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Volume 2, Number 4 (April 4, 1992)

Today's topics:

     Paper by Mark Hanisch Available
     Paper by Ulrich Ruede Available
     Papers by C. Douglas et al
     European Multigrid Conference 1993
     Lattice Field Theories/Fermion Algorithms References


Date: Wed, 25 Mar 92 14:08:35 EST
From: (Mark Hanisch)
Subject: Paper

Multigrid Preconditioning for the Biharmonic Dirichlet Problem

M. R. Hanisch

A multigrid preconditioning scheme for solving the Ciarlet-Raviart
mixed method equations for the biharmonic Dirichlet problem is
presented.  In particular, a Schur complement formulation for these
equations which yields non-inherited quadratic forms is considered.
The preconditioning scheme is compared with a standard W-cycle
multigrid iteration. It is proved that a Variable V-cycle
preconditioner leads to problems with uniformly bounded condition
numbers.  However, W-cycle convergence is proved only if the number of
smoothings "m is sufficiently large".  An example is given in which the
W-cycle diverges unless "m > 7".  Divergent W-cycles are also
encountered when solving the Morley equations for the biharmonic
Dirichlet problem; although, Brenner has proved W-cycle convergence for
sufficiently large "m" [Brenner,(1989)].  This is illustrated with
additional computations, while Variable V-cycles continue to produce
excellent preconditioners in this setting.

Certain approximate L_2-inner products are described and a modification
to the Ciarlet-Raviart method is proposed which reduces the work of the
multilevel schemes.  Optimal order error estimates are proved for the
modified method.  Consideration is restricted to Ciarlet-Raviart
methods of quadratic and higher degree throughout the paper.

Editor's note:  In mgnet/papers/Hanisch/mixed.dvi.Z


Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1992 22:13:38 -0700
From: Ulrich Ruede 
Subject: Paper on Extrapolation for elliptic equations

My paper
    Extrapolation and Related Techniques for Solving Elliptic Equations
has been downloaded to the mgnet ftp repository.

Though this paper does not deal with multilevel methods directly, it might
be of interest to the people in the multigrid community. The paper
is rather long (54 pages) and contains an overview of extrapolation and
the so called 'sparse grid' techniques for elliptic equations.
It is also available as tech report:

    author =    {U. R\"{u}de},
    title =     "Extrapolation and Related Techniques for Solving
                Elliptic Equations",
    institution =   {Institut f\"{u}r Informatik der TU M\"{u}nchen},
    year =      "1991",
    type =      "Bericht",
    number =    "I-9135"

Editor's note:  In mgnet/papers/Ruede/
                See mgnet/papers/Ruede/README.mgnet file in that directory
                for very important printing information.


Date: Sat, 4 Apr 92 11:16:00 EST
Subject: Papers Update

I have put out revised versions of the papers

    Craig C. Douglas and Jan Mandel,
    An Abstract Theory for the Domain Reduction Method


    Craig C. Douglas and Jim Douglas, Jr.,
    A Unified Convergence Theory for Abstract Multigrid or Multilevel
    Algorithms, Serial and Parallel

I have also put out

    Craig C. Douglas
    The Effect of Interpolation on the Rate of Convergence in
    Two Level Algorithms for Elliptic Partial Differential


Date: Sat, 4 Apr 92 06:08:35 EST
Subject: Bibliography Information

I have received several inquiries about the citations I have been including in
the digests.  I am putting them into the file mgnet/bib/mg.bib.  This does not
yet have old references, nor ones from my personal bibliography file.  I have
not been including research reports in this file.  I intend to continue this
practice except for reports that authors never intend to publish in a journal
or book.

I really dread saying this, but I am ready to accept everyone's bibliographies.
I am planning on keeping certain larges one (e.g., the GMD one) in a separate
file if they are contributed (the publications will be merged into mg.bib,

I will take neat bibtex files (similar to what is already in mg.bib) and merge
them into mg.bib before ugly bibtex, refer, or other bibliography systems.
There are more than 300 e-mail addresses in mailing list, so if a number of
you respond, it will take a while to complete this.

In mgnet/bib/Empty are templates for various bibtex entries.  I am very fussy
about page numbers for articles in journals and collections/proceedings.  I
also do not want recent research reports (at least, not yet).  I will happily
announce them in the digest, but I do not need the bibtex entries for mg.bib.


Date: Fri, 3 Apr 92 10:05:09 METDST
From: Piet Wesseling (NW) 
Subject: European Multigrid Conference 1993

First Announcement and Call for papers
EMG'93 - European Multigrid Conference
July 6-9, 1993, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Following earlier conferences in 1981, 1985 and 1990 EMG'93, the fourth
European Multigrid Conference will be held in Amsterdam, July 6-9, 1993. The
conference aims at providing a forum for the presentation and discussion of
recent research in the general area of multilevel methods. Participation is
expected to be worldwide.
Themes of the conference will range from basic research to industrial
applications, including but not limited to the following subjects:
- computational fluid dynamics,
- reservoir engineering,
- semiconductor device modeling,
- statistical physics,
- parallel computing,
- adaptive computing,
- numerical analysis of multigrid methods.

The program of the fourth European Multigrid Conference will consist of
about 10 invited lectures in plenary sessions and selected presentations in
2 parallel sessions. Members of the program committee are P.W. Hemker
(CWI/University of Amsterdam) and P. Wesseling (Delft University of

Contributions to EMG'93 are sollicited. Send 3 copies of an extended
abstract of no more than 2 pages to the conference administrator. The
deadline for submissions is 15 December 1992. Notifications of acceptance
will be mailed on 30 January 1993.

Invited lectures and a number of selected presentations will be published as
full papers in conference proceedings, to be published by Birkh\"auser.
Other selected presentations will be published as full papers by CWI. A
booklet with all abstracts of selected contributions will be available at
the conference.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and well-known for its canals,
bridges, gabled houses and museums. Through the centuries, Amsterdam has
been characterized by its international orientation and its political and
religious tolerance. The city is considered a major international center of
commerce, banking, press and publishing and ranks high on the worldwide list
of cities favored with international conventions.

P.W. Hemker
F. Snijders
P. Wesseling
S. van der Wolff

EMG'93 - European Multigrid Conference 1993
c/o CWI
Ms. Simone van der Wolff
P.O. Box 4079
1009 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. 020-5929333
Fax. 020-5924199

IBM Nederland NV
KNAW - Royal Academy of Sciences

Now                  Fill out reply card and return to the conference
15 December 1992     Deadline for submissions
30 January 1993      Notification of acceptance
6-9 July 1993        Deadline for full papers
                     EMG'93 in Amsterdam

Those who wish to receive further announcements of EMG'93 are invited to
fill out the attached Reply Card and return it to the conference


[] I intend to participate to EMG'93
[] I intend to submit an abstract
[] I wish to receive further announcements

Name         :
Affiliation  :
Department   :
Address      :
Postal Code  :
City         :
Country      :
Tel.         :
Fax          :
Email        :


Date: Thu, 2 Apr 92 12:43:52 +0200
From: Marcus Speh 
Subject: some papers on MG in lattice field theory

Here are a number of articles concerning MG which were presented
on last years's workshop on fermion algorithms (--> Lattice Field Theories).

  author =      "A. Hulsebos and J. Smit and J. C. Vink",
  title =       "Multigrid inversion of the staggered fermion matrix
                 with {U}(1) and {SU}(2) gauge fields",
  booktitle =   "Workshop on Fermion Algorithms, HLRZ, KFA J{\"u}lich,
                 Germany, 1991",
  editor =      "H. J. Herrmann and F. Karsch",
  publisher =   "World Scientific",
  address =     "Singapore",
  year =        "1992",
  pages =       "161--168"
  author =      "T. Kalkreuter, G. Mack and M. Speh",
  title =       "Blockspin and multigrid for staggered fermions in
                 non-{A}belian gauge fields",
  booktitle =   "Workshop on Fermion Algorithms, HLRZ, KFA J{\"u}lich,
                 Germany, 1991",
  editor =      "H. J. Herrmann and F. Karsch",
  publisher =   "World Scientific",
  address =     "Singapore",
  year =        "1992",
  pages =       "121--147"
  author =      "G. Mack",
  title =       "Multigrid methods in quantum field theory",
  booktitle =   "Nonperturbative Quantum Field Theory",
  editor =      "G. 't Hooft et al.",
  series =      "NATO ASI Series, Series B: Physics",
  volume =      185,
  publisher =   "Plenum Press",
  address =     "New York",
  year =        1988,
  pages =       "309--351"
  author =      "S. Solomon and P.G. Lauwers",
  title =       "Parallel-transported multigrid beats conjugate gradient",
  booktitle =   "Workshop on Fermion Algorithms, HLRZ, KFA J{\"u}lich,
                 Germany, 1991",
  editor =      "H. J. Herrmann and F. Karsch",
  publisher =   "World Scientific",
  address =     "Singapore",
  year =        "1992",
  pages =       "149--160"
  author =      "V. Vyas",
  title =       "Calculating the quark propagators using the
                 {M}igdal-{K}adanoff transformation",
  booktitle =   "Workshop on Fermion Algorithms, HLRZ, KFA J{\"u}lich,
                 Germany, 1991",
  editor =      "H. J. Herrmann and F. Karsch",
  publisher =   "World Scientific",
  address =     "Singapore",
  year =        "1992",
  pages =       "169--172"

Editor's Note:  There will be some more references in the next issue.


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