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Volume 2, Number 10 (October 15, 1992)

Today's topics:

     Paper on data structures for adaptive multilevel methods
     Paper on Neural multigrid for gauge theories and other disordered systems
     European Multigrid Conference, EMG'93 (July 6-9, 1993)
     Workshop on Cluster Computing


From: Ulrich Ruede 
Subject: Paper on data structures for adaptive multilevel methods
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1992 13:38:44 +0200

I have downloaded a recent Tech. Report

    Data Structures for Multilevel Adaptive Methods and Iterative Solvers

to the mgnet repository.  The file 'data_struct.abstract' contains the
abstract, the file '' contains the paper itself as compressed
postscript.  I've used a new postscript converter that supposedly generates
better postscript.  Please send me any problem reports.

The paper is 59 pages long.  It discusses data structures of multilevel
algorithms including implementation aspects.  I attempt to treat the data
structures from an abstract perspective and show how this can be exploited
with advanced programming concepts, like object oriented programming using

Ulrich Ruede

    Editor's Note: mgnet/papers/Ruede/data_struct.*


Date: Mon, 21 Sep 92 21:42:50 +0200
From: Marcus Speh 
Subject: Paper on neural multigrid for disordered systems

I downloaded the paper


by M.Baeker, T. Kalkreuter, G. Mack and M. Speh
(9 pages, 2 figures)
The text is available in DVI, LaTeX and PS format.
The figures are contained in an extra file in PS format.
[See file README_nmg]

This paper is our contribution to the conference 
"Physics Computing '92" in Prag, Czecheslovakia, August 24-18, 1992.
It will appear in a special section of the Int. J. Mod. Phys. C


We present evidence that multigrid works for wave equations in disordered
systems, e.g.  in the presence of gauge fields, no matter how strong the
disorder, but one needs to introduce a "neural computations" point of view
into large scale simulations:  First, the system must learn how to do the
simulations efficiently, then do the simulation (fast).

The method can also be used to provide smooth interpolation kernels which are
needed in multigrid Monte Carlo updates.

Keywords: Multigrid
          Neural Networks
          Disordered Systems
          Gauge Fields
          Neural Multigrid

Comments, questions and suggestions are very welcome.
Please contact me:
Marcus Speh (

    Editor's Note: mgnet/papers/Baeker-Kalkreuter-Mack-Speh/nmg.*


From: Piet Wesseling (NW) 
Subject: European Multigrid Conference, EMG'93 (July 6-9, 1993)
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 92 12:00:37 MET

Second Call for papers

European Multigrid Conference, EMG'93
July 6-9, 1993
The Netherlands

Following earlier conferences in 1981, 1985 and 1990 EMG'93, the fourth 
European Multigrid Conference will be held in Amsterdam, July 6-9, 1993. 
The conference aims at providing a forum for the presentation and 
discussion of recent research in the general area of multilevel methods. 
Participation is expected to be worldwide.
Themes of the conference will range from basic research to industrial 
applications, including but not limited to the following subjects:
* computational fluid dynamics, 
* reservoir engineering, 
* semiconductor device modeling, 
* statistical physics, 
* parallel computing, 
* adaptive computing, 
* numerical analysis of multigrid methods.

The program of the fourth European Multigrid Conference will consist of 
invited lectures in plenary sessions and selected presentations in 2 
parallel sessions. Members of the program committee are P.W. Hemker 
(CWI/University of Amsterdam) and P. Wesseling (Delft University of 

Contributions to EMG'93 are solicited. Send 3 copies of an extended 
abstract of no more than 2 pages to the conference administrator. The 
deadline for submissions is 15 December 1992. Notifications of acceptance 
will be mailed on 30 January 1993.

Invited lectures will be presented by:
*  A. Brandt            *  C. Douglas
*  L. Fuchs             *  W. Hackbush
*  P. Lauwers           *  K. St\"uben
*  S. van de Walle      *  C.H. Venner
*  G. Wittum

Invited lectures and a number of selected presentations will be published 
as full papers in conference proceedings, to be published by Birkhauser. 
The other presentations will be published as full papers by CWI. A booklet 
with abstracts of all presentations will be available at the conference.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and well-known for its canals, 
bridges, gabled houses and museums. Through the centuries, Amsterdam has 
been characterized by its international orientation and its political and 
religious tolerance. The city is considered a major international center of 
commerce, banking, press and publishing and ranks high on the worldwide 
list of cities favored with international conventions.

The conference fee for EMG'93 will be NLG 400 for advance registration (to 
be paid by 1 April 1993) and NLG 500 after 1 April 1993.
Costs for accommodation in Amsterdam will vary between NLG 80 and NLG 200 
per night.

P.W. Hemker
F. Snijders
P. Wesseling
S. van der Wolff

EMG'93 - European Multigrid Conference 1993
c/o CWI
Ms. Simone van der Wolff
P.O. Box 4079
1009 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. 020-5929333
Fax. 020-5924199

IBM Nederland NV
KNAW - Royal Academy of Sciences

* Now     
          Fill out reply card and return to the conference administrator, 
          unless you already returned the reply card from the first call 
          for papers
*  15 December 1992
          Deadline for submissions
* 30 January 1993
          Notification of acceptance
* 6-9 July 1993 
          Deadline for full papers
          EMG'93 in Amsterdam


[  ] I intend to participate to EMG'93
[  ] I intend to submit an abstract
[  ] I wish to receive further announcements

Name               : __________________________________________________
Affiliation        : __________________________________________________
Department         : __________________________________________________
Address            : __________________________________________________
Postal Code        : _______________City : ____________________________
Country            : __________________________________________________
Tel.               : _______________________ Fax   : __________________
Email              : __________________________________________________

Send to:

Conference Administrator
P.O. Box 4079
1009 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Pieter Wesseling
Faculty of Technical Mathematics and Informatics
Delft University of Technology
P.O. Box 5031
2600 GA Delft,   The Netherlands

Tel. +3115 - 783631    Fax +3115 - 787209


Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1992 13:28:22 -0400
From: Dennis Duke 
Subject: Announcement - Workshop on Cluster Computing


             Supercomputer Computations Research Institute
                        Florida State University
                       Tallahassee, Florida 32306

            Wednesday, December 2 - Friday, December 4, 1992

       Organizers: Peter Dragovitsch (, SCRI, FSU
                   Dennis Duke (, SCRI, FSU
                   Uli Hansmann (, SCRI, FSU
                   Neil Lincoln (, SSESCO
                   Vaidy Sunderam (, Emory University

The goal of the workshop is to bring together people who are interested in
the issues of using heterogeneous clusters of computers as computational 
resources. This group of people would include:

 - computational scientists or other end-users who desire to exploit 
   the power and capabilities of heterogeneous clusters as an
   alternative to conventional supercomputers or MPP's

 - software developers of queueing systems, parallel processing packages, and
   other software tools 

 - system administrators interested in both the strategic and technical issues
   of running clusters, including in general any kind of heterogeneous
   collection of networked computers

 - vendors who are developing products to serve this market:
   (a) new generations of high performance workstations
   (b) new forms of packaging of workstations
   (c) new high speed networking products
   (d) new products for addressing mass storage and other I/O needs
   (e) any other applicable technology

 - persons who would like to share their experiences, and especially give
   critical advice on desired user requirements, shortcomings of present
   hardware and software configurations, successes and failures to date,
   overviews of planned projects, etc.

Although most practical implementations of clusters to date consist of 
collections of RISC workstations, we are interested also in more general
configurations which might include any number of distinct architectures, 
and a variety of new high-speed network interconnections.

The format of the workshop will be to fill the day with contributed and
invited talks, and to have informal evening gatherings designed to further
enhance the opportunity for information exchange. We especially encourage
contributions of a 'practical experience' nature, since this is likely to
be of the most use to the many people who are involved in cluster computing,
and will also be complimentary to the many conferences that stress more the
academic side of computing and computer/computational science research.

Please register for the workshop using the form attached below. We encourage
as many attendees as possible to plan to make a presentation at the workshop.
We do ask that speakers plan to address topics within the scope outlined
above. Please send us a short abstract describing your talk, so we can plan an
appropriate place in the schedule. An announcement of the schedule of
speakers will be distributed as soon as possible. Within the limits of
available time, we would like to accomodate as many speakers as practicable.

The 'proceedings' of the workshop will be published via anonymous ftp. We will
request each speaker to send us an approriate electronic version of his
talk (ascii, postscript, tex, latex, troff, etc.). These will then be placed
on the machine for further distribution.

Any questions or requests can be sent via email to or to one of the organizers. SCRI can be
reached by phone at (904)-644-1010.



December 2-4, 1992

PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT                                                 
Name _____________________________________
Social Security Number ___________________
Company __________________________________                           
Address/Mailstop __________________________________________________  
City/State/Zip/Country ____________________________________________  
Email address _______________________________________  

Workshop Program Number:  1903293

The registration fee for the workshop is $85, and includes three
continental breakfasts, Wednesday and Thursday lunches, morning and afternoon 
break refreshments, and the food and drink for the evening sessions. There
will be no workshop dinners.

If you want to pay by check, please print out and fill in the above 
registration form, including especially the Workshop Program Number, and
return the registration form and fee to:

The Registrar
Florida State University Conference Center
555 West Pensacola Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32306

If you want to register by credit card, you may register by email by sending
back an edited form of the above registration information, as well as the
following credit card information:

Credit Card Name _____________________________
Credit Card Number ___________________________
Name (as it appears on card) __________________________________
Expirations Date of Card _____________________

There is an additional 2% charge by the University for credit card
registrations (bringing the total to $86.70).

Email registrations, and all other inquiries about the workshop, may be
sent to:
email:, or
fax:   (904)-644-0098, attention of Pat Meredith

Hotel Information:

The workshop hotel is the Holiday Inn, located within walking distance of
the FSU Conference Center and SCRI on the FSU campus. The hotel does provide
shuttle service to/from the Tallahassee airport. Rooms are $39 per night,
single or double, and reservations should be made by November 10. Be sure to
mention the Workshop on RISC Cluster Computing to get the special rate.

Holiday Inn/Downtown University Center
316 West Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Phone: (904)-222-8000
Fax: (904)-222-8113


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