Multilevel Preconditioners for Mixed
Methods for Second Order Elliptic Problems

Zhangxin Chen, Richard E. Ewing, and Raytcho Lazarov
Department of Mathematics and
Institute for Scientific Computation
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843

Yuri A. Kuznetsov
Institute of Numerical Mathematics
Russian Academy of Sciences
32-a Leninski Prospect
117334 Moscow, Russia


A new approach of constructing algebraic multilevel preconditioners for mixed finite element methods for second order elliptic problems with tensor coefficients on general geometry is proposed. The linear system arising from the mixed methods is first algebraically condensed to a symmetric, positive definite system for Lagrange multipliers, which corresponds to a linear system generated by standard nonconforming finite element methods. Algebraic multilevel preconditioners are then constructed for this system based on a triangulation of parallelepipeds into tetrahedral substructures. Explicit estimates of condition numbers and simple computational schemes are established for the constructed preconditioners. Finally, numerical results for the mixed finite element methods are presented to illustrate the present theory.

Contributed December 22, 1994.