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Volume 5, Number 7 (approximately July 31, 1995)

Today's topics:

     Various conferences of interest
     Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods
     New Software Package for Sparse Linear Systems Available in WWW
     Some new entries for the bibliography (Vandewalle)
     Some of the new entries in the bibliography


Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 23:59:59 +0500
From: douglas-craig@CS.YALE.EDU (Craig Douglas)
Subject: Various conferences of interest

There will be a number of conferences of interest to this group in 1995/1996.
Among those that are currently admitting to existence are the following:

    Oct. 10-12 Multigrid Tutorial                     Rehovot, Israel
    Oct. 15-19 Parallel Algorithms                    Wuhan, China
    May  13-17 Parallel Multigrid Methods             near Salzburg, Austria
    June  3- 8 Domain Decomposition                   Bergen, Norway
    June 11-14 CERFACS Iterative Methods Workshop     Toulouse, France
  * June 13-15 Algebraic Multilevel Iteration Methods Nijmegen, Netherlands

* Full papers for the Axelsson's meeting in Nijmegen are due August 31, 1995
(LaTeX by e-mail to and a hard copy by regular mail to
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatica; Toernooiveld 1, NL-6525 ED Nijmegen;
The Netherlands).


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 1995 15:14:56 +0200
From: Petter Bjorstad 
Subject: Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods

           1st  ANNOUNCEMENT and CALL for PAPERS

When:   3rd - 8th June 1996
Where:  By the Hardanger Fjord, near Bergen, NORWAY.


Domain Decomposition (DD) has received significant attention in scientific
and engineering computing because it is not only a computing strategy suitable
to high performance computing systems, but also refers to a broad class
of effective numerical methods for solving large scale mathematical-
physical problems from sciences and engineering. The conference will feature
invited lectures, selected contributed papers, and poster presentations.

We invite contributions on all aspects of DD-methods, including numerical
analysis of DD methods, block and substructuring methods, multigrid and
multilevel methods, fictitious domain methods, DD methods for high order
and spectral methods, DD methods for nonlinear and time dependent problems,
DD methods in computational fluid dynamics and structural mechanics,
graph decomposition, general iterative and preconditioning methods,
strategies and technologies of high performance computing, parallel
implementations, software developments, and industrial applications.

Abstracts: 26. January 1996 (1 page abstract)

The conference is organized by the University of Bergen.

Petter E. Bj{\o}rstad, Magne Espedal, Merete Sofie 
Eikemo, Randi Moe and Synn{\o}ve S. Palmstr{\o}m.

Petter E. Bj{\o}rstad (Bergen), James Bramble (Ithaca), Tony Chan (Los Angeles),
Peter Deuflhard (Berlin), Roland Glowinski (Houston), David Keyes (Virginia),
Yuri Kuznetsov (Moscow), Jacques Periaux (St Cloud), Oli vier Pirronneau
(Paris), Alfio Quarteroni (Milano), Zhongci Shi (Beijing), Wolfgang Wendland
(Stuttgart), Olof Widlund (New York), Jinchao Xu (Pennsylvania).


Mrs Synn{\o}ve S. Palmstr{\o}m                  Tel.: +47 55 54 41 70
DDM9 Conference secretary                       Fax.: +47 55 54 41 99
Department of Informatics/Parallab              Email:
Hxyteknologisenteret                            WWW:
N-5020 Bergen, Norway


From: Tomas Skalicky 
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 95 20:19:40 +0200
Subject: New Software Package for Sparse Linear Systems Available in WWW
LASPack, a package for solving large sparse systems of linear equations
like those arising from discretization of partial differential equations,
is now available in WWW.
Main features:
- The primary aim of LASPack is the implementation of efficient iterative
  methods for the solution of systems of linear equations. All routines and
  data structures are optimized for effective usage of resources especially
  with regard to large sparse matrices. The package can be accessed from
  an application through a straightforward interface defined in the form
  of procedure calls.
- Beside the obligatory Jacobi, succesive over-relaxation, Chebyshev, and
  conjugate gradient solvers, LASPack contains selected state-of-the-art
  algorithms which are commonly used for large sparse systems:
  - CG-like methods for non-symmetric systems: CGN, GMRES, BiCG, QMR, CGS, and
  - multilevel methods such as multigrid and conjugate gradient method
    preconditioned by multigrid and BPX preconditioners.
  All above solvers are applicable not only for the positive definite or
  non-symmetric matrices, but are also adopted for singular systems
  (e.g. arising from discretization of Neumann boundary value problems).
- The implementation is based on an object-oriented approach (although it
  has been programmed in C). Vectors and matrices are defined as new data
  types in connection with the corresponding supporting routines.
  The basic operations are implemented so that they allow the programming
  of linear algebra algorithms in a natural way.
- LASPack is extensible in a simple manner. An access to the internal
  representation of vectors and matrices is not necessary and is, as required
  of the object-oriented programming, avoided. This allows an improvement
  of algorithms or a modification of data structures with no adjustment
  of application programs using the package.
- LASPack is written in ANSI C and is thus largely portable.
The source code and the documentation of LASPack is available in WWW
at the following URLs:
  - the distribution file 
  - the manual as HTML document
  - the postscript version of the manual
You may also contact me by e-mail under
Tomas Skalicky
Dresden University of Technology
Institute for Fluid Mechanics
Mommsenstrasse 13
D-01062 Dresden 

    Editor's Note: If you have trouble getting this package, let me know and
    -------------  maybe the author will put a copy on MGNet.


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 16:44:46 -0700
From: (Stefan Vandewalle)
Subject: Some new entries for the bibliography (Vandewalle)

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    Editor's Note: These will be reformatted and put in the bibliography
    -------------  shortly.


Date: Mon, 31 July 1995 14:19:28 -0400
From: douglas-craig@CS.YALE.EDU (Craig Douglas)
Subject: Some of the new entries in the bibliography

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