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Volume 4, Number 7 (July 31, 1994)

Today's topics:

     Copper Mountain 95 Date Change
     Flame Studies (2 articles)
     New Journal
     Recent Additions to mgnet.bib


Date: Tue, 19 Jul 94 06:54:26 -0600
From: Steve McCormick 
Subject: Copper Mountain 95 Date Change


Due to incorrect estimates by Copper Mountain Resorts of their low season
schedule, we have found it advisable to move the conference back one week.  We
apologize if this has caused any inconvenience.  However, we will also take
this opportunity to change the cost of student registration:  it is now
gratis.  Please encourage students to attend and/or submit a paper to the
student competition!

                         MULTIGRID METHODS
                     Copper Mountain, Colorado
                      April 2 - April 7, 1995

     Student Papers                     Dec.  1, 1994
     Abstracts                          Jan.  1, 1995
     Lodging Reservations               Feb. 28, 1995
     Early Registration                 Feb. 28, 1995
     Papers for Proceedings             Apr.  2, 1995 (at conference)

    Editor's Note: I edited Steve's ad for the conference down in size.
    -------------  The full text is similar to what was in the last digest;
                   it is in mgnet/conferences/copper95.txt.


From: douglas-craig (Craig Douglas)
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 1994 07:11:46 -0400
Subject: Flame Studies (2 articles)

                  Multigrid solution of flame sheet problems
                       on serial and parallel computers

                               Craig C. Douglas
                               Alexandre Ern
                              Mitchell D. Smooke


Flame sheet problems are on the natural route to the numerical solution of
detailed chemistry, laminar diffusion flames, which, in turn, are important in
many engineering applications.  In order to model the flame structure more
accurately, we use the vorticity-velocity formulation of the fluid flow
equations instead of the more traditional stream function-vorticity approach.
The numerical solution of the resulting nonlinear coupled elliptic partial
differential equations involves damped Newton iterations, adaptive grid
procedures, and multigrid methods.  We focus on nonlinear damped Newton
multigrid, using either one way or correction schemes.  Results on serial and
parallel processors are presented.

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               Numerical Simulation of Laminar Diffusion Flames

                               Craig C. Douglas
                               Alexandre Ern
                              Mitchell D. Smooke


Not too long ago, anyone wanting to solve large science or engineering
problems had to first get access to a supercomputer costing millions of
dollars.  Quite recently, a new breed of relatively inexpensive work stations
became widely available.  These machines have scalar peak speeds of 30--275
megaflops with ones on the horizon of 400 or more (which compares rather
favorably with vector supercomputers of not so long ago).  While these rates
are only seen for simple problems like dense matrix--matrix multiplication,
the rates seen for many problems are quite high.

In this article, we describe a class of problems which can now be solved on
machines individuals can afford to own rather than just on ones costing
millions of dollars.  Of course, the problem with using a single one of these
machines is that the option of connecting a collection of machines together or
buying a parallel version of the work station becomes more and more

In fact, during the course of two years we did all of the above.  We started
on a single machine with a 100 megaflop peak rate (an IBM RISC System/6000
model 560 computer).  Then we used a farm of the IBM's, an IBM SP1, and
finally an SP2.  Due to a nice feature of the communications' library we used
(EUIH), the executables worked on the ethernet at Yale or on the fast switches
in the SP1/SP2's without either recompiling or relinking.

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From: AOH Axelsson 
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 1994 15:58:01 +0200
Subject: New Journal



                 Aims and Scope

This journal is directed at researchers in  Numerical  Analysis, 
Computer Sciences and Natural Sciences, engineers and economists 
who either take part in the development of methods in  Numerical 
Linear Algebra or use such methods in their research.

Topics covered include (but are not limited to):
-Conjugate Gradients like and other iterative methods;
-Preconditioning Methods; Direct Solution Methods;
-Numerical Methods for Eigenproblems;
-Newton-like Methods for Nonlinear Equations;
-Parallel and Vectorizable Algorithms in Num. Lin. Algebra;
-Application of Methods of Numerical Linear Algebra in Science,
 Engineering and Economics.

The journal emphasizes mathematical rigour in presenting  new  methods 
in Numerical Linear Algebra including their analysis and applications.
Where it turns out to be difficult to give  full  mathematical  rigour 
to the presentation, well-chosen numerical test problems  can  suffice 
to demonstrate the usefulness of the presented method,  if  these  are 
accompanied by a discussion and heuristic explanations.

The  journal  also  emphasizes  analysis  of  the  computational  and 
communication  complexity  of  algorithms in Numerical  Linear  Algebra
when implemented on different computer architectures.

The journal solicits original  research papers and survey articles. All
papers  should contain a discussion indicating  in  which  area(s)  the 
approach,  suggested  in  the  paper, can  be used. The authors  should 
strive at ensuring that the presented methods are easily understandable
by as broad a spectrum of readers as possible.

Initial submission: Four copies of the manuscript should be sent to the
Managing Editor:

           Professor Owe Axelsson
           Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
           University of Nijmegen
           6525 ED  Nijmegen

    Editor's Note:  They publish multigrid papers in this journal for sure
    -------------   and probably domain decomposition ones, too.


From: douglas-craig (Craig Douglas)
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 1994 18:14:01 -0400
Subject: Recent Additions to mgnet.bib

2134 entries, 105 pages, and growing, but who is counting?


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