitable for the efficient solution of matrix equations.

       The aim of this winterschool is to teach the necessary theoretical
       foundations for hierarchical matrices, but most of all the efficient
       implementation of the algorithms. The practical realisation on the
       computer will be done during the exercise courses in the afternoons.
       The participants will use the HLib library in order to assemble and
       solve BEM and FEM systems. Lecture notes are available in electronic

Lecture Notes:


Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 12:24:29 +0800
From: Mo Mu 
Subject: Symposium on Scientific Computing and Mathematical Software in 
         conjunction with the IFIP WG2.5 Annual Meeting

Symposium on Scientific Computing and Mathematical Software 
in Emerging Sciences and Technology 
June 15-16, 2005, Hong Kong 

In Conjunction with the IFIP WG2.5 Annual Business Meeting 
June 13-14, 2005, Hong Kong

    Network and grid computing 
    Mathematical software 
    Problem solving environments 
    Supercomputing in emerging sciences and technology 

    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Clearwater Bay, Kowloon 

Program Committee: 
    M. Mu (Chair), Department of Mathematics, HKUST, Hong Kong 
    R. Boisvert (Co-Chair), Math. & Comp. Sci. Div., Nat. Inst. Std and Tech., USA 
    J. Dongarra, Computer Science Department, University of Tennessee, USA 
    C. Douglas, Center for Computational Sciences, University of Kentucky, USA 
    W. Gropp, Math. & Comp. Sci. Div., Argonne National Laboratory, USA 
    E. Houstis, Department of Computer and Communications Engineering, University of Thessaly, Greece 
    J. Pool, Center for Advanced Computing Research, CalTech, USA 
    J. Rice, Computer Sciences Department, Purdue University, USA 
    Y. Umetani, Computer Science Department,  Shizuoka University, Japan 
    M. Vouk, Computer Science Department, North Carolina State University, USA 
    P. Tang, Intel Corp., USA 

    IFIP WG2.5 (Working Group on Numerical Software) 
    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
    Intel Corp. 

Contact: Odissa Wong,


Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 13:33:33 -0500 (EST)
From: Michele Benzi 
Subject: Preconditioning 2005

                        PRECONDITIONING  2005
                           ATLANTA,  GEORGIA
                            MAY 19-21, 2005

                          SECOND ANNOUNCEMENT
                          AND CALL FOR PAPERS

The  2005 International Conference  on Preconditioning Techniques for
Large Sparse Matrix Problems is a follow-on of similar meetings that
were held at the University  of Minnesota in 1999, at the Granlibakken
Conference Center (Tahoe, CA) in 2001, and in Napa (CA) in 2003.  

The Preconditioning 2005 Conference focuses on preconditioning techniques
for solving various matrix problems, particularly those that are relevant
to large-scale scientific and industrial applications. The conference has
received the endorsement of the SIAM Activity Group on Linear Algebra.

The 2005 meeting will take place immediately before the International
Conference on Computational Science (ICCS 2005), which is being held at
Emory University on May 22-25, 2005 (, 
and before the XVI Householder Symposium on Numerical Algebra, to be held
in Champion, PA on May 23-27, 2005 (

The conference will feature plenary presentations, contributed
papers, and (tentatively) poster presentations.

Michele Benzi, Emory University
Esmond G. Ng, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Yousef Saad, The University of Minnesota
Wei-Pai Tang, The Boeing Company

Cleve Ashcraft, Livermore Software Technology Corp.
Edmond Chow, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Luc Giraud, CERFACS, France
Bruce Hendrickson, Sandia National Laboratories
James Nagy, Emory University
Jorge Nocedal, Northwestern University
Valeria Simoncini, University of Bologna, Italy
Miroslav Tuma, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Henk van der Vorst, Utrecht University, The Netherlands


January 15, 2005: Deadline for submission of contributed abstracts (3 pages max) 
February 1, 2005: Deadline for submission of abstracts for poster presentations
Early March 2005: Notification of acceptance for contributed abstracts/posters
April 18,   2005: Deadline for online registration and hotel reservations

PLENARY PRESENTATIONS: The following invited speakers have agreed to
give plenary presentations.  They will provide overviews in the
field of preconditioning and discuss important recent developments.

Matthias Bollhoefer, Technical University, Berlin 
Mike Heroux, Sandia National Laboratories
Misha Kilmer, Tufts University
Sabine LeBorne, Tennessee Technical University
Gene Poole, ANSYS, Inc.
Arnold Reusken, University of Aachen 
Vivek Sarin, Texas A&M University 

SPONSORS: NSF, Emory University. Additional funding is expected to come
          from other sources as well.

FURTHER INFORMATION is available from the conference web site:
      or by sending email to


Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 11:07:02 -0400
From: Lothar Reichel 
Subject: ETNA, table of contents vols. 17 and 18

Table of Contents, Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA),
vol. 17, 2004 (incomplete). ETNA is available at 
and at several mirror sites.

ETNA is in the extended Science Citation Index and the CompuMath Citation 

P. J. Psarrakos, On the estimation of the q-numerical range of monic 
matrix polynomials, pp. 1-10.

P. Junghanns and A. Rogozhin, Collocation methods for Cauchy singular 
integral equations on the interval, pp. 11-75.

M. Gu and L. Miranian, Strong rank revealing Cholesky factorization,
pp. 76-92.

M. G. Armentan and R. G. Durán, Asymptotic lower bounds for eigenvalues 
by nonconforming finite element methods, pp. 93-101.

G. Alefeld, A. Frommer, G. Heindl and J. Mayer, On the existence theorems 
of Kantorovich, Miranda and Borsuk, pp. 102-111.

J. Zhao, Convergence of V-cycle and F-cycle multigrid methods for the 
biharmonic problem using the Morley element, pp. 112-132.

K. Atkinson, Quadrature of singular integrands over surfaces, pp. 133-150.

C. He, B. Meini, N.H. Rhee and K. Sohraby, A quadratically convergent 
Bernoulli-like algorithm for solving matrix polynomial equations in 
Markov chains, pp. 151-167.

M. Hegland, O. M. Nielsen and Z. Shen, Multidimensional smoothing using 
hyperbolic interpolatory wavelets, pp. 168-180.

M. J. Gander, A frequency decomposition waveform relaxation algorithm 
for semilinear evolution equations, pp. 181-194.

                                  * * * * *

Table of Contents, Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA),
vol. 18, 2004 (incomplete). This is the 10th anniversary volume. ETNA is 
available at and at several mirror sites.

ETNA is in the extended Science Citation Index and the CompuMath Citation 

A. Boettcher, Transient behavior of powers and exponentials of large 
Toeplitz matrices, pp. 1-41.

S. C. Brenner, Discrete Sobolev and Poincare inequalities for piecewise 
polynomial functions, pp. 42-48.

D. Bertaccini, Efficient preconditioning for sequences of parametric 
complex symmetric linear systems, pp. 49-64.

B. Shekhtman, On Hermite Interpolation in R_d, pp. 65-72.

L. Cvetkovic, V. Kostic and R. S. Varga, A new Geršhgorin-type eigenvalue 
inclusion set, pp. 73-80.

A. Greenbaum, Some theoretical results derived from polynomial numerical 
hulls of Jordan blocks, pp. 81-90.


Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 23:18:09 +0200 (IST)
From: Ron Kimmel 
Subject: 5th Int. Conf. Scale-Space and PDE Methods in Computer Vision

     5th Int. Conf. Scale-Space and PDE Methods in Computer Vision
             The Fifth International Conference on
         Scale-Space and PDE Methods in Computer Vision

                    Schloesschen Schoenburg
              Hofgeismar, Germany, April 7-9, 2005


  Scale-space techniques and methods based on partial differential
  equations (PDEs) have become widely used tools in image processing
  and computer vision.
  They include a variety of methods such as linear scale-spaces,
  nonlinear diffusion filtering, geometric flows, adaptive scalable
  kernels, level set methods, variational techniques, and continuous-
  scale morphology.

  This conference deals with all aspects of these techniques, including
  - theoretical foundations
    (axiomatic foundations, well-posedness, differential-geometric aspects,
    relations to other multiscale paradigms, biological relevance),
  - discrete and numerical aspects
    (discrete theories, efficient numerical methods),
  - applications in image processing and computer vision
    (image restoration, shape analysis, grouping, segmentation,
    motion, stereo, registration)
  - applications in other fields
    (biomedical applications, industrial inspection, security).

  It is the fifth conference in a series of successful biannual meetings
  held in Utrecht, Corfu, Vancouver and Skye.
  It will take place in a little castle (Schloesschen Schoenburg) in a
  scenic place near the small town of Hofgeismar, Germany. The conference
  is sponsored by the German Pattern Recognition Society (DAGM).

  It is planned to publish the proceedings in the Springer Lecture
  Notes in Computer Science Series. Selected papers will appear in
  a special issue of the International Journal of Computer Vision.
  Prospective authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts of not
  more than 12 pages in Springer LNCS format by October 1, 2004.


  Paper submission:                  October 1, 2004
  Notification of authors:           November 22, 2004
  Reduced conference fee deadline:   December 6, 2004
  Camera-ready papers:               December 15, 2004
  Conference:                        April 7-9, 2005:


  Ron Kimmel               (Technion, Haifa, Israel)
  Nir Sochen               (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)
  Joachim Weickert         (Saarland University, Germany)


  Luis Alvarez             (Las Palmas, Spain)
  Alfred Bruckstein        (Haifa, Israel)
  Vicent Caselles          (Barcelona, Spain)
  Antonin Chambolle        (Paris, France)
  Tony Chan                (Los Angeles, USA)
  Yunmei Chen              (Gainesville, USA)
  Laurent Cohen            (Paris, France)
  Daniel Cremers           (Los Angeles, USA)
  Rachid Deriche           (Sophia-Antipolis, France)
  Olivier Faugeras         (Sophia-Antipolis, France)
  Michael Felsberg         (Linkoeping, Sweden)
  Luc Florack              (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
  Lewis Griffin            (London, UK)
  Atsushi Imiya            (Chiba, Japan)
  Paul Jackway             (St Lucia, Australia)
  Peter Johansen           (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  Michael Kerckhove        (Richmond, USA)
  Renaud Keriven           (Paris, France)
  Georges Koepfler         (Paris, France)
  Pierre Kornprobst        (Sophia-Antipolis, France)
  Arjan Kuijper            (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  Petros Maragos           (Athens, Greece)
  Riccardo March           (Rome, Italy)
  Pavel Mrazek             (Prague, Czech Republic)
  Karol Mikula             (Bratislava, Slovakia)
  Mila Nikolova            (Paris, France)
  Mads Nilsen              (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  Stanley Osher            (Los Angeles, USA)
  Ole Fogh Olsen           (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  Nikos Paragios           (Paris, France)
  Steve Pizer              (Chapel Hill, USA)
  Bart ter Haar Romeny     (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
  Martin Rumpf             (Duisburg, Germany)
  Otmar Scherzer           (Innsbruck, Austria)
  Christoph Schnoerr       (Mannheim, Germany)
  Fiorella Sgallari        (Bologna, Italy)
  Jayant Shah              (Boston, USA)
  Kaleem Siddiqi           (Montreal, Canada)
  Stefano Soatto           (Los Angeles, USA)
  Jon Sporring             (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  Hugues Talbot            (North Ryde, Australia)
  Rein van den Boomgaard   (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  Baba C. Vemuri           (Gainesville, USA)
  Luminita Vese            (Los Angeles, USA)


  Peter Basser             (NIH, Bethesda, USA)
  Achi Brandt              (Weizmann, Rehovot, Israel)
  Michael Unser            (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland)

For more details, see


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