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Volume 3, Number 5 (May 28, 1993)

Today's topics:

     European Multigrid Schedule Update
     35 Copper Mountain Papers on MGNet
     Call for Papers: Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis


Date: Thu, 27 May 93 10:13:59 METDST
From: Piet Wesseling (NW) 
Subject: European Multigrid Schedule Update


    Editor's Note: The latest schedule for the European Multigrid Conference,
    -------------  July 6-9, 1993, is in mgnet/conferences/euromg93.schedule.


Date: Fri, 28 May 1993 10:56:15 -0400
From: douglas-craig ("Craig C. Douglas")
Subject: 35 Copper Mountain Papers on MGNet

So far, 35 papers from the recent Copper Mountain multigrid conference have
been put onto MGNet in the directory tree mgnet/copper93.  The file,
README.mgnet, in that directory has more specific information about each of
the papers, including if it is in LaTeX, troff, PostScript, .dvi, a separate
directory, or whatever.  This is a subset (35/40) of the proceedings that NASA
will publish at the end of this summer.

I would like to thank each of the authors for putting their paper(s) on MGNet.

The papers are as follows:

Bernhard Bachmann, A multigrid solver for the semiconductor equations.

J. R. Bates, S. F. McCormick, J. Ruge, and D. Sholl, A semi-Lagrangian
approach to the shallow water equations.

Kenneth Brackenridge, Multigrid and cyclic reduction applied to the Helmholtz

James H. Bramble, Do Y. Kwak, and Joeseph E. Pasciak, Uniform convergence of
multigrid V-cycle iterations for indefinite and nonsymmetric problems.

Kevin Cavanaugh and Van Henson, A multilevel cost-space approach to solving
the balanced long transportation problem.

Hsin-Chu Chen and Ai-Fang He, Vectorization and parallelization of finite
strip method for dynamic mindlin plate problems.

Lawrence Cowsar, Domain decomposition methods for nonconforming finite element
spaces of Lagrange-type.

Eric de Sturler and Diederik R. Fokkema, Nested Krylov methods and preserving
the orthogonality.

Craig C. Douglas, Implementing abstract multigrid or multilevel methods.

Craig C. Douglas and Alexandre Ern, Numerical solution of flame sheet problems
with and without multigrid methods.

Comer Duncan and Jim Jones, A mixed method Poisson solver for
three-dimensional self-gravitating astrophysical fluid dynamical systems.

Bjorn Enquist and Erding Luo, Multigrid methods for differential equations
with highly oscillatory coefficients.

Dick Ewing and Jian Shen, A multigrid algorithm for the cell-centered finite
difference scheme.

Paul A. Farrell, Arden Ruttan, and Reinhardt R. Zeller, Application of
multigrid methods to the solution of liquid crystal equations on a SIMD

Scott R. Fulton, An adaptive multigrid model for hurricane track prediction.

Van Henson and A. W. Shaker, Multigrid methods for a semilinear PDE in the
theory of pseudoplastic fluids.

Louis Howell, A multilevel adaptive projection method for unsteady
incompressible flow.

Bjorn Jawerth and Wim Sweldens, Wavelet multiresolution analyses adapted for
the fast solution of boundary value ordinary differential equations.

Yimin Kang and Scott R. Fulton, Relaxation schemes for Chebyshev spectral
multigrid methods.

Hwar-Ching Ku and Bala Ramaswamy, Multi-grid domain decomposition approach for
solution of Navier-Stokes equations in primitive variable form.

Hans Kuerten, Compressible turbulent flow simulation with a multigrid
multiblock method.

Chang Ock Lee, A nonconforming multigrid method using conforming subspaces.

Mark Limber, Tom Manteuffel, Steve McCormick, and David Sholl, Optimal
resolution in maximum entropy image reconstruction from projections with
multigrid acceleration.

Tom Manteuffel and Klaus Ressel, Multilevel methods for transport equations in
diffusive regimes.

Darko Matovic, A. Pollard, H.A.Becker, and E.W.Grandmaison, FAS multigrid
calculations of three dimensional flow using non-staggered grids.

William F. Mitchell, MGGHAT: Elliptic pde software with adaptive refinement,
multigrid and high order finite elements.

Andrea Overman and John Van Rosendale, Mapping robust parallel multigrid
algorithms to scalable memory architectures.

Hans Regler and Ulrich Ruede, Layout optimization with algebraic multigrid

Mark W. Reichelt, Optimal convolution sor acceleration of waveform relaxation
with application to semiconductor device simulation.

Kris Riemslagh and Erik Dick, A multigrid method for steady euler equations on
unstructured adaptive grids.

M. Sarkis, Two-level Shwartz methods for nonconforming finite elements and
discontinuous coefficients.

Yair Shapira, Moshe Israeli, and Avram Sidi, An automatic multigrid method for
the solution of sparse linear systems.

Peter M. Sockol, Multigrid solution of the Navier-Stokes equations on highly
stretched grids with defect correction.

Osamu Tatebe, The multigrid preconditioned conjugate gradient method.

S. Zeng and P. Wesseling, Numerical study of a multigrid method with four
smoothing methods for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in general


Date: Tue May 11 16:08:38 1993
From: ("Lothar Reichel")
Subject: Call for Papers: Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis
Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA) is an electronic journal
for the publication of significant new and important developments in numerical
analysis and scientific computing. Papers of the highest quality that deal with
the analysis of algorithms for the solution of continuous models and numerical 
linear algebra are appropriate for ETNA, as are papers of similar quality that 
discuss implementation and performance of such algorithms. New algorithms for 
current or new computer architectures are appropriate provided that they are 
numerically sound. However, the focus of the publication should be on the 
algorithm rather than on the architecture. The journal is published by the Kent
State University Library in conjunction with the Institute of Computational 
Mathematics at Kent State University. Mathematical Reviews will receive all
papers accepted for publication in the journal and review them as appropriate.
ETNA is registered with the Library of Congress and has ISSN 1068-9613.

On a quarterly basis, accepted manuscripts will be posted in a directory which 
is publicly accessible through Internet. The titles and abstract of these 
manuscripts will be e-mailed to registered departments and individuals and 
posted on public bulletin boards such as NA-digest. An individual who wishes 
to obtain a copy of a current or back manuscript can get a copy through 
anonymous FTP or by using a netlib-type mailer. We also plan to install 
Gopher. All manuscripts will be available in Post Script format. The first 
issue of ETNA will appear September 1, 1993. Funds made available by the 
Kent State University Library and the Kent State University make free 
subscription possible for at least three years. After this time period we 
may have to charge an annual fee from institutional subscribers. Since the 
operating costs for the journal are low, we envision that this fee will not 
be above $100 for institutional subscribers. Everybody at the subscribing 
institution will have access to ETNA by FTP, a netlib-type mailer or Gopher.
In addition, articles in ETNA can be obtained through interlibrary loan from
Kent State University Library. 

To register to receive ETNA's quarterly titles and abstract lists, please send
an e-mail message to The subject of the message should be: 
ETNA registration. Titles and abstracts of papers published in ETNA will be 
e-mailed quarterly to the return addresses of all such requests. Inquiries for
further information should also be e-mailed to

Submission, Acceptance and Refereeing:
Authors will normally submit papers for publication via e-mail, and they will 
be required to submit their manuscript in LaTeX or TeX using macros we provide.
Requests for macros can be sent by e-mail to All papers will
be refereed. As soon as a paper has been accepted for publication in ETNA, it
will be entered into the ETNA data base. There are no annual page limitations, 
and, therefore, we are in a position to publish accepted manuscripts faster 
than many other journal. Manuscripts can be submitted NOW by sending them to 
the address
Current Editorial Board:
L. Reichel         Kent State University
R.S. Varga         Kent State University 
A. Ruttan          Kent State University
managing editor
G.S. Ammar         Northern Illinois University         
J.W. Demmel        University of California, Berkeley    
J.J. Dongarra      University of Tennessee               
I.S. Duff          Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
M. Eiermann        University of Karlsruhe               
J.A. George        University of Waterloo                
G.H. Golub         Stanford University                    
W.B. Gragg         Naval Postgraduate School                   
M.H. Gutknecht     Swiss Federal Institute of Technology                   
V. Mehrmann        Technical University of Chemnitz-Zwickau
D.C. Sorensen      Rice University                   
G.W. Stewart       University of Maryland                   
O.B. Widlund       New York University


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