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                              Multigrid Bakeoff

Not much has been going on here.  Everyone interested should be reading the
paper by Paul M. de Zeeuw (, "Matrix-dependent prolongations and
restrictions in a blackbox multigrid solver," in the J. of Comp. and Appl.
Maths., 33 (1990), pp. 1-27.


                     Additions to the Software Repository

Victor Bandy's version of Joel Dendy's BOXMG was added to the repository.
Look for it in the boxmg directory.

Randy Bank's PLTMG, version 6.1 was added to the repository.  Look for it in
the pltmg directory.

Several other codes have been promised, but are not here yet.


                          MGNET Wants Your Software

If you have a multigrid (serial, distributed, or parallel) software package
that is fit for distribution, please consider putting a copy in the mgnet
repository.  If your employer changes a "small fee" for your software, you
might want to determine if this is a distribution or a licensing fee.  If it
is the former, check to see if you can put your package here.  If it is the
latter, you might ask how many sites actually have your code versus how many
could have it if it was available on the Internet.  Your code does not have to
be public domain to be put in the mgnet repository (most copyrighted codes
will be accepted).


                        Additions to the Mailing List
                           New Contributions Needed

More than 100 people have joined the mailing list in the last two weeks or so.
This is not automated yet, so please bear with me.  Welcome to the mailing
list and please start sending information of interest to all of us.