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Volume 7, Number 3 (approximately March 31, 1997)

Today's topics:

     A short issue with lots and lots of papers for you to read

     SPEC benchmark based on mgnet
     Algebraic Multigrid Codes
     New Papers, extended abstracts on MGNet
     Old papers on MGNet that were hard to get to...
     IMACS Meeting in Scientific Computation, July 9-12, 1997, Jackson, WY


Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 10:50:72 +0500 (EST)
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: Deadlines

April 1  IMACS meeting:  title/abstracts/early registration
April 2  PRISM'97:  deadline for submission of full papers/early registration
April 6  Copper Mountain multigrid meeting

See the announcements for more details about the first two.


Date: Tue, 04 Mar 1997 18:34:00 -0800
From: Bodo Parady - SMCC Performance Development 
Subject: SPEC benchmark based on mgnet

SPEC is looking to have a fresh multigrid benchmark for its 98 suite.  Could
someone in your organanization work with me to adapt one for SPEC?

Basically, SPEC seeks about a 128MB size program that runs for about 10
minutes on a Pentium Pro 200.  The data and program should be something of
interest to a number of users and developers.

Many thanks.

                                        Bodo Parady

Bodo Parady                  | (415) 786.6691           Fax: 415.786.6981
SMCC, Sun Microsystems       |      http://cumbria.eng
2550 Garcia Ave., UMPK14-310 | Alt:
Mountain View, CA  94043-1100| Real:  14 Network Circle, Menlo Park 94025

    Editor's Note: There will be a workshop at Copper Mountain on benchmarks.
    -------------  Maybe we can come up with something.  If you will not be
                   at this workshop and have some ideas, send me e-mail and
                   I will pass it along.


Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 08:03:10 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Algebraic Multigrid Codes

I would appreciate any comment from multigrid practitioners about the current
status of the so-called algebraic multigrid method.  I am looking for an
algebraic multigrid code(s) (not theories) that is able to solve general
sparse matrices (linear systems).  There should be no reference to partial
differential equations, no symmetry, no positive definiteness, no structural
pattern.  In other words, any good properties that one can imagine should not
be assumed.  Any pointer to such a (non-commercial) software would be highly
appreciated.  If such a general purpose code does not exist, comments on
developing a similar software from algebraic multigriders are greatly

Jun Zhang                         * e-mail:
Department of Computer Science    * Tel:  (612) 626-0071
University of Minnesota           * Fax:  (612) 625-0572
Minneapolis, MN 55455             *


Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 10:50:72 +0500 (EST)
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: New Papers, extended abstracts on MGNet

All of these are in mgnet/Conferences/CopperMtn97 and can be found through
the (new) conference web page.  There are many more abstracts, too.

    M.L Bittencourt
    Non-nested Multigrid Methods in Finite Element Linear Structural Analysis

    Achi Brandt
    Multiscale Methods: 1996 Review

    Zhangxin Chen 
    The Analysis of Intergrid Transfer Operators and Nonconforming Multigrid

    Boris Diskin
    Multigrid Algorithm with Conditional Coarsening for the Non-aligned Sonic

    Laura C. Dutto, Wagdi G. Habashi, and Michel Fortin
    An Algebraic Multilevel Parallelizable Preconditioner for Large-Scale

    Jim E. Jones and N. Duane Melson
    A Note on Multi-block Relaxation Schemes for Multigrid Solvers

    Jules Kouatchou
    Asymptotic Stability of 9-Point Multigrid for Convection-Diffusion

    Marc Kuether
    Exponentially Fitted Hierarchical Bases Multigrid for Convection Diffusion

    Dimitri J. Mavriplis
    Directional Coarsening and Smoothing for Anisotropic Navier-Stokes Problems

    William F. Mitchell
    A Parallel Adaptive Multilevel Method Using the Full Domain Partition

    Hubertus Oswald
    Parallel Multilevel Algorithms for Incompressible Navier-Stokes

    Mazen Saad and Huilong Zhang
    Object Oriented Programming and FAC in Numerical Reservoir Simulation

    Yair Shapira
    Multigrid for Locally Refined Meshes

    Erik Sterner
    A Multigrid Smoother for High Reynolds Number Flows

    Xavier Vasseur
    FMG-FAS for the Navier-Stokes Equations on Cell-Centered Colocated Grids

    Wing-Lok Wan
    An Energy-Minimizing Interpolation for Multigrid Methods

    Takumi Washio and C. W. Oosterlee
    Krylov Subspace Acceleration Method for Nonlinear Multigrid Schemes

    Dexuan Xie and L. Ridgway Scott
    Parallel U-Cycle Multigrid Method

There should be a number more papers appearing in this directory shortly.


Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 10:51:23 +0500 (EST)
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: Old papers on MGNet that were hard to get to...

I have received several e-mail messages this past month pointing out that the
web page for the Copper Mountain Iterative Methods 1996 meeting had developed
the wrong file permissions (600 in unix-speak).  This has been fixed.  For
those of you who are wondering, these are the full length papers in this

    J. M. Banoczi and C. T. Kelley
    A Multilevel Method for Conductive-Radiative Heat Transfer

    M. Benzi and M. Tuma
    Approximate Inverse Preconditioning of Iterative Methods for Nonsymmetric
    Linear Systems

    H.-J. Bungartz
    A unidirectional approach for d-dimensional finite element methods of
    higher order on sparse grids

    Z. Cai, T. A. Manteuffel, S. F. McCormick, and S. V. Parter
    First Order System Least Squares for the Pure Traction Problem in Planar
    Linear Elasticity

    H. Choi and D. B. Szyld
    Threshold Partitioning of Sparse Matrices and Applications to Markov Chains

    X. Feng
    A Mixed Finite Element Domain Decomposition Method for Nearly Elastic Wave
    Equations in the Frequency Domain

    P. A. Gray
    Iteration Schemes for Parallelizing Models of Superconductivity

    G. Horton
    On the Multi-Level Solution Algorithm for Markov Chains

    C. T. Kelley, C. T. Miller, and M. D. Tocci
    Method of Lines Solution of Richards' Equation

    P. Kolm, P. Arbenz, and W. Gander
    Generalized Subspace Correction Methods

    C.-Y. G. Lai
    Multilevel Solvers of First-Order System Least-Squares for Stokes Equations

    A. A. Lorber, G. F. Carey, S. W. Bova, C. H. Harle
    Accelerated Solution of Non-Linear Navier-Stokes Problems using Chebyshev
    Iteration Polynomial Based Runge-Kutta Recursions

    V. Menkov
    Solving Block Linear Systems with Low-Rank Off-Diagonal Blocks Is Easily

    C. W. Oosterlee and T. Washio
    An Evaluation of Parallel Multigrid as Solver and Preconditioner for
    Singular Perturbation Problems

    Y. Shapira
    Parallelizable Approximate Solvers for Recursions Arising in

    M. Sosonkina, R. A. Kapania, H. F. Walker, and L. T. Watson
    A New Adaptive GMRES Algorithm for Achieving High Accuracy

    S. V. Veronese and H. G. Othmer
    Scalable Implicit Methods for Reaction-Diffusion Equations in Two and Three
    Space Dimensions

    K. Wu, Y. Saad, A. Strathopoulos
    Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Methods for Eigenvalue Problems

    D. Xie
    New Parallel SOR Method by Domain Partitioning

    J. Zhang
    Multigrid Solution of the Convection-Diffusion Equation with High-Reynolds

There are also some lengthy abstracts.

As an added bonus, the file extension ".abs" is assumed to be an audio file on
some (all?) recent versions of common browser systems.  This means that I have
to make a change in a lot of places in MGNet over the next month.


Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 18:55:11 +0100 (MET)
From: Maya Neytcheva 
Subject: PRISM'97

Conference on Preconditioned Iterative Solution Methods for Large Scale
Problems in Scientific Computations
May 27-29, 1997, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE preconditioned iterative solution methods for
- second and fourth order elliptic scalar equations and systems of equations
- mixed variable variational problems
- nonselfadjoint problems and indefinite matrix problems
- inner-outer iteration methods
- parallel implementations, efficiency measures, scalability
- robust implementations, i.e. convergence uniform with respect to meshsize
  parameter and  singular perturbation parameters
- applications for Navier's equations and Stokes problem
- applications for nonlinear problems, such as electromagnetic field,
  plastic flow, Navier-Stokes, and Miscible displacement problems
- Biomechanical applications; Helmholtz equation and
  applications in Computer Tomography.

Deadline for submission of full papers:         April 2, 1997.
Referee reports and notification of acceptance: May   2, 1997.

Before April 12, 1997    - f. 450.
At the registration desk - f. 600 (currently \$ 350).
For students and Ph.D students, f. 350 and f. 500, respectively.

Updated details regarding submission of papers, speakers, etc. can be
obtained directly from or by
contacting the organizers:

attn. O. Axelsson or M. Neytcheva
Department of Mathematics
Toernooiveld 1, NL-6525 ED Nijmegen, The Netherlands
e-mail:     fax: +31 (0)24 3652140


From: Junping Wang 
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 02:38:35 -0600 (CST)
Subject: IMACS Meeting in Scientific Computation, July 9-12, 1997, Jackson, WY

Final Calls for Papers for the
Third IMACS International Symposium on Iterative Methods in Scientific
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA
July 9-12, 1997


1. Numerical Methods for PDEs:
  - Discretization techniques including finite element, 
    finite difference, finite volume, and spectral methods
  - Error estimates and stability analysis
  - Adaptive gridding
  - Domain decomposition techniques
  - Multilevel preconditioning methods
  - Monte-Carlo methods
  - Iterative methods for free and moving boundary problems
  - Iterative schemes for systems of nonlinear equations.

2. Numerical Linear Algebra:
  - Iterative and preconditioning methods
  - Eigenvalue problems,
  - Parallelization techniques
  - Software developments
  - Finite arithmetics.

3. Numerical Simulations and Applications:
  - Fluid flow in porous media
  - Computational problems in material sciences and geomechanics
  - Computational methods in mathematical finance


- Owe Axelsson,       The Netherland
- Robert Beauwens,    ULB, Belgium
- James H. Bramble,   Texas A&M University
- Franco Brezzi,      University of Pavia, Italy
- Jim Douglas, Jr.,   Purdue University
- Richard E. Ewing,   Texas A&M University
- Wolfgang Hackbusch, Universitat zu Kiel
- Qun Lin,            Institute of Systems Science, Academia Sinica
- Thomas Manteuffel,  University of Colorado at Boulder
- Steve McCormick,    University of Colorado at Boulder


- Early Registration     April 1, 1997
- Abstract               April 1, 1997
- IMACS Proceedings      August 1, 1997
- Hotel Reservation      May 25, 1997 


End of MGNet Digest