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Volume 4, Number 8 (approximately August 31, 1994)

Today's topics:

     World Wide Web (WWW) Information
     3D Vectorized Solvers
     Fortran-90 Multigrid Solvers
     Additions to mgnet.bib


Date: Mon, 8 Aug 94 10:12:45 EDT
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: World Wide Web (WWW) Information

I finally got around to putting MGNet onto the web.  You can access it by
using the command

    Mosaic file:// &

(substitute whatever works for you for Mosaic).  At the moment, it is pretty
simple.  I can only brag about the Copper Mountain '95 button, which I scanned
off of a postcard.  The interface will improve, hopefully, over time.


Date: Sun, 14 Aug 94 16:05:04 METDST
From: Mathieu Pourquie 
Subject: 3D Vectorized Solvers


I am Mathieu Pourquie, working in Wolfgang Rodi's group in Karlsruhe, Germany.
We work, among other things, on the subject of turbulent flow simulation in
general coordinates.  People overhere are working on a multi-grid version of
the model right now.  Of course, we are interested in a membership of the
multi-grid group in Yale.

Perhaps I may take this opportunity to ask some question:  besides a general
interest in multi-grid for Navier-Stokes solvres, we are looking at this
moment for a (fast, vectorizing) 3-D, 7-point Poisson solver; since the
equation may not be separable, multi-grid seems very attrative.  Because we
need the solution of the Poisson equation to make the flow field divergence
free on discrete level, we prefer to prescribe the equation to be solved in
algebraic form on the finest grid (i.e., we like to give the coefficients
a,b,c,d,e,f,g, in the molecule; a driver approximating a continuous equation
may not result in precisely the equations we want to solve).

            | .e 
       a--- d----c
          . |                         
         .  |               
        b   g          

Do you know of any?

Mit freundlichen Gr"ussen, Mathieu Pourquie

- Mathieu Pourquie         ------------voice:(0721) - 608 3533 -
- Institut f"ur Hydromechanik            FAX:(0721) - 608 2202 -
- University of Karlsruhe                                      -
- Kaiserstrasse 12                                             -
- 76128 Karlsruhe                                              -  
- Germany                                                      - 
-                                                              -  
-   Internet:           -


Date: Thu, 1 Sep 1994 15:55:27 --100
From: (rongen pmj)
Subject: Multigrid and Fortran 90

                                          Philips Research Lab.
                                          Eindhoven, Sept. 1 1994

Dear Dr. Douglas,

While searching several directories and files on mgnet, I noticed
several of your papers on MADPACK and I also noticed that much of the
currently available MG-software on the public net is either written
in Fortran 77 or in C.

As you probably know, there is a new Fortran standard since 1991
and at our laboratory we already have several good Fortran-90 compilers
running on our computers.

Now my question is:  does there also exist MG-software written in the
new Fortran-90 language and if so, is it publicly available on the net?
Is there anyhow some address with general numerical software written in this
new language?
I would appreciate it if you could answer my questions, because I 
personally believe that Fortran-90 is a much better language to program in
than Fortran 77.

With kind regards,

Peter M.J. Rongen
Philips Research Labs.
Prof. Holstlaan 4
5656 AA Eindhoven
The Netherlands.

E-mail :

    Editor's Note:  I am not aware of any publically available Fortran-90
    -------------   multigrid solvers.  It would be pretty easy for someone to
                    rewrite the C codes in Madpack5 into Fortran-90, however.

                    If anyone has a Fortran-90 code and is willing to put it
                    on MGNet, there is always space available...


Date: Thu, 1 Sep 1994 21:06:20 +0200
From: (Hubert Ritzdorf)
Subject: Additions to mgnet.bib


I send you a list of publications of the GMD which are not already contained
in the MGNet BibTeX Database file ``mgnet.bib''. I have tried to specify the
entries following your BibTex scheme.



    Editor's Note:  The published works will be entered into the bibliography
    -------------   shortly.  Here is a short LaTeX file that will print what
                    was sent to me.  Blame me if it does not print correctly.





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