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Volume 4, Number 10 (approximately October 31, 1994)

Today's topics:

     European MGNet Mirror and Re-organization of the Archives
     Meisdorf Meeting Abstracts
     Call for papers (Computing special issue)
     Time Parallel Paper
     Paper on Nonnested Space Multilevel Methods
     Bib Items for MGNet from Tony Chan


Date: Mon, 31 Oct 1994 09:39:49 GMT
Subject: European MGNet Mirror and Re-organization of the Archives

CERFACS now has a mirror of MGNet.  It is currently available through Mosaic
with the URL name of

It will be available later this week by anonymous ftp (
Hopefully, people in Europe will be able to access this easier than the
repository at Yale.
I took this opportunity to re-organize where some things are stored on MGNet.
For example, I moved all of the software packages from the top level directory
to a new subdirectory called Codes.

The new organization is as follows:

Codes               All software packages are stored in subdirectories in
Conferences         Information, abstracts, or papers from old conferences
                    are stored in here.  For example, CopperMtn93 has the
                    proceedings from the April, 1993 Copper Mountain meeting
                    in it.
How2Submit.mgnet    A short summary of commands that can be used to put
                    something into the archives using ftp.
INDEX.mgnet         A summary of what is in the archives (and where).
README              Simple information to get started.
Whois               Who receives the digests by e-mail (to the best of my
bib                 The 2,000+ BibTeX database.
conferences         Announcements of future meetings.
digests             The old digests (all of them).
incoming            Where new things get put before being stored in the
                    right place (only at Yale, not the mirror sites).
papers              Where lots of preprints are stored.

There are some other files and directories, but they are only for operating


Date: Mon, 17 Oct 1994 18:36:11 +0200 (MESZ)
From: Friedhelm Schieweck 
Subject: Meisdorf Meeting Abstracts

Concerning the abstracts I have to say that only a part of them (27) is
available on the computer (as LaTeX), the other part exists only as a paper.
Please tell me if you are intersted in this LaTeX-part of the abstracts
which I could send you by ftp and if yes please tell me the directory on
the server.

Best regards,

    Editor's Note: Now in mgnet/Conferences/Meisdorf94.  The incomplete set
    -------------  is in COLLECTION.dvi.  Individual ones are in the
                   Abstracts subdirectory.


Date: Wed, 26 Oct 1994 13:25:09 +0100
From: Annemarie Joehnk 
Subject: Call for papers (Computing special issue)

  Dear Mr Douglas,
  please post this call for papers at the appropriate place.
  Sincerely yours
  W. Hackbusch
  Call for Papers  
  The journal COMPUTING is planning a special issue devoted to the subject of 
                               adaptive techniques. 
  Special topics may, e.g., be 
   - adaption techniques 
   - grid refinement (isotropic, anisotropic, etc) 
   - grid coarsening 
   - error estimators 
   - implementational details 
   - adaptions of discretisations 
   - treatment of different time-scales. 
  The papers should be sent to the address below (or to any other editor of 
  COMPUTING) until 
                          December 15, 1994.  
  The "instructions to authors" are in every issue of COMPUTING (2 copies 
  with summary, AMS subject classification, keywords, if possible German
  translation of the title and summary). The paper is to be sent to 
    Prof Dr Wolfgang Hackbusch 
    Editor of Computing 
    Institut f"ur Informatik und Praktische Mathematik 
    D-24098 Kiel 
  Fax.++431-880 4054 e-mail: 
  Please forward this information to interested colleagues. 
Date: Sun, 2 Oct 94 14:09:57 MET
From: Graham Horton 
Subject: Time Parallel Paper

Here is a "time-parallel" method that will appear in sisc next year.


                      G. HORTON and S. VANDEWALLE


We consider the solution of parabolic partial differential equations.
In standard time- stepping techniques multigrid can be used as an
iterative solver for the elliptic equations arising at each discrete
time-step.  By contrast, the method presented in this paper treats the
whole of the space-time problem simultaneously.  Thus the multigrid
operations of smoothing and coarse grid correction are defined on all of
the space-time variables of a given grid-level.  The method is
characterized by a coarsening strategy with prolongation and restriction
operators which depend at each grid level on the degree of anisotropy of
the discretization stencil.  Numerical results for the one- and
two-dimensional heat equation are presented and are shown to agree
closely with predictions from Fourier mode analysis.

    Editor's Note: in mgnet/papers/Horton-Vandewalle/
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 1994 17:06:40 GMT
Subject: Paper on Nonnested Space Multilevel Methods

A Unified Multigrid Theory for Non-Nested Grids and/or Quadrature

C. C. Douglas, J. Douglas, Jr., and D. E. Fyfe

In this paper, we extend some results from an earlier paper (SIAM J. Numer.
Anal., 30 (1993), pp. 136-158) of the first two authors.  We provide a
unified theory for multilevel and multigrid methods when the usual assumptions
are not present.  For example, we do not assume that the solution spaces or
the grids are nested.  Further, we do not assume that there is an algebraic
relationship between the linear algebra problems on different levels.

What we provide is a computationally useful theory for adaptively changing
levels.  Theory is provided for multilevel correction schemes, nested
iteration schemes, and one way (i.e., coarse to fine grid with no correction
iterations) schemes.  We include examples showing the applicability of this
theory:  finite element examples using quadrature in the matrix assembly and
finite volume examples with non-nested grids.  Our theory applies directly to
finite difference, wavelet, and collocation based multilevel examples as well.

(To appear in the East-West Journal of Numerical Mathematics, 1995.)

    Editor's Note: in mgnet/papers/Douglas-Douglas-Fyfe/nonnested.dvi.


Date: Wed, 2 Nov 1994 14:03:27 +0800 (EAT)
From: Prof. Tony Chan 
Subject: Bib Items for MGNet from Tony Chan

  I promised you some bibitems for MGNet. Here they are.
Sorry that not all of them are in bibtex format.

    Editor's Note: These will appear in mgnet/bib/mgnet.bib sometime in early
    -------------  November.  Thanks.

\item {\it Domain Decomposition Algorithms,}
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blocks for iterative methods},
with R. Barrett et al, SIAM, Philadelphia, 1994 (book).

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(Eds), Proceedings of International Conference on Scientific Computation,
Hangzhou, China, 20-23 August 1991, Series on Applied Mathematics, Vol. 1,
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