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                              Multigrid Bakeoff

The pupose of the bakeoff is to try to determine a collection of interesting
problems and shed light on how to solve them better.  While multigrid methods
are emphasized, any algorithm that solves one of these problems is fair game.

The codes participating will probably not be able to solve all of the
problems.  However, all problems shoud be solvable by more than one code.
Otherwise, the problem is too specialized, hard, or uniteresting after all.

Some of the codes are research codes and others are production quality ones.
A distinction will be made between these classes.


                       Mail and the Software Repository

All mail should be sent through  It will be sent out quite
quickly to the active bakeoff participants and digested for others.

There is an anonymous ftp repository for mgnet at  Change
directory to mgnet and get the files README.mgnet and INDEX.mgnet to see what
is really there.



Details will be forthcoming.  Actually, problems will be forthcoming.

So far, the only 2 problems advertised are the Poisson equation on the unit
square and cube, Dirichlet boundary conditions, and solutions
Discretization of these by central differences, elements, and volumes on
uniform grids could get interesting.  For uniform grids, the number of
unknowns should be large (say about 256 squared for the 2D problem and about
32 or 64 cubed for the 3D problem).  For nonuniform grids or alternative
methods, an error reduction will be provided (soon, ... really).

Such trivial problems are not really wanted, but something almost everyone can
solve and are well known in the literature should be included just as a point
of reference.


                               Timing of Codes

Timing routines will be supplied.  Everyone should use the same one on a given
architecture so that we are comparing apples with apples instead of apples
with oranges.

I already have ones for a large number of machines.  However, it would not
hurt to send me a copy of yours for your favorite machine.  When in doubt,
send me a message (


                        Bakeoff Software Participants

Software packages listed below are participating.  The sponsor is also listed.
Packages with a * to the left of the package name are stored in the mgnet
anonymous ftp area on

  * MADPACK                     Sponsor: Craig Douglas
      (version 2)               E-mail: or
                                Status:  Public domain, research code
                                Updated: April 27, 1991


                Bakeoff Human Participants (Active and Passive)

Anyone with a * to the left of their name is active.  This will be added as
people demonstrate they are active.  The distinction below by region is solely
to keep the mailing list I have at Yale easier to manage and not for any other

                                North America

  Dinshaw Balasa
  Victor Bandy  
  Maurice Benson
* Craig Douglas 
* Paul Frederickson
  Charles Tong  
  Sue Haupt     
  Mike Heroux   
  Jan Mandel    
  Oliver McBryan
  Steve McCormick
  Steven McKay  
  Naomi Naik              nanaik@vassar.bitnet
  Steve Schaffer
  Ridgway Scott 
  Ray Tuminaro  
  John Van Rosendale
  Shangyou Zhang


  John Carrol   
  Ute Gaertel             gmap15@dbngmd21.bitnet
  Mathias Meinke          kumein@dacth11.bitnet
  Klaus Stuben            gmap02@dbngmd21.bitnet
  Rune Teigland 
  Chris Thompson
  Eric van der Maarel
  Paul de Zeeuw 
  Denis Willams 

                                  Middle East

  Achi Brandt             mabrandt@weizmann.bitnet