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Volume 2, Number 11 (November 30, 1992)

Today's topics:

     Conference Reminders
     Bibliography update
     New paper on programming techniques
     New paper on an oddball vector method
     Parallel CFD93 Announcement


Date: Sun, 29 Nov 92 10:36:04 -0500
From: Craig C. Douglas 
Subject: Conference Reminders

I have set up a directory, mgnet/conferences, with the lengthy announcements.
So far, this includes

    cfd93.txt     1993 CFD Conference (May 10-12)
    copper93.txt  1993 Copper Mountain Multigrid Conference (April 4-9)
    dd93.txt      1993 Domain Decomposition Methods Conference (October 27-30)
    euromg93.txt  1993 European Multigrid Conference (July 6-9)

Important dates coming up right away for these conferences include the

    Dec. 15, 1992   Euromg93:  3 copies of extended abstracts (<= 2 pages)
    Dec. 15, 1992   Copper93:  Abstracts, Student Papers


Date: Thu, 12 Nov 92 14:42:54 +0100
From: Marcus Speh 
Subject: Bibliography update

  The contribution "Effective Field Theories" by G. Mack, T. Kalkreuter,
G. Palma and M. Speh can be erased from the MGNet repository. 
It has been published in the Springer series "Lecture Notes in Physics":

  author =      "G. Mack, T. Kalkreuter, G. Palma and M. Speh",
  title =       "Effective Field Theories",
  booktitle =   "Proceedings of the 31. Internationale Universit{\"a}tswochen
                 f{\"u}r Kern- und Teilchenphysik, Schladming, 
                 Austria, 1992",
  editor =      "H. Gausterer and C. B. Lang",
  series =      "Lecture Notes in Physics",
  volume =      "409",
  publisher =   "Springer",
  address =     "Berlin",
  year =        "1992",
  pages =       "205--250"


Date:   Mon, 16 Nov 1992 09:15:50 +0100
From: Ulrich Ruede 
Subject: New paper on programming techniques

I've downloaded a new paper

Data Abstraction Techniques for Multilevel Algorithms
U. Ruede
Institut fuer Informatik
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
Arcisstr. 21
D-8000 Muenchen 2


ABSTRACT:  Multilevel methods are fast and efficient solvers for a wide range
of technical and scientific applications.  Their structural complexity makes
the construction of powerful multilevel based software difficult.
Conventional software engineering concepts do not provide a sufficient basis
for the implementation of general, fast, and robust multilevel applications.
In particular, there is a severe tradeoff between the generality of such
software and its efficiency.  These problems can be alleviated on the basis of
a consequent data abstraction.  To equally satisfy the demands for generality
and efficiency it is necessary to introduce a two level software model based
on a generation and an execution phase.  Suitable implementation techniques
are discussed.

    Editor's Note: mgnet/papers/Ruede/programming.dvi.Z and
    -------------  mgnet/papers/Ruede/programming.abstract


Date: Mon, 30 Nov 92 20:17:52 -0500
From: Craig C. Douglas 
Subject: New paper on an oddball vector method

Some Remarks on Completely Vectorizing Point Gauss-Seidel While Using the
Natural Ordering

Craig C. Douglas
Department of Computer Science
Yale University
P. O. Box 2158
New Haven, CT 06520-2158

Abstract:  A common statement in papers in the vectorization field is to note
that point SOR methods with the natural ordering cannot be vectorized.  The
usual approach is to re-order the unknowns using a red-black or diagonal
ordering and vectorize that.  In this paper, we construct a point Gauss-Seidel
iteration which completely vectorizes and still uses the natural ordering.
The work here also applies to point SOR.  When this approach is reasonable to
use is also shown.

    Editor's Note: mgnet/papers/Douglas/gsv.dvi and
    -------------  mgnet/papers/Douglas/gsv.abstract


Date: Tue, 20 Oct 92 12:31:51 -0700
From: (Horst D. Simon)
Subject: Parallel CFD93 Announcement

             Implementations and Results Using Parallel Computers
                                Paris - France
                               May 10-12, 1993

                               CALL FOR PAPERS

The organizing committee is pleased to announce the PARALLEL CFD international
conference adressing development in the use of parallel supercomputers in
computational fluid dynamics and multidisciplinary applications.

This conference will be held in Paris (France) with the help of the GAMNI-SMAI
and IMA organizations in association with CNRS.

                            Organizing Committee :

A. Ecer, Purdue University; L. Fezoui INRIA; A. Geiger RUS Stuttgart; J.
Hauser, Technical College of Braunschweig; D. Keyes Yale University; E. Krause
RWTH Aachen; P. Leca, ONERA (Co-Chair); A. Lin Pennsylvania University; K.
Morgan IMA; R. Pelz, Rutgers University; J. Periaux, Dassault- Aviation
(Co-Chair); H. Simon, NASA-Ame s/CSC

                               Advisory Board :

R. Agarwall McDonnel Douglas; R. Blech NASA-Lewis; A.Dervieux INRIA; Ch.  De
la Foye DRET; T.A.  Elgof United Technologies; D. Emerson SERC; R. Hirsh NSF;
J.P.  Ferrier CNRS; K. Hessenius NASA-Headquarters; L. Long Penn State
University; G. Lonsdale GMD; D. R. Mc.  Carthy Boeing; Y. Morchoisne ONERA; O.
Pironneau Paris 6 University; B. Richards Glasgow University; Sakell AFOSR; M.
Salas Nasa-Langley; V. Saxena IBM; P. Schiano CIRA; W. Schmidt MBB; D. Scott
Intel; J. Richardson TMC; M. Walker CRAY Research

                     ABSTRACT DEADLINE : January 15, 1993
Proposed title and 2-3 pages extended abstract should be sent to:
      Europe and outside USA                  USA

            P. Leca                          Pat Fox
             ONERA                       Purdue University
29 Av. de la Division Leclerc    School of Engineering and Technology
      92320 Chatillon FRANCE      799 W. Michigan Street Indianapolis
                                        Indiana 46202-5160 USA
    Tel : (33) 1 46 73 43 74       Tel : 1 (317) 274 0806
    Fax : (33) 1 46 73 41 50       Fax : 1 (317) 274 4567
    E-mail :         E-mail :


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