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Volume 9, Number 9 (approximately September 30, 1999)

Today's topics:

     MGNet Outages Fixed
     EMG99 Report
     EMG99 Pictures
     Tenure Track Position in Applied Mathematics (U of Wyoming)
     Postdoctoral Position at CU Boulder
     Papers by Notay
     NLA contents
     Bibliography Addition (Lahaye)
     Bibtex Entries (Zhang)
     BibTex Entries (Kincaid and Young)


Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 10:47:58 -0400 (EST)
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: MGNet Outages Fixed

Due to a combination of events over the past two weeks, MGNet had a number of
outages at both the Kentucky (network problems) and Yale (the computer MGNet
runs on was changed and my files were frozen during the change over) sites.
Service should be much improved as a result of upgrades at both places.  My
apologies for the inconveniences.  In particular, this issue is late due to
the upgrade at Yale.


Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 12:11:46 +0200 (MEST)
From: Craig Douglas 
Subject: EMG99 Report

The Sixth European Multigrid Conference opened at the University of Gent
(Belgium) on Monday, September 27th and ended on Thursday, September 30th.  It
was hosted by Erik Dick with help from his wife and Kris Riemslagh.
Participants came from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Israel, Italy,
Russia, Spain, The Netherlands, UK, and USA.

There were 50 talks related to multigrid.  Topics ranged from multiscale
methods, Newton-Krylov-multigrid methods, space-time multigrid methods,
cascadic multigrid methods, algebraic multigrid, multilevel preconditioners,
molecular dynamics, multilevel methods for structured and unstructured grids,
high performance methods using computer caches, parallel computing methods,
CFD methods, turbulent flow solvers, electro-{magnetic,mechanical} problems,
mixed discretizations, boundary element methods, inverse problems, Euler
solutions in linear time, sparse grid methods, adaptive grid methods,
ficticious domain methods, semiconductor solvers, and multilevel optimal
control methods.

A conference procceedings will be published by Springer, hopefully by early
in 2000.  Almost all of the papers were submitted by the end of the conference.

The alderman for sports and tourism hosted a reception on Monday night and
then most of us went for a 1.5 hour walking tour of the old part of Gent,
which is extremely well preserved.  There are many fine old buildings along
narrow streets and the canals.  On Wednesday, we visited nearby Brugge where
we had a two hour walking tour of its older sections.  Both towns are well
worth a trip to see.  They are stunningly beautiful (at least to an American
who is used to living in a relatively new town of only 362 years old).
Finally, the conference banquet was held in a very old monastery that the
university now owns.

The next conference will be held within three years in Heidelberg.  Gabriel
Wittum will be the host.

Pieter Hemker and I both took pictures with digital cameras.  His are already
on the web, while I am still struggling to sort them out (I took about 100
pictures, a number at night, and have to sort which came out and which ones
did not).  There will be pointers on the MGNet version of the conference web
page at


Date: Fri, 8 Oct 1999 15:35:01 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: EMG99 Pictures

You can find a few pictures related to the EMG'99 meeting in Gent at

Best regards,


Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 13:45:15 -0600 (MDT)
From: Frederico C Furtado 
Subject: Tenure Track Position in Applied Mathematics (U of Wyoming)

        University of Wyoming
        Department of Mathematics
        Tenure Track Position in Applied Mathematics

The University of Wyoming Mathematics Department (Web site invites applications for a tenure-track Assistant
Professorship in Applied Mathematics to begin August, 2000, pending budgetary
approval.  We seek candidates with an earned doctorate, proven teaching
ability and strong research in areas of interest in the department.  A strong
commitment to undergraduate and graduate advising and service is also
necessary.  Areas of particular interest include computational mathematics,
mathematical modeling, and numerical analysis.

Applicants should arrange to send a vitae, research plan, teaching philosophy,
and three letters of recommendation to the Applied Search Committee,
Department of Mathematics, University of Wyoming, P. O. Box 3036, Laramie,
Wyoming 82071, U.S.A..  Review of applications begins February 1, 2000.

The University of Wyoming is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer,
and encourages women and underrepresented minorities to apply.


Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 10:08:59 -0600
From: Stu Naegele 
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at CU Boulder



Applications are invited for two postdoctoral fellowships to begin either
Spring or Fall 2000.  The fellowships are part of a National Science
Foundation grant the Department has been awarded for Vertical Integration of
Research and Education (VIGRE) in applied mathematics.  This award will
support three-year appointments for four postdoctoral fellows.  The fellows
will join a "tetrahedral" multi-level research group-composed of faculty,
postdoctoral fellows, graduate trainees and undergraduates-in one of the
following areas (faculty are listed in parentheses):

    Multilevel computation (T. Manteuffel, S. McCormick)
    Fast algorithms (G. Beylkin, B. Fornberg, K. Julien)

An innovative attribute of this grant is the dual participation in research
and teaching.  Each fellow will also be involved in teaching and learning
programs in the Department and is expected to teach one course per semester.
Fellowships are available only to U.S.  citizens or permanent residents.  The
University of Colorado at Boulder is committed to diversity and equality in
education and employment.

Further information can be found on the Department's web page:

Applicants should send a letter of application, a current curriculum vitae, a
statement of research interests, an AMS Standard Cover Sheet (see and three letters of
recommendation (sent directly) to:

    Postdoctoral Fellow Search
    Department of Applied Mathematics
    Campus Box 526
    University of Colorado
    Boulder, CO  80309

Review of applications will begin December 1, 1999 and will continue until the
positions are filled.


Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 16:29:19 +0200 (MEST)
From: Yvan Notay 
Subject: Papers by Notay

Some times ago (April 1998), I sent you 3 preprints.  Now, two of them have
appeared.  Hence, it seems to me preferable to withdraw them from the server,
according to the copyright rules and to avoid inaccurate quotation (the final
version may differ).

    Editor's Note: The two referenced papers have been deleted from MGNet.

In exchange, I offer you the corresponding entries for mgnet.bib:

  author =      "Y. Notay",
  title =       "Optimal {V} cycle algebraic multilevel preconditioning",
  journal =     "Numer. Lin. Alg. Appl. ",
  volume =      "5",
  year =        "1998",
  pages =       "441--459",
  author =      "Y. Notay",
  title =       "Using approximate inverses in algebraic multilevel methods",
  journal =     "Numer. Math.",
  volume =      "80",
  year =        "1998",
  pages =       "397--417",

Concerning the third paper ("Optimal order preconditioning of finite
difference matrices"), I suggest to keep it for a while in the preprint
database, and further to exchange the current version for the revised one,
which I attach to this mail.

    Editor's Note: See for the revised
    -------------  paper.

I also attach the ps-file of a new preprint for inclusion in mgnet.  The title
and abstract, which may appear in the digest, are given below.

           A robust algebraic preconditioner for finite difference
               approximations of convection-diffusion equations

                                by Yvan Notay


Stable finite difference approximations of convection-diffusion equations lead
to large sparse linear systems of equations whose coefficient matrix is an
M-matrix, which is highly non symmetric when the convection dominates.  For an
efficient iterative solution of such systems, it is proposed to consider in
the non symmetric case an algebraic multilevel preconditioning method formerly
proposed for pure diffusion problems, and for which theoretical results prove
grid independent convergence in this context.  These results are supplemented
here by a Fourier analysis which applies to constant coefficient problems with
periodic boundary conditions whenever using an `idealized' version of the
two-level preconditioner.  Within this setting, it is proved that any
eigenvalue lambda of the preconditioned system satisfies

      |    1                    |             1 
      |  ------   -   1  - i c  |      <      -
      |  lambda                 |      =      2

for some real constant c such that |c| is not larger than 0.25.  This result
holds independently of the grid size and uniformly with respect to the ratio
between convection and diffusion.  Extensive numerical experiments are
conducted to assess the convergence of practical two- and multi-level schemes.
These experiments, that include problems with highly variable and rotating
convective flow, indicate that the convergence is grid independent.  It
deteriorates moderately as the convection becomes increasingly dominating, but
the convergence factor remains uniformly bounded.  This conclusion is
supported for both uniform and some non uniform (stretched) grids.

    Editor's Note: See for the complete
    -------------  paper.

Available at

    Yvan Notay

> Yvan NOTAY                    |                          <
< Universite Libre de Bruxelles | email : >
> Service de Metrologie         |                          <
<         Nucleaire (CP 165-84) | tel : (32) 2  650 36 70  >
> 50 av. F.D.Roosevelt          | fax : (32) 2  650 45 34  <
< B-1050 Bruxelles  BELGIUM     |                          >


From: Gerard Meurant 
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 21:26:36 +0200
Subject: New Book, Computer Solution of Large Linear Systems

I have the pleasure to announce the availability of my new book entitled
"Computer solution of large linear systems" recently published by
North-Holland as volume 28 in the series "Studies in Mathematics and its

This book covers both direct and iterative methods for solving non singular
linear systems.  A particular emphasis is put on preconditioners.  It contains
ten chapters and a large bibliography of more than 1000 references.  The table
of contents is the following:

1- Introductory Material
2- Gaussian elimination for general linear systems
3- Gaussian elimination for sparse linear systems
4- Fast solvers for separable PDEs
5- Classical iterative methods
6- The conjugate gradient and related methods
7- Krylov methods for non-symmetric systems
8- Preconditioning
9- Multigrid methods
10- Domain decomposition and multilevel methods

More details can be found on my personal Web page:

    Editor's Note: The following entry is being made to the bibliography.
    -------------  See

  author =      "G. A. Meurant",
  title =       "Computer Solution of Large Linear Systems",
  series =      "Studies in Mathematics and Its Applications",
  volume =      "28",
  publisher =   "North-Holland",
  address =     "Amsterdam",
  year =        "1999",


Date: Sun, 12 Sep 1999 09:56:30 +0200
From: Maya Neytcheva 
Subject: NLA contents

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
Volume 6, Issue 1, 1999

A Comparison of Solvers for Large Eigenvalue Problems Occurring in the
Design of Resonant Cavities
P. Arbenz and R. Geus (pp. 3-16)

Numerical Solution of Navier-Stokes Systems
J. Cihlar and Ph. Angot (pp. 17-27)

Sensitivity Analysis of the Lanczos Reduction
Ch. Paige and P. Van Dooren (pp. 29-50)

Parallel Fictitious Domain Decomposition for Non-linear Elliptic Neumann
Boundary Value Problem
T. Rossi and J. Toivanen (pp. 51-60)

A New Variant of Restarted GMRES
V. Simoncini (pp. 61-77)

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
Volume 6, Issue 2, 1999

Non-Stationary Parallel Multisplitting Algorithms for Almost
Linear Systems
J. Arnal, V. Migallon and J. Penades (pp. 79-92)

Convergence and Comparison Theorems for Multisplittings
J.J. Climent and C. Perea (pp. 93-107)

On Preconditioning and Penalized Matrices
Z. Dostal (pp. 109-114)

Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Systems with Constraints
M. Dobrowolski (pp. 115-124)

A Wavefront Relaxation Algorithm with Overlapping Splitting for
Reaction-Diffusion Equations
M. Gander (pp. 125-145)

Post-Processing of Gauss-Seidel Iterations
M. Krizek, L. Liu and P. Neittaanmaki (pp. 147-156)

Convergence of Asynchronous Jacobi-Newton Iterations
U. Schrader (pp. 157-165)

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
Volume 6, Issue 3, 1999

On a Parallel Multilevel Solver for Linear Elasticity Problems
A. Padiy (pp. 171-188)

A New Row Ordering Strategy for Frontal Solvers
J.A. Scott (pp. 189-211)

Subspace-by-Subspace Preconditioners for Structured Linear Systems
M. Dayde, J. Decamp and N.I.M. Gould (pp. 213-234)

Alternative correction equations in the Jacobi-Davidson method
M. Genseberger and G.L.G. Sleijpen (pp. 235-253)


Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 16:18:46 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Domenico Lahaye 
Subject: Bibliography Addition (Lahaye)

  author =      "R. Mertens and H. De Gersem and R. Belmans and K. Hameyer and
                 D. Lahaye and S. Vandewalle and D. Roose",
  title  =      "An algebraic multigrid method for solving very large
                 electromagnetic systems",
  journal =     "IEEE Trans. Magnetics",
  year =        "1998",
  volume =      "34",
  OPTnumber=    "5",
  pages  =      "3327--3330",

    Editor's Note: The new one will appear in the next release of the
    -------------  bibliography.  See


Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 16:50:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jun Zhang 
Subject: Bibtex Entries (Zhang)

  author =      "M. M. Gupta and J. Kouatchou and J. Zhang",
  title =       "A compact multigrid solver for convection-diffusion 
  journal =     "J. Comput. Phys.",
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    Editor's Note: These will appear in the next release of the
    -------------  bibliography.  See


Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 11:56:26 -0500 (CDT)
From: David Kincaid 
Subject: Bibtex Entries (Kinkaid and Young)

Enclosed are all of David Young's and my publications in BibTeX format.

(... two very long messages followed...)

    Editor's Note: Due to the size of the contribution, this will take a bit of
    -------------  time to get done correctly.  My apologies to all for not
                   getting it done this month.  As it gets done, it will appear


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